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  1. I 100% agree with this statement and the New Testament of the Christian Bible shows how Christ was also against "the establishment". He got really ticked off at people who were making the church a "den of robbers" and lamblasted those political church leaders who made the church a place of rules rather than a place of love. Rick
  2. An opium for the masses...hmmm...I've heard that before. I couldn't agree more and believe me...there's a lot of weirdness among Christians...like the snake handling among some groups? I just don't get that at all but if that's what floats their boat...
  3. Sure it contradicts my beliefs...IF I'm wrong about this whole deal called Christianity. I have examined evidence both scientific and historical which bring me to the point that I am convinced that Christianity is indeed correct. Further, I believe that it was the very first religion, but my point above was that we cannot, reliably, look back to the beginning of time from a historical standpoint and deduce that Christiantiy is a religion pasted together by other, more ancient religions or vice versa. Now I know your next question..."If you are saying that we don't know then how can you say tha
  4. Nobody knows for sure whether Christianity was the first religion or not. We do know that there is evidence of other religions throughout history and even the Christian Bible talks about these religions. We also know that many ancient religions had similar beliefs as Christianity but who influenced who?Could it be that we were created with a desire to have soemthing more? Is it an evolutionary development or possibly a created, inborn, desire to have relationship with the creator? Neither of us can prove, scientifically, one way or the other. But you must at least entertain the possiblities.
  5. Wow! There are some heavy attacks and very broad generalizations on religion and on Christianity in particular? Why be so hostile here??? I think that there's way too much for me to answer right now or I'd be sitting here till the sun comes up but let me just say that I think it's really unfair for a person to bash something that they know little about. And don't tell me that you do because the obvious ignorance in posts above says that you don't. I have taken the time to study other beliefs such as atheism and religions and so I don't hate you if you believe there is no God or that you be
  6. Rick

    Lost Files On Hdd

    I was able to copy the file info to my desktop through dos. This is a recovered file fragment file that has my old files. I'm not sure if the files are intact but does anybody know how to restore of view files that have been recovered like this? Rick
  7. Rick

    Lost Files On Hdd

    I'll give that a try gamehead and MSNWAR...I believe you are exactly right. Its seems that the Hard drive is dying and what a shame for a 7 month old laptop. Fortunately, I bought a 3 year warranty but unfortunately I will be without my laptop for about 2-3 weeks while they fix it. I just want to get those needed files off my laptop and put them on my desktop computer before I send the laptop off for repair. Thanks Rick
  8. I have had major probs with my laptop (complete OS crash) which I'm pretty sure is hardware related so I'll be sending it off for warranty repair soon. I installed a new WinXP over the old and now I can't get to any of the old files. They are there because the HD space shows for it and when I do a virus scan, I see a c:\found.002\0000.chk and so on and there are all the old files. Can anyone tell me how to access these files and what this all means...why is it in there and how do I get in there? I've done it through DOS and I can see the files...but not on the desktop. Rick
  9. I have a Compaq Presario 900US. The HDD is super bottlenecked and slow! I found this HDD from Dell but I'm wondering how to tell which type of HDD my computer has. I checked with the parts list on the Compaq site and it just tells the size and no other info. It seems that laptop makers are stingy in this market because they try to get you to buy only the HDD for their brands but I'm thinking that there is at least one or two standards out there. Does anybody know how I can find out more info besides calling Compaq? HDD I Want Rick
  10. Thanks..I've been using distilled alcohol (glasses cleaner) on my screen with a cotton cloth. Not good I guess. Rick
  11. Good job there Michele and Chris! The best to you both. By the way, take me down to Jamaica, I'll just perform the ceremony and then I'll retreat to my hotel room on the other side of the island! Hehe..JK Rick
  12. I got the email too. I never asked to be a beta tester but got it because I signed up for one of those reseller kits that had XP for like $40 several months ago. Rick
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