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  1. how? mdt? --------- i downloaded drivermax which backuped all my drivers currently using in win7 (MS and 3rd party drivers; very nice tool!) but the problem is how to integrate more than 50drivers into dism (they all stored in main dir and sub dirs just want an easier way to integrate a full map without using commandlines/batches, which can become more of a problem than a simple solution anyone else can comment on this? possible to integrate drivers with windows 7 how? thx, rlr
  2. Hi, my process has been to use universal extractor on .exe drivers, which unpacks each driver to an individual folder, all of which are created in one parent folder. when i am in Integration i choose select driver folder and add the one parent folder with all the driver sub-folders in it. they appear to load into vlite and integrate, but when i install the disc, both with vista ult x64 and win 7 ult x64, the drivers don't install. i think i remember it actually working once, i may have been using driver magician then, which extracts the already installed drivers from your computer. if i'm
  3. hi, I get the following error when trying to install Spybot on a compaq notebook: Runtime Error (at 10:1166): Access Violation at address 00590BF0. Write of address 00590BF0 I also got it when i tried to install some other things, can't remember what though, but they had different addresses listed. I got this error with other software: unknown software exception (0xc0000005) at location " " (with different codes between quotes depending on app) lastly, when trying to install Elder Scrolls IV- Oblivion, it very quickly installs little bits where the actual app pieces would go, and shows me the
  4. hi, i just switched over to a cable modem type isp, and it's my understanding that my 6mbps is not necessarily allocated to me, but is available when i use it, and that network traffic can also slow down my transfer speed as a result. it's also my understanding that as a result of the shared bandwidth when i use a site that checks your internet speed, it can be inaccurate, and show a higher rate than what you're actually getting. this hasn't been the case for me in the past, but with current provider that was hooked up yesterday, according to speedtest.net, i'm getting 22mbps, which is crazy
  5. i've seen versions of vista out there that incorporate not only service packs, but software as well, like certain browsers, or whatever. is this done with v-lite? how? if not v-lite, how are they incorporating these for install? thanks a lot, rlr
  6. did you find out which one it was, is it one of those services, did you get it working??
  7. oh, and what i'm talking about is Windows Catalog, where you can download all your updates. Almost every, if not every, update has both a 32 and a 64 bit download, now I know there are some that are particular to each, however I thought I could grab most of them by using the updates currently on the machine in 32 bit as a guideline to getting the catalog numbers, but then download the 64 bit versions. Yes, No?? tx
  8. no, i'm switching back to x64, and wanted to integrate updates into vlite disc i'm building. i'm building the disc on another computer with x64 on it, but it is amd as opposed to intel which i have on pc i'm switching to 64bit, so updates are all different, they're all particular to amd. I guess i'll have to not integrate updates with this install, i can do the drivers at least, unless there's another way? thanks rlr
  9. I've found that I think every update i got from windows catalog had a 32bit, as well as a 64bit download. Does that mean I can check for what x64 updates I need by seeing what is on my x86 machine now, and then just downloading the 64bit version?? much thanks-
  10. one thing i'm confused on is when you initially start modding components, after slipstream, there's a pop up window that asks what i will be using in vista and a following list to check, or not. does it omit items to remove with vlite? I couldn't find anything to leave blank as each section seemed to have one component or program that i wanted, but at first i had left out printer and file sharing, and thought that maybe that was my problem, but the window didn't pop up after that, so i didn't know if it was locked in to those settings or something? i just did a reinstall w/ latest vLite conf
  11. I'm now working on updates and driver integration for an image i just slipstreamed with sp1, i also removed a bunch of components, did any tweaks i could, and made an unattended install image. I am switching back to x64 vista after a short stint with x86. I'm building this btw on my secondary machine which i put a quick copy of x64 on, for this purpose. being only the 2nd vlite disc i've made i wanted to be able to test it a little before i put it on main machine. the test pc is an amd platform whereas my other pc is intel. Now, for some reason I thought that the updates would be the same
  12. Hi, new to using this program, i've created one install disc with it that works great, i slipstreamed sp1 and removed components and did tweaks, and unattended install, did not integrate drivers or updates though. I'm working on an iso for that now. just as far as how this works in general, i know that you can't do any alterations before you slipstream sp1, but after i save that iso, make a new one with updates and tweaks and whatever, can i continue to add updates to the already vlited disc, and build on what i have, or do i always have to start back with the original disc? same for drive
  13. found answer here http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...st&p=789787 works fine now
  14. I don't see a vlite-unwim, in either start menu folder, or system folder. there is unins000.exe though, which I imagine uninstalls everything, I've tried this a couple of different ways, but not through this uninstall file, guess I'll try it. thanks, rlr edit: tried uninstall with unins000.exe, reinstalled with same results, get same error message. this is unexpected and a major pita at the moment, i installed vista x64, for the express purpose of vliting x64, so I can install that. if anyone knows this issue, please help, rlr
  15. error message: Mounting image error Make sure your temporary folder in options is not a networked drive Try restarting the computer and see if that helps -Code:-2147024894 I have wimgapi.dll placed in vlite install folder, and I have the temp folder on a local storage drive. one guide I read said to put the two other files that come with wimgapi.dll and <right click> install .inf file, others say just put the .dll file in there. I've tried it both ways. I've made a vlite disc recently on my x86 vista machine and it went flawlessly doing it the way I'm doing it now. this time though I
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