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  1. Hi everyone, I just install IE7 and try to access my router, but show page no found. When i try to use IE6 it will be fine. Can anyone tell me what i should i do??? Thanks.
  2. Windows Live Space

    Hi everyone, My friend have a problem with windows live space setting. My friend had delete someone from her MSN list and hotmail contact list also and Windows Live Space friend's List. But the problem is, in her live space friend's list, that person already gone, but in that person friend's list, her a/c still there, why??? I had try myself here and find out that if i delete someone from my friend's list, in another a/c, my name will missing also. But i don't why her a/c so special, anyone have any idea??? Thanks.
  3. Hi, thanks for reply. Because i need to do a stock check list to let my staff to check stock everyday. If using Excel, they need to know how to save the file and reopen the file in another day. So any other solution beside using embedded VB to create application for pocket PC???
  4. Hi everyone, I need to develop a software to use in Windows CE. When i try to use Embedded Visual Basic and using the data bond grid, i don't know how to set the data grid to be able the user modift the data inside the grid, i want to be like Excel can modify the data inside the row, do anyone know how to do it???? Please help!!! Thanks.
  5. 2 WAN in a LAN

    That's means need to use 2 WAN port hardware?? Even normal router that only have 1 WAN port unable to do this function??? Thanks
  6. 2 WAN in a LAN

    Hi everyone, I have a question here. I have 2 different ISP and i want to connect to my LAN, how i able to config so that when surf net or FTP or data transfer able to go though this 2 WAN with out using Load balancing hardware? Or it is i able to set for surf net go to ISP 1 and P2P go to ISP 2????? And what is statis routes use for in router???? Thanks.
  7. After i clear the cache, the problem still the same.... The extension to same the picture only in BMP.
  8. In multimedia, all option are select, except the "Show Image Download Placeholders" Ok, i will to clear my temporary internet files and try.
  9. Hi everyone, Did anyone face this problem b4? My IE only able to save picture in BMP format, i unable to save picture in JPG or GIF format even though the picture file format is JPG or GIF. What had wrong in my IE??? Please help. Thanks.
  10. Hi everyone, i have a Netgear WGT624 wireless router, and my pc is using Prolink WG2000 USB wireless adapter. And the signal strength is between good and low, and soemtime will get very good signal. The problem is, when i use my network for a period of time, about 1 hour or a few minute, the wireless will automatically disconnect. Sometime it will auto connect back the router, but sometime unable to find the router. What is the problem here??? If i use wire network, it will not have this problem. Please help me. Thanks.
  11. Hi everyone, i have a problem here. There is 2 WinXP computer at my house, but i unable to access each PC shared folder. It always prompt me to key in user name & password. How to over come this problem???? Thanks.
  12. AVI format

    Thx very much !!!
  13. AVI format

    Hi everyone, is there any software able to check the AVI file is in what kind of format??? In DIVx or XVID or just AVI???? Thanks.
  14. hi everyone, just want to know, how to enabled dual display function for my display card. My display card contain D-Sub and DVI connected. So how i going to do do it can run dual display?? Thanks
  15. Hi everyone, how to remove 3721 speware???? I try to use Ad-Aware and Microsoft Anti-Spyware software, also unable to remove this spyware. Can anyone tell me, how i able to remove it manually??????? Thanks.