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  1. I have seen a problem similar to the one you have. You need to find out what chipset you have on you mobo. if its SIS, then uninstall the agp driver, if its VIA, download the latest chipset drivers and during the installation, uninstall the AGP driver, and so on. When you uninstall the AGP driver, restart, and windows will install the one that comes with SP2. Microsoft has made their own AGP driver for SP2 to help with compatibility. Do you get any other graphics problems? if so, this is probubly your probelm.
  2. you could use "msconfig" as well to extract files from the xp cd, it's on the "general" tab called "Expand File....". It wont let you overight it if it's in use though.
  3. I've found Look2me to be awsome, I love the continuous pop-up advertisments, and the great thing is it's dummy proof, for instance, the other day I accedently uninstalled it, and it came right back, I love it!
  4. all they have to do is contact your ISP, find out who had the lease for the IP and what day, and, BAM!, your cought. It's quite easy really. If you give me your IP, I can find out your ISP and general location anywhere in the world with little to no effort at all.
  5. neither, TheaterTek tek all the way. And dont get me started on FFDSHOW, its awsome.
  6. I just checked out the AutoPatcher Website and he has released AutoPatcher 2000. heres the link to his webpage: http://www.autopatcher.com/ This would be a great addition to your unattended installs, but you might have to use a 90min CD-R though.
  7. This site might help you: http://www.lachiesadicristo.it/w98cd/page1.htm
  8. There is a version of Half Life 2 being shared on Bittorent that was purposely released by Valve. They intend to gather info about you, and maybe prosecute you. If your a warez-a-holic, its time you support the software companies for all the hard work and effort they put forth to bring you quality software that you know and love to rip off!
  9. I really dont know of any other programs out there to manipulate partitions like PM, but I'm sure they exist. I dont think PM will get any better now that Symantec Owns them, just look at Norton Antivirus, what a piece of bloated crap. Always make sure to make the restore disks with PM, so you can undo things if you run into a situation like this one again. I'm surprised you have had such good luck with PM.
  10. 1. You,ve just found out what I'm sure many people have about Partition Magic. Resizing and merging partitons is very ify, and will probubly not work. I have never had a successfull merge or resize with PM, any version, but it is great for creating and deleting partitions. 2. Now I'm assuming that you cant see the drives(partitions) in windows, but can you see them in Partition Magic? 3. Try Checking the hard drive for errors in Partition Magic. 4. Try getting some data recovery program, Like "GetDataBack" or "Active@ Partion Recovery" or even "Ontrack Easy Recovery". Those programs should help you get your data back from the missing partion. I would recomend "GetDataBack" over all others though, but it has a strong learning curve to really be efficient with it.
  11. IIS 6 is part of Windows 2003 and cannot be downloaded. As of IIS 5, it has been part of the OS. Windows 2000: IIS 5 Windows XP: IIS 5.1 Windows 2003: IIS 6
  12. If you bridge it, you will fry that RAM chip right above it. Thos are resiters. 100ohms I beleive. You can go to an electonics store and they should be able to replace it and solder it in for you no problem. But thats no garantee. You should look into getting a new stick of ram IMO.
  13. Is this your Board? http://manuals.fujitsu-siemens.com/serverb...sh/1173th-e.pdf if so, this manual with show you the way.
  14. Everyone is allowed to have their own perceptions and opions. However watch the flaming. Thankx |Drew| HeHe, Sorry, thats just how I feel. and here is another less opinionated reason Why: http://www.hardocp.com/article.html?art=Njkx The graphics look good, and I havent played it, but I hated the first, and the secound is just the first with better graphics and a few new elements. I was stocked on getting Doom 3 the first day it was available, but it got old quick for me and I have no more enthusiasm to actually finish the game but the graphics are sweet.
  15. OK, this is a feature of windows I can do withought. Is anyone else here sick of windows and it automatically scanning for new hardware at windows startup. Well everytime I've got to update a drive on my system, I download the latest driver, go into ad/remove programs and uninstall it from there, then restart windows, and, well, windows reinstalls the previous driver I just removed, then tells me to restart. I hate this and wanted to know if anyone knows a registry trick or some buried setting to stop Windows XP from automatically scanning for new hardware at startup, and then installing the driver for it. I just want to make sure I got a clean update for the driver.
  16. Umm, are you running Windows XP? Have you installed SP2? you should update windows fully, and then see if you get that error. Its probubly a bad driver thats causing this error of yours.
  17. Yup, thats Sasser. You need to get Windows Up-to-Date. when you get online and that shutdown box shows up, go to start, then run, then type "shutdown -a" to abort the shutdown process, then update Windows as usual
  18. Well, thats your SYSTEM hive of your windows xp registry. It is vital, and there is no easy way to fix it. You will have to be able to gain access to your hard drive. You might want to look into this: http://www.nu2.nu/ , there is a utility on that site called PE Builder, you can make a live windows xp cd, then you can gain access to your drive and fix the problem, but one thing to note is that if you have disabled system restore, you will not be able to fix this, unless you have made backups of your registry. I dont know why you say you cant format and reinstall windows. Just pop in you windows xp disk, boot to it, and go through the setup, you will be able to partition and format the drive. Good luck. P.S. If you decide to go th PE disk rout, tell me when you have made your disk and I'll tell you what to do to fix your registry problem. BTW usually registry corruption leads back to a failling hard drive, you might want to just replace the hard drive to be on the safe side, before you decide to reinstall windows or fix your current installation on your hard drive.
  19. Ok, I think you will stop this thread but here me out. I have no choice in what cable company I can use, and I cannot get satelite. The appartments I rent from have their own cable company called "Charter Comunications", and they suck a**, and because of that I cannot choose to get any other cable provider, I'm locked in here. Also the appartments wont let me get satelite because they dont want the Dish mounted in a visable area, witch also happens to be anywhere I would put it. I was just wondering if there were any programs out there to descramble cable tv on my computer. I would get digital cable from them, but I tried it out, and for one thing the cable box they give you doesn't work correctly with their service, for instance, every time you go into the guide it resets to chanel 2? wtf kinda s*** is that, and it's especially a pain in the a** when your on like chanel 600 or somthing, you know, who wants to put up with that s***. Well I could write a book on how much I hate their company, but I think I got enough accross.
  20. I beleive that maxtor will only replace the drive with a refurbished one, and you have to send them your bad one thats still under warranty first. Best bet is to try to buy the same drive, but that would be tough becasue they constantly revise the PCB Board, Chips, and the Firmware.
  21. First, go into the BIOS Setup and select "Load Failsafe Defaults", or something like that. If that still doesn't help, just follow mine and everyone elses advice and replace the MOBO. Soyo sux, and I had one for a year with constant problems. Get an MSI, Abit, Asus or Gigabyte board, you wont go wrong with any of those manufacturers.
  22. Longhorn is the next Windows OS and it's due to be released in 2006 HeHe, i know, I was kidding, I was the only one to vote that
  23. I know, I have failed in English as a kid, always got low grades in the subject, and I cant spell. But on a better note, what I lack in English skills, I make up for in other areas, like computer knowledge, and suprisingling I have an above average IQ. Well, I checked out "HTPCnews.com" and looked in the forums. I found a frontend program called Xlobby that will do what i'm looking for, and a program called Grider that will help with the remote control side of things. PS I've only spoke english my whole life, and I know a little spanish, but very little. I just suck at reading and writing and grammer and sentense structure and spelling, and you name it. But the important part is you understand what I'm trying to say.

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