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  1. Limp Bizkit-Results may vary

    I liked bleach alot better... One guitar sounds too empty
  2. I need a job!

    you need to be 14 legally to have a job.
  3. Most noisy PC on the planet!

    Looks like i may finally have an excuse to blare the stereo! :punk:
  4. GH200's New Sig

    Post Deleted
  5. Deranged porlbem in ie

    Sometimes when i'm surfing i'll get a pop-up ad that can't be dislpayed, but before i can close it, it repoduces itself and in a few seconds there's around 50. This happens really often and it's starting to be a huge p***off. I've noticed sometimes it's ads from doubleclick but others will do it also...
  6. Gamehead's New Sig

    Naw.. The young one shouldn't be there... But if u like it, leaave it
  7. 3d Mark 2003 Scores

    Seams kinda low to me...
  8. Daylight Savings

    OK. nevermind i found it. I went into customize under Regional and Language options. I set it to hh:mm:ss: tt. But all i see on the taskbar is 06:00 PM... However, when i double-click on the time it shows me a clockface and the seconds...
  9. Daylight Savings

    hmm.. i don't seem to have a time tab. Two of my control panels icons are DAte and time properties and regional and language options. I don;t seem to have time format anywhere...
  10. Why don't directx 6 and up support NT?
  11. Daylight Savings

    K forget i ever said anything... Does someone know how i could get my pc clock to display the seconds?
  12. Daylight Savings

    hmm... check your grammar before you call someone a id***. lol
  13. School Marks

    I wanna move there. Hey is it true no-one ever works past 5 and you get tons of national holidays? Gamehead, you know how many people get into high math next year?
  14. Gf Fx 11600 Info

    Stuff on a French Source. You can use the Babel Translator to read it...
  15. Micro Atx Mobos With Chieftec Cases

    Yeah I just bought one like that in aluminum but silver. Guy at the store forgot to charge for the 450 watt psu that i asked him to add in.