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  1. New wimlib has a (more) optimized SHA-1 hashing. During a wimcapture operation all files are being hashed, thus hashing speed makes difference. Even more if you are appending a WIM, were only new files are being compressed. However, you need a recent CPU to notice any difference.
  2. Re-uploaded with wimlib v1.14.1.
  3. WinNTSetup 5.3.1 - updated wimlib to version 1.14.1 (faster wim capture) - fixed GUI capture may ignores WimScript.ini - fixed wimlib LZMS capture did not used solid compression - fixed auto format option should disable free space warning - fixed wincopy/wimcapture could not be canceled during VSS creation - fixed Win7-11-Select.xml required all fields to be set - added some support for MinWin with ARM64 sources - added commandline switch: -NoTweaks - much faster wincopy (wimlib mode) - changed wimboot/compact mode don't use exclusion for GPT formated disk
  4. Firefox download windows, show the same problem as growing titlebars here. A sudden jump of NONCLIENTMETRICS caption font from -12 to -16. Programs that draw their own title like VMware Workstation will be the first that show big titles. At some point DWM picks this up and all titlebars will be drawn with big fonts. Don't know if it's related to SAB, but I'm seeing this since October 2021, so it has nothing to do with a specific version.
  5. With version Start_ShowNetConn no longer fits in any style:
  6. I added some log lines for WinNTSetup.log: https://mega.nz/file/KWgX2JKS#liM5r1_ONwfMdUu7Od2xx3rkcDNiRgDUeiufXW2nbMg
  7. Yes, it should work that way. NT6Only.txt is only there to hide in for XP installs. A log file is created \Windows\Logs\WinNTSetup\%Date%\WinNTSetup_RegImport.log. Maybe there is a parsing error. @Sonic Wimscript folder was moved to out of Tools, but there is also another bug with it.
  8. Somehow you overused my mind reading capability, it's not working anymore. Please ask questions in a way that someone else than you can understand them.
  9. If you want classic drive grouping, try this:DriveTypeCategorizer.zip
  10. Maybe, you disabled notifications system wide than SIB/SAB updater does not do anything.
  11. No, svbus only interprets a loaded image (from grub4dos or grub4efi) as physical disk.
  12. It does not support upgrade or repair installation. You actually overwrite an existing Installation.
  13. "VSS ERROR: 80042302" yeah the '0x' is missing. There might be a better message, thought.
  14. @Antonino Online capture uses VSS, properly you broke that or optimized it away. Anyways there should be an error message.
  15. No idea what your are trying to ask with the first question. As for ESD apply yeah I have seen a few crashes and dead locks while applying a wimlib captured image with wimgapi or dism. So switch to wimlib (Ctrl + Shift + W) and apply this ESD.
  16. @Antonino Only The Windows11.txt got a new line for windows dev explorer.
  17. WinNTSetup 5.3 - compiler updated to PureBasic 6.00 C-Backend - updated wimlib to version 1.13.6 - right-click on apply mode combo opens Tools\Compact\WimBootCompress.ini - fixed errors with native 4K drives - fixed VSS error not displayed - fixed Bootice Mod always starts in darkmode - fixed capture problem with OneDrive On-Demand files - fixed error message on FormatEx failures - fixed inaccessible devices were listed in drive combo boxes - fixed offline windows scan may not detect Windows 10/11 builds correctly - fixed internal VHD boot files option may create duplicate BCD entries - fixed auto format may not work if drive is in use - fixed loading ISO with relative path may create duplicates in source combo box - added commandline switch for VHD-CREATE -uuid:{UUID} (simular to VBoxManage internalcommands sethduuid) - added WinCopy option (copy Windows from one partition to another) - added WinCopy and WinCopy-CLI command line - added ReFS support for Windows 11 23H2 - added combobox script selection to diskpart window - added -diskpart command line switch to bring up diskpart window - added WIM_MSG_ERROR and WIMLIB_PROGRESS_MSG_HANDLE_ERROR Messagebox choice - added Remove OneDrive tweak - added DISM feature enable/disable and APPX removal - added possability to disable SFX detection with file: "nosfx" next to WinNTSetup_x64.exe - new right-click on tweaks button to quickly disable all tweaks - changed wimlib is the default compression engine - changed Unattend: Win7-11-Select.xml disables 42 days password expire - changed rearrage folder layout - MinWin: support inline comments (//) - MinWin: grant full admin access to files - MinWin: fixed VCRuntime 2008 installer needs sxsstore.dll and config\TxR - MinWin: fixed diskpart shrink needs defragproxy.dll - RegImport: added support for [?HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\...] (only processed if key exists) - workaround windows 7 Dism /add-driver bug 30 (AMD, NVIDIA drivers with LZSS compression) - workaround EFI NTFS driver bug
  18. For BIOS booting you need to have a active primary partition. You can do this in windows diskmanager.
  19. It's ready when it's ready. If there are no further problems it will be final on Wednesday.
  20. On build 2262?, Clear type has be vanish between preview and 3.6 Final, for tabbar and OK, Cancle, buttons.
  21. There are no other features, it's mainly a bug fix version.
  22. Beta 8 adds ReFS support for Windows 11 Dev builds. ReFS version should be displayed (you need at least the current version 3.9). Format dialog will show this option regardless of the Windows edition, no need for Enterprise or Professional Workstation.
  23. No, all files that are fully stored on local disk are still being captured. Only files with attribute FILE_ATTRIBUTE_RECALL_ON_DATA_ACCESS are skipped. It's not possible to capture them. These files will be loaded from cloud storage during first read access. For online VSS capture this wouldn't work because the snapshot is read-only and for offline capture the cloud provider is not running to transfer the data.
  24. Some listview glitches with dark dialogs: - drive properties hardware tab has listview with black text color - security tabs listview items have sticky focus rectangles.
  25. I guess it's UEFI only, there is no ReFS read support in the BIOS version of bootmgr.
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