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  1. LOL...LOL...LOLm, you sure about that. NAV sucks! period!
  2. Thats a good question. I dont know the answer though.
  3. WD hard drives are picky with the jumper settings. Try them both on CS (Cable Select) and see if that helps.
  4. Windows cant read the file off the cd, your cd might be jacked. I've come to love this thing called "Skip Doctor" for fixing mangled cd's, you might want to go to best buy or something and pick one up.
  5. Check the Even log for further info on the error. Are you using both the Wireless and Wired connections at the same time? If so, then I would assume that you are connecting to the same device wired and wireless, this would generate a duplicate name error on your network because your computer is connected to the same network twice with different nics and MAC addresses but the same computer name.
  6. I think that maybe your "SAM" hive has become corrupt.
  7. You might want to check out this site , it's got all the info you could ever want to know about CD's and copy protection. I dont recomend it for OS installation CD's, because some copy protections need an OS to function.
  8. A .reg key? Why do you need a reg key to do that? Do you have more than 5 systems that need roxio, but you dont want the Drag-to-Disk to load at windows startup? I dont get it, just go into msconfig, or use this program to see what exactly is starting with windows, and finally you could go into regedit and do it too? no need to make a file unless you have alot of system that you need to do this on.
  9. ChunkDog


    Hmm... It's not sasser then, Might want to try to update Windows XP Fully, installing sp2 if not already installed. Then if the problem still persists, boot into safemode with networking, then go to this website and scan the system for any viruses/trojans.
  10. I dont think it's possible yet. There is a SPDIF cable that runs from the DVD Drive to your sound card, from there it's sent streight to the DAC and then to your speakers. Please Correct me If I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure thats the lowdown of it.
  11. ChunkDog


    Sircam and Sasser viruses/worms will attack LSASS process. Does the computer restart when attempting to use internet explorer? If so, just run "shutdown -a" to stop the shutdown process and update tour windows, then scan for viruses.
  12. Yeah, Project 64 is the best one out there right now, just make sure your 3D plugins for it are up to date, and dont forget that you have to tweak some of the settings to get certain games to work. You also might want to check out this Adaptoid thing, it's the only N64 controller adapter out there that supports the rumble pack and I have heard good things about it.
  13. you could use pkzip to do it, just have to add a path to windows that points to it, just so you dont have to type the full path. I hope that helps you heres how to setup paths in windows xp/2000: 1. Go to system properties. 2. Go to the advanced tab. 3. click on Environment Variables 4. Under System Variables, look for the variable labeled "Path", and then edit it. 5. It's an easy syntax to catch on too, just seperate each path with a semi-colin ( ; ). So if you put pkzip in c:\pkzip, just add that to the rest of the paths and your all set. Good luck!
  14. It could be your processor too, if you just bought it, then return it for another one. But if the previous posts fix your problem then dont bother with the processor thing, but make sure to narrow it down before it gets too late and you cant return your products.
  15. What about MCP, for the people who haved passed some tests in MCSA or MCSE.
  16. heres a link to the manual java download You might want to ask in the unattended forums to find out how to put it in your custom windows install. I'm not sure were to pick up older version off the JVM by SUN though.
  17. You could use a program called "Windowblinds" or "Style XP" to change themes to other user created ones. You could also get a hacked file for windows xp to use user created themes as well, not sure what the file is called but I would recomend you use Windowblinds, I found it to be the best IMO, but try all solutions and see what you like.
  18. "CurentControlSet" is your current configuration that works, and the others are backups of prety much that same configuration. The others also get called upon when you select "Last Known Good Configuration" from the windows startup screen.
  19. Well then, answer me this than. Why didn't they put Doom 3 on a dvd when it's clearly (By your guys description) cheaper to produce a DVD vs a CD. These publishing companies aren't idiots, so I think they realize that most people want a DVD version, so why dont they make DVD versions than? Especially on these new games where there targeted systems to run their game will almost always have a DVD player on it. Why then?
  20. I smoke, and have smoked for about 10 years now. I also smoke bud, and have smoked that for just as long. They have both destroyed my lungs and I plan on quiting smoking cigarettes. As for bud, that actually does something for me, unlike cigarettes. And just for you people that just dont know, yes they are very addicting, and have heard it is harder to quit cigarettes than any other addiction known to man. So just remember when you get irritated about someone smoking around you, they might be very addicted and dont have a choice if they want to smoke or not, just like you dont have a choice about paying taxes.
  21. I used to be a fat kid, and my "friends" called me Chunky, after a while they started using ChunkDog, hence my handle. I have used this nickname forever, so if you see it somewhere else its more than likely me.
  22. How many of you have MSDN subscriptions and what kind? I dont have one, but would love too though.
  23. The reason they dont put alot of games on DVD is because it costs alot more money to produce a DVD than a CD,a nd if your producing a large amount (Millions) your looking at alot more money to put your software/game on a dvd than a cd, so if it were my choice I would use CD's too, unless I got a good deal from a company to put my game/software on a DVD, but in all actuallity, you will never find that 1 DVD is cheaper to produce than 3 or maore CD's is.
  24. That folder is just for "System Restore" and turning off system restore should get rid of all the data in that folder, and maybe the entire folder itself. That folder is usefull to keep around because of the registry backups in it. If you dig around in the folder you will notice a few or alot (depending on how many resotre points your system has) of folders named RP??, where ?? is a number. The highest number in the the list is the most current restore point. So now you know the most current restore point, then go into that folder, then go into the snapshot folder, and here is where you will see your registry backups, all you need to do is rename them and plug them back into system32/config folder and thats it. Thats the only real use I've had with that folder, besides using system restore itself. Hope this gives you techs yet another option to repair windows.

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