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  1. All that does is verify your Product Key with microsoft and tells you if it's legit or not. I beleive you might have a warez copy and should buy a retail version. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty **** sure that all microsoft checks is your Windows Product Key.
  2. Whoops, didn't read the last post, Glad you got it working
  3. Well, I dont have an answer to your problem, you did bring up something that got me thinking. I was wondering why there isn't a "step-by-step confirmation" selection in the Windows XP Startup menu, this would be a great addition to us techs. Sorry I couldn't help you. You might just want to pick up a copy of Windows XP, because that system restore disk is probubly just an image of the hard drive, so on first boot Windows is going to go nuts when it see's all the hardware changes, and you'll be callin to activate before you logon.
  4. here is what I wanted you to see on the website I had linked to in a previous post. Basically you could use a data recovery program to get the Efs0.tmp files back that contain an un-encrypted version of your file, IE the original file. You might not get everything back with this method, but I assure you that you will get a good majority of your data back, but make sure you specify your main boot partition to put the recovered data to, or another hard drive entirely. As for a data recovery program, I would sudgest either "GetDataBack" or Ontrack's "Easy Recovery Pro". Both of those programs will do a great job. I have found getdataback to be the best IMO, but Easy Recovery Pro is alot easier. P.S. I have sent you a program to try and also the XPE 0.9.9 plugin for PE Builder, just unrar it and put the whole xpe 0.9.9 directory in your plugins directory for PE Builder.
  5. Did you use the XPE plugin? If so, it should be just like Windows XP if it was installed on a systems hard drive, but with some bugs and limitations here and there. Just go to the files that are encrypted, and change their security settings to allow everyone access to them. Then try to decrypt them in Windows XP normally. I really dont know if this will help, and you might want to look into the program I posted in my last post. If you give me your E-mail I'll send you a program that might help.
  6. Nothings imposible, always remember that! http://www.crackpassword.com/products/prs/mswin/efs/ is your data worth $100? this site might help also: http://www.ntfs.com/issues-encrypted-files.htm
  7. It looks like its time for ya to build a PE disk. All you need is your Windows XP CD, go to this site and download PE Builder: http://www.nu2.nu/ . Go to this site and download the XPE Plugin: http://oss.netfarm.it/winpe/ , then build your LIVE Windows XP CD. If you did everything right, you'll be able to boot from the cd you made, access your encrypted files, change their permissions, then reboot, and decrypt the files from your normal windows installation on your hard drive. This will work and it is worth the effort to build the disk.
  8. Do you have any file synchronizing features enabled? if so, thats your problem.
  9. http://memtest86.com/ , try that to test your ram, could be a bad stick of ram.
  10. Has anyone noticed that in windows ME, the CD-ROM drives dont show up in Safemaode? Is there anyway to enable them in safemode?
  11. Well, I think he is a genious when it comes to business, but he really has not come up with anything on his own, and still doesn't with the thousands of employees he's had. I was on this site a while back, cant think of the name nor do I have a link, but the site challenged people to come up with things that microsoft has thought of and developed on their own. When I was last on the site no one had come up with anything that they can truelly say microsoft developed and created on their own. If anyone has that link it would be awsome. P.S. I would say "We need to talk...."
  12. 1152x864 @85hz here. I like 1280x1024 @75hz but I cant read the text on a 17'' monitor. Maybe i need Glasses?
  13. I heard that English is the best language to use when trying to explain technical stuff, like problems with a computer. If you speek English, you have probubly noticed that a person speaking a different language will sound something like this: Blah blaaah bla blah K-Mart. Blahhhh bla bla blaaahhh Ralphs. just to give an example, and not trying to flame, but the English language seems to me to be the most flexible, and you can make s*** up, like "Flamerific" or "Flamtastic", English is the s***
  14. got mine upgraded 11/17/04. But I dont care because I have gmail
  15. I like: http://www.majorgeeks.com/ I'm sure most of you hav3e heard of it or added to your favorites, but this is the best freeware/shareware site I have found to date.
  16. Will this Utility get rid of the ATI media center program as well? I wouldlike to use it to do fresh driver installs, but I dont want to get rid of the media center for my AIW 9700 Pro. No one knows the answer?
  17. As for "noobs" getting nailed with IE, well, I have to completely disagree too. Even with SP2 (and a good AV and firewall), I still see tons of people get nailed bad - including people I know that work in IT. Scanning for spyware is only a fix for a broken browser, it's not really a "normal" thing to do (ie: you shouldn't be getting that stuff in the first place). Well, I dont work with a tech 1 that has a problem with IE, maybe I should have said "bad for click-happy people". I still think IE sucks over-all, but the reason it sux is because MS isn't keeping up with it for the "click-happy people" that click on stupid s*** witch installs all this crap on your comp. I did an experiment here at work, and I went to every bad site I could think of and clicked yes to every pop-up. I got nailed prety bad, but not as bad as some of the customer's computers I work on. So I cant even try to f*** up my comp as bad as therse "click-happy people" do.
  18. Do you have an AIW card, or a seperate tuner cad from ATI. I have an AIW 9700 Pro and it was giving me BSOD all the time. I found that the card doesn't like AGP Fast Writes enabled, so all you gotta do is turn off fast writes, and your BSOD nightmare will end.
  19. I see you left out the folder called "crack", hehehe
  20. EAC All The Way, Why isn't it part of the poll. All those other programs suck compaired to EAC, trust me and the others who also said EAC, it f***ing Rocks!
  21. What happened? AOL, the software I hate the most! They bought WinAmp? Whats the deal. Why do I see WinAmp and AOL next to eachother. I hate AOL, and if they ruined WinAmp for everybudy, they will get alot of hatemail.
  22. Well, here is my opinion, and no offence to your dad. I have found that people who dont know anything about there computers tend to get nailed through IE. I have no problems using IE and never had, even when I didn't know that much about my system, I still didn't have any problems with IE. I like FireFox, but you still cant do everything with it yet, like trend micro's housecall, but I assume it's getting there. so: IE = Good for advanced users and mandatory for certain web content. FireFox = Great for everyone, but still not as content rich as IE.

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