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  1. How to Connect SCSI Ultra3 to PC

    Ok, guys, the reason why I asked for help in connecting SCSI, because am getting 15-20 148GB 15K RPM Hdd's for FREE. For me, and am sure for you guys as well, anything for free is always welcomed unless it is a complete piece of junk. I know about SAS, and also do know that SCSI is an old tech, but because am getting them Hdd’s free, I thought why not just connect them to my workstation pc as I have only 1 Raptor and 1 500GB HDD currently connected to that pc.
  2. How to Connect SCSI Ultra3 to PC

    Thanks to all you guys for your kind help. I have ordered an Adaptec PCI-E SCSI card with an converter. I was thinking of getting a SCSI RAID card, but they are way too expensive. Btw i have also got another 3x 148gb 15k RPM drives (same model as above but higher capacity) , so I wont bother with those 18.2gb anymore and instead will use the 15k rpm hdd's instead. Thank you
  3. Hello Guys, I need some help connecting SCSI hard disks to my workstation pc. I don’t know hardly anything about SCSI’s, so some clear simple guide will be really helpful. I have got 4 of these SCSI hard disks. This is my motherboard But funny thing I don’t even know how many PIN connector this is, that’s why I took some pictures of it. My motherboard Asus P5W DH DELUXE (I have 1 spare PCI-Express slot and 1 spare PCI slot) Case Antec Server Case I do know that I will need a SCSI adaptor, but don’t know which one to get. Will I need any additional components apart from a SCSI adaptor? Would really appreciate if anyone can help me getting my SCSI hard disk set up. Thank you
  4. BDA (Tv tuner support) on Server 2008/R2

    This does NOT support Server 2008 R2, only Server 2008. I have made an updated version of this BDA installer to support R2. I will NOT be updating this page anymore. For all support and help, go to this link: http://win2008workstation.com/forum/viewto...f=22&t=1023 EDIT: Updated first page
  5. BDA (Tv tuner support) on Server 2008/R2

    File Reuploaded! You MUST have a Vista x64 installation DVD, or Vista x64 installed On your current system to get these x64 files.
  6. BDA (Tv tuner support) on Server 2008/R2

    Link was down, updated with a new link
  7. What AntiVirus/Firewall to use

    Comodo firewall is the best, and its free, combine it with eset nod antivirus, and you will have the best protection with minimal system resource usage.
  8. BDA (Tv tuner support) on Server 2008/R2

    This should do it for you..
  9. http://www.microsoft.com/resources/documen...s.mspx?mfr=true http://www.ss64.com/nt/ All of the answers can be found there...
  10. If you want to delete the setupcomplete.cmd as well then just add this example Shutdown /r /t 05 DEL /Q /F %0
  11. Put these commands before "shutdown /r /t 30"
  12. Just add these line to your cmd file RD /S /Q "%systemroot%\Setup\SCRIPTS\" This will delete the scripts folder del "%Systemdrive%\Setupact.log" This will delete your Setupact.log from your computer
  13. How to Enable video thumbnails?

    Hi cluberti, yes i have desktop experience feature installed as well. Am using server 2008 x64 sp2 as workstation. Just cant get video thumbnails to work, even after a clean install. The only video thumb that shows is "wmv"
  14. Hi Does anybody know how to enable video thubmnails for common video files eg, mpeg avi ts etc... I tried vista codec and klite-codec packs, but still cant get video thumbnails.. Checking the "folder options>view>display file icon on thumbnails" does not help as well, even group policy editor didnt work as well...
  15. BDA (Tv tuner support) on Server 2008/R2

    Just copy the "bda.sys" file manually to "C:\windows\inf" folder, and then run the setup.bat file.