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  1. Hi guys, i have network with many XP clients some timeswhen i found internet disconnection, when using some program to view the all connected PCs i found 2 gateways with the same IP but diffrent MAC. therefore, by disconnecting some clients i found the infected PC. i think it's not NIC problem cause this PC was worked good. if it's a virus how can i deal with it and protect my network.
  2. this computer connects directly to the internet. The other computers on my networkconnect tothe internet through this computer
  3. eyeball thank you for repling u mean to modifing my connection to do that?
  4. hi guys. i want to enable NAT on windows XP. is it possible?
  5. thanQ for your attention but i want to spend your attention again to the pic. see the transformation of "OPEN" word to unknown language the problem is not only with Autorun option ===================== if there is some tweaks or registry key plz tell me more about that.
  6. Crown there is no autorun files in the partition the only solution until now is the format is there any solution?
  7. BUT i think there is no autoplay file i will try it thanQ
  8. hi guys, how to deal with this virus see attached pic
  9. really !! ok i will try it right now ...
  10. hi guys, i'm really in deep s*** !! i have a network with many XP clints my problem is the disconnection of the internet when one PC connect to the netwrk when disconnect this PC the network and internet is good of all clints what the hell whith this PC is it a virus? and how to remove it !! PLZ help
  11. Br4tt3 can u tell me about that programs name ?

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