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  1. Dude, ECS is utter crap, return it and spend the extra 50 bucks on a good mobo, like MSI or Abit. The mobo is your problem.
  2. Well, once again I sudgest using a program called "InCtrl5". first take a snapshot of you system, then change the settings you want, and then take another snapshot of the system and the program will compaire the differances. This should show you exactly what keys and values have changed, and that will be what your looking for.
  3. Whoops, sorry, didn't read your reply fully. If last known good wont work you need some way of editing the registry to fix that key I talked about earlier. Theres no easy way to fix this problem. I usually delete this key on the demo computers at best buy (hehe). This is the best article I could find to help you with getting windows back up: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...B;en-us;307545&. Sorry I didn't give you a heads up on that key, I should of.
  4. Umm, you deleted this key "Userinit"="C:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\userinit.exe" under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon I think that last known good will fix it like aresgodofwar said
  5. Try a program called "autoruns" from sysinternals, its free and if it's it being called upon soly by a startup entry, then this program will give you the option to get rid of it. It could be called upon by another program being loaded at windows startup, and if thats the case this program will not help, just use the program and google everything thats loading at windows startup, that should tell you if what is starting with windowsis legit or not.
  6. what you could do is use a program called InCtrl5 to log the changes made to the systems registry before and after you have applied the settings you want. I'ts a really great tool, and if a file was modified as well to reflect the changes you made, it too will show up.
  7. I'm prety sure that the power user's group can defrag, but if you dont want the user to have the added rights on the system that come with being part of the power user's group, you could always change the security permissions on the dfrg.msc file in the system32 directory and give that user the right's to use it.
  8. AOL is a big piece of crap, and I'm supprised that the idiots that designed it are even making a profit.
  9. ChunkDog

    All Users

    ok, first go into windows explorer, then go to Tools ----> Folder Options, click on the view tab, under advanced settings untick the "Use Simple Files Sharing (Recomended) , now navagate to your all users profile directory under documents and settings, right click on the folder and select properties, then click on the Security tab, you can change who has access to that folder on a per user basis, given what you have explained, only system has full control, make sure your user account has full control, or just give everyone full control.
  10. I dont think it's an open format, so your stuck using realplayer to play that media format.
  11. Well, I found out where outlook express 6 keeps it's account info: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Account Manager\ there it is for the people who need this
  12. That did work for older versions of Outlook Express, but not version 6. Thanks though
  13. You might not want to stick with the WDM drivers, just go to the manufacturers website for your hardware and get the latest drivers from them. If you computer keeps locking up on you when trying to get them, just get into safe mode and download the drivers. If you dont have any problems in safe mode, sure thing it's a driver problem. @richy **** your cute
  14. you might want to use a good translator!
  15. Well, The only thing I can tell you is to get out your XP CD and to do a repair install, this will fix your problem, but make sure you have some sort of firewall, becasue you will lose all of the windows updates that you have done that are not a part of you installation cd. If you dont know how to do a repair install check this site out http://www.michaelstevenstech.com/XPrepairinstall.htm or google it
  16. Hello Everyone, OK, I work at a computer repair shop, and this is the problem I've ran into alot. I get customers computer that you cant boot into normal or safe mode, so becasue of this I have no way of exporting their Outlook Express 6 Account Settings, so how do I get their account settings from a ghost I made of their drive? if that was little unclear: 1. I get the computer and cannot load windows into safe mode or normal mode. 2. I ghost the hard drive to one in the lab. 3. Since now I have a backup of their data I can repartion(if neccessary) and reformat their hard drive then reinstall windows. 4. Once windows installed I slave the Cloned drive to the system to retrieve their data. 5. Cant get Outlook Express 6's Email Account Settings and news groups and such. Becsue I'm lazy I dont want to have to setup the accounts and just want to get them from the backup.
  17. ChunkDog

    All Users

    are you using XP Home or Pro?
  18. whoops, the website for housecall is: http://housecall.trendmicro.com/
  19. I hope I can help. 1. if you cant access web pages, put can ping out in the internet, you probubly have spyware on you system that has recked you WinSock. Check this webiste http://www.majorgeeks.com/ under spyware and get some removal tools, I would sudgest getting adaware, spybot and spysweeper. To fix you internet connection get a program called WinSockXP Fix (worked everytime for me), then you can update the deffinitions in those spyware removal programs and get rid of the crap on your system. Then go to here http://www.housecall.trendmicro.com to scann your system for the latest viruses. it seems that you could have a remote control program running on your system. 2. It could be your power supply.
  20. I liked Zone Alarm Pro, But it takes alot of system resources. I would say an actual Firewall between you and the internet would be the best, but nothing is full proof. I personally use nothing on my system at home, the way I see it is that I know to keep windows up to date, I know when something is a "Shady Download" and I dont go clicking on everthing I see online. 10 years, no problems. Wait, I did get Blaster, but after that I made sure to check windows update every month
  21. @ Mr. Spok, I agree, I love emule, and I have learned to use it very efficiently, but these Noob F**ks ruin everything. First ShareReactor, the Shareconnector, and I have benn tring Filedonkey, even that is down. I hate Noobs. I love Emule, slow but never had a bad download, ever, and have been using it for over a year now, best content on one network I would say, you just need a good indexing site for ed2k links to get the best content out of it, but the searches within the program are good as well.
  22. you should pick up a copy of SpySweeper. If you got that problem, then theres bound to be more, even if you use spybot and adaware. Your problem is obviously a Cool Web Search varient, but I have not seen it at my work. Be lucky you dont have "HomeSearchAssistant", that one is a major pain to remove. You also might want to try http://www.majorgeeks.com/, they have alot of freeware/shareware porgrams to help you remove that hijacker from your system. Hope I was able to point you into the right direction to get rid of that thing.
  23. @aresgodofwar hmm, I know it doesn't "completely" remove IE, but anything is worth a trie. @lynchknot Theres Always System restore, Unless you have disabled it
  24. I think its time to get a new keyboard

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