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  1. Weel, the only time I've seen this one was when it was related to adware/spyware. You said you scanned for that, but what prog's did you use. I would sudgest a combo of adaware, spybot and SpySweeper. SpySweeper should be able to get you back online, then you can update the deffinitions and scan again to get rid of the rest of the crap.
  2. What version of windows you runnin?
  3. Well, this game is the s***, and I would like to use it on my updated PC, but FFVII requires a graphics card with 8 bit paletted texture support, witch my 9700 Pro does not have. Anyone know of a way to "Emulate" this feature so I dont have to play hte game in software rendering mode .
  4. Wrong Forum Buddy. Check out Unattended Installations.
  5. @BetaSith Looks great, I love the design skills you have. I would love to test this for you. I dont have any coding skillz but I know Windows. Keep up the good work.
  6. Your Right, I forgot about that, and I use it all the time . Heres the link so you can download it, burn it to cd, and enable the account. http://home.eunet.no/~pnordahl/ntpasswd/
  7. Well, unless you created another user account with admin privledges you s*** outa luck. But after you reformat and install windows again you might want to check out this guide http://www.tweaktown.com/document.php?dTyp...dId=324&dPage=3, I only linked to the page that tells you how to auto logon in windows xp pro, but you might want to read the whole thing.
  8. Umm, OK:blink: I'm sorry for your loss. Although I'm not religeous, I value Human Life. Your problem is adware. It, in most cases, will not let you remove it. From what I've found eDonkey puts this on your computer, and the size usually includes temp downloads and possibly what you have already downloaded. Try to use adaware and Spybot Search and Destroy and SpySweeper. After you install all those programs make sure to update their deffinitions then scann you system with them and delete evrything it finds. If you have an HP computer and these programs found a program called BackWeb, dont delete it , it will cause you hp software to not function.
  9. Well I dont know if this will help you, but I too had some problems when trying to slipstream SP2 into my XP CD. What i found was that it is picky with installations that have hotfixes integrated into the install. So to make it clearer, I had an XP Pro disk that had SP1 sliped into it, and also I had the RollupUpdate added to it as well. I was unable to slipstream SP2 until I undid the changes I made to the files and directory structure of the installation source to remove the silent install of the RollupUpdate.
  10. Well they both need to have SP2 installed to address you network problems. As far as automatic updates are concerned there are a few things you need to check. 1. run "services.msc" again and make sure that "Automatic updates" service is turned on and set to automatic. 2. Right click My Computer on your desktop, then select Properties, then select the Automatic Update Tab and make sure it is turned on there. 3. On the Windows Update Site, there should be a listing to the right hand side of the page that says "Automatic Updates:" and then the status of this setting on your computer.
  11. I know that System Commander is capable of hiding partitons and drives from an os. But you would have to have seperate installations for each person on the system. So your sister would have her own install of windows and so would your brother and so on.
  12. just use the usb connection instead, I'm not sure about your external hard drive, but all the ones I've seen from maxtor have both interface types.
  13. To see if the Background Intelligent Transfer Service is started go to start---->run and type "services.msc" and hit enter. You will find the service in the list and make sure it is set to automatic, to do that, right click it and select properties, under the general tab, look for "startup type" and drop down the list and select automatic.
  14. Both Computers need to have SP2 installed on them to get networking working again. As far as the automatic updates, the Background Intelligent Transfer Service might not be started or it has become corrupt. If you can get online go into internet explorer, then go to tools ----> Windows Update, and see if your system is fully up-to-date.
  15. You can set permissions in xp home to shared folders etc. 1. Simply just go to Start > Run and type "SHRPUBW" no quotes. Click on the browse button to choose the folder you want to share. Type in a share name. Type in a share description if you want one. Once complete hit NEXT 2. The first 3 choices are quite obvious. If you really want to customize the way the permissions are set choose the last option, and click CUSTOM In the CUSTOM screen you will see a screen just like the one you see in XP Pro. You can select groups, users, etc. And set the permissions to your liking.
  16. Have you Heard of Google? well I found this site through it, and there are plenty more it listed for me as well. http://www.time.com/time/techtime/200305/story.html
  17. That funny you say that, it seems millions of people a day flood our boarders to gain access to the american dream. It's just envy, out of all the contry's in the world, the USA IS! the best blace to live.
  18. Try going to the manufacturers website and see if theres an updated driver or xp sp2 patch.
  19. Go to device manager, find your PCMCIA slot driver, right click it (make fure to do it for all of them if more than one) and select properties, then under the Power management tab, untick the "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power", that should do it.
  20. ChunkDog

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    You might want to check out PEBuilder from Bart, here is his webite: http://www.nu2.nu/, you're going to want to use a plugin called XPE at this website: http://oss.netfarm.it/winpe/, if you boot from the cd you created and access you drive, you should be able to change the attribute from there.
  21. Oh, I forgot to mension, can you read from the drive, or install software from it, if so that should rule out any installation problem and I would still recomend returning the drive.
  22. Yes Asus is good, or gigabyte. To make it more Clear to you, Emachines used to use ECS mobo's before gateway bought them
  23. Try skipping the F6 step and continue to load windows withought those drivers. If windows does not see your hard drive, then look in the mobo manual for BIOS settings and see if you can put the drive into IDE mode, it should be very well spelled out for you in the manual.
  24. Here is a list of beep codes for the BIOS in that mobo of yours. This should help you narrow down the failing hardware. http://bioscentral.com/beepcodes/amibeep.htm
  25. it's probubly your drive. If you just bought it, then return it for another one.

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