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  1. Strange - I managed to vlite 7100 x64 and Server R2, with configurations that resulted in a smaller install size than even my most extreme vLited Vista disk ever did. I've included my W7 profile: I've kept Window Media Center because I need digital tv support, but if you don't need it, it can go as well. Last_Session.ini
  2. I'm pretty sure Error Reporting is a no-no. It is for Windows 7, at any rate.
  3. May as well list 'em if we have the knowledge about breaking the OS for apps though, right? Unless you think a separate thread would be more appropriate.
  4. If you use a third party PVR application, and have a digital tuner, you have to keep media center, or your digital tuner will not work. Also, IMAPV2 is needed for Zune software install - software will not complete installing without it. Didn't I read somewhere that it was necessary to keep the game explorer?
  5. Because they are "text mode" drivers. While nLite was able to integrate text mode drivers, vLite cannot. You can copy them to a thumbdrive and browse to them during install.
  6. Mostly likely, the drivers in question are "text mode" drivers, and Vlite is unable to integrate these. If the Windows disk does not have native support for your drive, your best bet would be to load them via USB thumb driver when prompted during the install.
  7. That was my experience with the beta and the RC, but haven't tried the RTM. I remember the trick was knowing what to keep, or it wouldn't work....can't remember what was essential to keep though.
  8. I had a very similar experience installing Win7 on my mother's Duron 18000 @ 2100Ghz with 2 gigs of ram. I had heard Windows 7 was more resource friendly, but I think Win7 actually ran slower than Vista. The video card is a lousy FX5200, so I suspect that might have had a good deal to do with it.
  9. As far as I can tell, text mode drivers won't integrate. In an instance where this is the case, what I have done in the past is to simply place the drivers in the root directory of of the vLite install (the destination directory) BEFORE vlite makes the .iso image. That way, when you get to the part of the Vista install where you can search for drivers, you just click the "scan" button (or something to that effect), and the Vista installer will find them. Or you should be able to browse for them. Other than that, you can always put them on a thumb drive and do it that way.
  10. I have found that the original author of the following post to be pretty much right on the money: Here are the minimum components that you must leave in Win7: Of course, you don't need to keep the Japanese language. I would add the following: Don't remove Error Reporting, or the install will not complete....you'll get a "WER.DLL" missing notice. Also, the scarddg.dll from Vista will work to activate Windows 7....just be sure to save a copy of it before you install Win7.
  11. I can give you an example of how I integrate Nvidia drivers: First, you'll want WHQL signed drivers. In the instance of Nvidia driver installers, they can be extracted into a folder with WinRAR. Within that folder resides the .inf necessary to integrate the drivers. Just a tick in the box of the integrate drivers section of vlite, then navigate to the INF in question. It'll automatically integrate all of the files. It's that easy. I don't know about ATI drivers...but if you can find where the installer extracts the package, you should be able to integrate them. If there's more than one .inf, use the folder option to integrate more than one at a time.
  12. Mr. Hell- Apparently, you've had Vlite strip the storage drivers from your image. You need to find out the manufacturer of your disk controller (i.e. Intel, Nvidia, ATI, etc.). Be sure to uncheck the corresponding make of driver on the sub-menu when you are removing the native storage device drivers. if I've been less than clear, please let me know and I'll try to clarify.
  13. Strange reply. I've heard of a lot of people installing VLited version of Win 7 beta. As far as I can tell, simply by using vLite on Windows 7, your vLite image will be missing the file "scarddlg.dll." You cannot activate the OS nor use Windows Update without it. I tried just removing excess languages; even that hosed the activation process. After making coasters of a half dozen dvds, I'll wait for Nuhi to update the software for Windows 7, or learn how to use WAIK.
  14. I just faced the same dilemna myself. I think you've about covered it. It seems I've read the remote drivers are in the windows/ehome directory. Anyway, I kept infrared and MC and I now have drivers & Media Center.
  15. Try installing a trial version of BeyondTV. At least that might rule out your PVR application. I've had no such issues with a PVR-150 and Live analog TV with my software.
  16. Quite safe. The only effect would be that you would not be able to index files in the future if you were so inclined.
  17. there are "only" 30 .reg files, the next after 22.reg ist 30.reg wima Oops. At any rate, congratulations.
  18. I would never have believed it, but I am using my PVR-150 along with Snapstream BeyondTV in Server 2008 x64. I simply ran the BDA batch files as directed, then followed it up by the reghacks posted above. There are 37 .reg files to import; I was able to import all but the last three or four. Thanks to all who made this possible!
  19. Does this require the digital BDA patch and all of the Vista files, or does it just require the registry settings posted here? Thanks.
  20. Considering the source, perhaps not. Try the genuine article (MS) next time, rather than something a complete stranger has already monkeyed with.
  21. Bilar Crais


    If you care about boot time, don't get rid of Ready Boost either. I saw a warning about it in the Vlite GUI last time I built a disc, and I can confirm that my boot times are now much quicker.
  22. You're absolutely right...I wish people would catch on to the fact that you buy memory to be USED, not conserved.
  23. Find and install Vlite 1.1.6. Run the program, and when prompted, install the WIM filter. Now install Vlite 1.2 over the top. Problem solved.
  24. Folks....it couldn't be simpler. Install 1.1.6, run the program and install WIM, then install 1.2 over the top.

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