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  1. It would be nice if someone could just get in touch with him briefly enough to get permission to take over the project. I suppose with Windows 7 just around the corner, and with everyone so eager to upgrade the win integrator could end up being what we're really looking for at this point.
  2. It's been a while since I've played around with vLite because my computing needs have broadened into so many realms that I can afford to remove little to none of my OS. But every time I DO drop back in here to lurk around I find basically all the same thread topics that were being discussed back in the day. vLite still hasn't been updated and users are finding more and more elaborate fixes around slipstreams and other issues that have arisen since the release of v1.2. From what I've read in the past the author of the project, nuhi, has put endless hours not only into developing it, but into providing support for nLite/vLite enthusiasts. Acknowledging that, I don't want to sound ungrateful in anyway. He's a champion of the modding realms and deserves to be knighted in my opinion. However I suspect a large number of issues we currently face as a community could be addressed by taking vLite to the next level (and perhaps birthing the next generation 7lite). I know this has been discussed a little but I haven't seen any talk about it lately and wanted to know if anyone had any up to date info regarding the future of vLite, and if not what would you guys suggest to nuhi? Retire and pass the project onto a worthy heir? Scrap it and let the movement slowly die? What are your thoughts?
  3. Good enough! Thanks for the intel. I think I'm going to wait until the RTM release before I get into the hassle of trying to slipstream again. Whenever that is.
  4. So why will SP2 not install from Win Update on vLited OS's? My current set-up is quite heavily trimmed down, but what if I just removed language and driver files and modified nothing else would that work? What if I modify nothing but create an unattended install? Is there configuration that works?
  5. MPalmz

    Newbie question

    .inf is all you would typically need. Some times manufacturers pack 'em up in these other executables for streamlined installation. Easier for most users. Assuming you'll need all the inf files embedded in the .exe's etc. you have two options. Firstly you can extract the contents of these installers using uniextracter (Google it) and compile them into a single folder (say...on your desktop). Keep in mind that installshield installers are often difficult to extract files from even with uniextracter. Once they are compiled, and you have added the other .inf files you require for your hardware, use vLite to integrate the folder full of drivers. Another option which would be more effective at ensuring you integrate a more updated set of drivers would be to ensure that all of your machine's hardware drivers are installed and up to date. Go to device manager and use the "Update Driver" option on all of your major devices. Then download DriverMax, and launch it. Use it to EXPORT all of your machine's drivers that are currently in use. Then use that exported package of drivers for integration. When you are at the integration tab, import an entire folder and vLite will automatically grab all the .inf's it needs. Now you'll have just the drivers that you need integrated into your new OS.
  6. Woooooow. Well bilow, you haven't got the warmest welcome...sorry. But you never insult MagicAndre1981 man. He's possibly THE most helpful person around here. Not good.
  7. MPalmz

    vLite is dead?

    Fully agree with all of these points. Especially #3. There will be several things that MS simply won't allow removal of unless you've got an 'x'-lite.
  8. Probably over my head. Unless there is a comprehensive guide that breaks things down step by step I'm going to have to wait until the Vista w/ SP2 RTM starts shipping. Thanks for your help though.
  9. your OEM Version may be the cause. With my Technet ISO Integration of Sp2 works fine. What version of vLite are you running? I'm running the latest build (1.2 Final) and I don't even get the "SlipStream" step. I tried to dl an earlier build but can't find any around. ALSO: is there another guide present for integrating SP2? the above guide was pretty difficult to follow imo.
  10. You guys can a person integrate SP2 if their original ISO is a SP1 ISO. My Vista is an OEM SP1 disk. Am I still going to run into the same integration issues? Rofl. Loved this...'mythical.' Classic! I completely agree. And of course a 7Lite would be amazing.
  11. I'm beginning to fear the same.
  12. Trouble is I cannot remember specifically what components I removed beyond simply looking at the guide I used. My INI says I only removed a couple of things. Thats simply because I preloaded my configuration with an already vLited disk. Not smart when considering problems such as this. Anywho I learned my lesson and I'm just going to start from scratch again. i was just hoping that the error was common enough that someone might be able to chime in with a quick fix. I'm a little cheeky though. My suspicion is that the program requires UAC, so I'm going to include it with my next install and simply disable the service. Hopefully I get the same uninterrupted usage I'm used to with my current config which is otherwise wonderful.
  13. In my other thread I talk about ERROR 1904 on installing certain programs. You think this has something to do with my removing UAC? http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=130512 Too late. And this guide rules for English speaking users. Furthermore it's on MSFN! Thanks though.
  14. When I try to install Pinnacle Studio 11 I get an error: With "ABORT" "RETRY" and "IGNORE" buttons. I'm borrowing my brother's copy which is not in use. But I just popped down to his apartment (below me) and we installed it on his non-vLited system just fine. Can anyone offer any thoughts? PS - my last_session.ini is actually a last_session of a last_session, so therefore it won't provide insight to the problem. However my configuration is almost identical to what's in the excellent guide by Randomness here: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=128042. EDIT: A Google search leads you to a Microsoft solution from their website explaining that the MDAC components are missing or corrupt. MS only seems to offer these components for x86 based systems.

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