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  1. Until then, I have just been dumping my RAID drivers into the boot (or some other folder) of the Vista install. I add them right before I have Vlite burn the disk. That way, I just navigate the Vista setup to the location, instead of using a flash drive.
  2. Hello: I've just prepared and installed a trimmed down, unattended Vista Ultimate disc using Vlite. I am using the Administrator account, which I have renamed. I intentionally left UAC turned on, as I was impressed by a Microsoft employee's boast that Vista practically needs to A/V with UAC (not that I'd ever run without an A/V). However, UAC hasn't nagged me once! Is this because I am logged on with the "God" administrator account? I've had Vista installed with UAC before, and it was a virtual nag fest. Thanks.
  3. OUCH! I lost a 300 gig video library the very same way while installing Vista beta 2 last summer. Needless to say, I never repeated the mistake.
  4. I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but I believ your SATA drivers to beText mode drivers. Vlite does not yet support Text mode driver integration.
  5. Recently, I installed the full version of Vista Ultimate (not Vlited). On a whim, I navigated to %systemroot%\windows\system32\DriverStore. To my amazement, every driver that Vista chose and installed during the Vista install process was archived here, as was every Windows Update. It seems to me that one could archive this directory for future Vliting For example, normally when Vliting, I would not be able to remove the LAN driver archive from the Vista install with Vlite, as I don't have a LAN driver for Vista. But now that I do, I can just go ahead and have Vlite delete the entire LAN section, and integrate my own! The same goes for Video, Audio, all of my video capture card devices, my Kodak dock printer, etc. I would imagine they are even digitally signed, having come from either the Vista install disc or from Windows Update. As well, I know that Vlite doesn't yet support Textmode driver integration, so I can't integrate my SATA driver. However, a few days ago, a SATA driver update showed up on Windows Update, and now it is in the DriverStore directory. Unlike prior SIL3112 SATA drivers, this one is NOT textmode. It makes me wonder if it couldn't be integrated with Vlite, negating the need to install with a Memory stick. In addition, nearly all of the drivers listed in the DriverStore directory have fairly straight forward filenames, so that their corresponding application can be readily ascertained. Cool, huh? Or maybe this isn't news to anyone. LOL
  6. Did you ever open up the performance wizard and look at the shear volumes of data that Vista collects on every conceivable aspect of the OS? It's just unbelievable.
  7. I am running a liscensed copy of Business RTM which I got courtesy of the university that I attend. I wonder if there is a difference between RTM and retail? BTW, Studio48, clean install on RAID O discs. With Vlite, I removed all drivers except LAN, which is only device Vista natively supports. I removed games and all multimedia, but left nearly all services and network options alone, so as not to delete something needed. I suspect my CPU is just too slow.
  8. I really wanted to like Vista. Over the last year, while the usual "Microsoft SUX, Vista is a bloated pig" naysayers were clogging forums, I adopted a wait and see attitude. Well, I did gave it a fair shake. I have a "4" rating on the Windows Experience Index: 4 on the CPU, 4.5 on RAM, 5.9 and 5.5 respectively on graphics, and 5.9 on hard drive. Disappointing would be an understatement. I know my processor only just makes the grade, but still....I would have expected the Aero experience to be a bit more responsive with my graphics rating. It's like Mr. Brain said...you end up waiting additional milliseconds for everything...it's pathetic. I almost upgraded to dual core, but apparently that would have been a waste of money. In addition, Vista doesn't support my hardware accelerated onboard network card, my onboard HW accelerated sound card, and apparently, video HW acceleration isn't working either. So, downloading four threads of Usenet and listening to music can take 40-50% of cpu. And multi-tasking? Forget it. It's a no-brainer for me...I'm back on XP, which absolutely screams in comparison. There is one thing that Vista does faster though...saving an edited mpeg2 video file, which takes no re-encoding in my instance, is inexplicably about two-thirds faster in Vista. Apparently my RAID 0 is much more efficient in Vista.
  9. At least Vista setup beats the hell out of XP (floppy drive for Raid drivers). Thumb drive is a breeze! Eventual integration will be nice though.
  10. Hello: Thank you so much for a brilliant tool! I just noticed in the event viewer that the Service Control Manager is pinging the Terminal Service every ten minutes and coming up with an error. "Registering with Service Control Manager to monitor Terminal Service status failed with The specified service does not exist as an installed service. , retry in ten minute." I am guessing this is because I removed remote desktop in my Vlite install. I suppose it's no big deal, but those ugly red blotches in the event viewer bug me. Is there a way I can stop the Service Control Manager from babysitting Terminal Services? Thanks! CF
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