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  1. From Ben, "...Documents and Settings error is a small coding mistake...actually its caused by timing level....I fixed this issue. Monday releasing a patch..." Patch not out yet.
  2. Removing help results in a very small reduction in the overall .iso size and Windows installation. Perhaps it would be best to leave it in tact.
  3. Notice the shaded area, and several preset options available. Ben created the 742mb .iso with the advanced preset. Good catch, Zumoc.
  4. Ben: I used the advanced preset, added drivers and windows updates. The .iso completed without errors, but when I try to install the image, it stops after the device detection phase with error "components missing...cannot complete installation" or some such message. Afterwards, I used my "last session" from a known good configuration, and only changed option from rebuild current image only to "optimize boot.wim and install.wim." That .iso also errored out on windows install. (x64)
  5. My laptop is a 5570. I had no issues with RT7 Lite. Windows 7 has all of the drivers necessary for the laptop, except for the Texas Instruments card reader. Be sure that you are selecting or deselecting things properly (I actually had this mixed up the first time I used the program): To select items for removal on the left side, you check mark them; to install features in the right hand column, you check mark them. If you are first using Vlite to reduce an image, and then using RT7 lite to further manipulate the image, I would guess you would almost certainly be asking for trouble.
  6. Are you using one of the European "N" Windows versions, or Enterprise?
  7. huh really? I have both vlite and rt7lite installed, and they are working together just fine. When 1.07 comes out, Vlite will be a thing of the past, in so far as Windows 7 is concerned. I think I breach no confidentiality when I say you're all in for a Hell of a treat.
  8. There are some multimedia apps such as BeyondTV that require WMP to be in place. Otherwise, you should be okay. Media Player Classic, included in the K-lite codec pack, is a remarkably versatile player.
  9. I'm not sure if this is relevant, but did you heed Ben's warning to keep Chinese Simplified?
  10. Let me add that I saw this same thing when I selected help for removal in Windows x64.
  11. Ben: Are you by chance applying any tweaks by default? Everytime I make a Seven Lite disc, it seems that NTFS Last Access is disabled. If so, this should probably be left on by default, as it can interfere with a backup program's ability to do incremental backups. Windows Backup is one such program affected by this popular tweak.
  12. You can grab the drivers here: http://www.win2008r2workstation.com/win2008r2/ehome-ir-transceiver Did you use vLite to create the disc? You can protect the files in question from being erased with the GUI; same with RT7 Lite. AFAIK, the drivers reside in /windows/ehome.
  13. I like those! During the last sequence when the program rebuilds the image, my computer comes to an absolute crawl - completely unresponsive. I guess I can always wait it out, or adjust the priority.
  14. You know, I just did a disc for my laptop, and I couldn't get the wallpaper to set as default either. Also, I can confirm that the disable UAC tweak does not work in x86 Windows as well. However, the last session .ini was saved to the path I specified, so that seems to be working.
  15. No wonder i couldn't find it. Apparently, it is saved by default to the Rt7 Lite root folder.
  16. Strange...the patch and theme import worked a treat here. To get the wallpaper you want, you can edit the small "Windows Theme File" with a text editor to point to the wallpaper you want, as I did. For example, Wallpaper=%SystemRoot%\resources\Themes\Qs Counter Elements 7\Wallpaper\Q.jpg
  17. Yeah? How did it turn out for you? This one really turned out beautifullyLastsession.inf - everything just works. Except I forgot to disable Hibernation. Oh - and the Disable UAC tweak does NOT work.
  18. Folks - Don't forget to remove the product key from your unattended .xml and last session .ini before posting.
  19. Thanks - I'm sure that will come in handy. I am going to play around tomorrow. True. I am relatively certain that I selected system restore for removal, but it was only disabled via Group Policy (registry setting for Home Premium). Likewise, I don't recall removing Defrag, but it was missing from the system tools folder in the start menu, yet still in system32, thankfully. As you say, the last config will be invaluable for debugging the process. It seems that you removed quite a bit more than did, so I am surprised as well; unless it has something with my system being 64 bit. I'm not even forming complete sentences anymore - must be time to go to bed.
  20. So with this file protected from removal, I can remove Software Protection? (otherwise necessary for activation; without you'll get several license errors upon logon). Not sure....but I removed nearly all of the things I would have ordinarily removed with Vlite, (software protection not being one of them) and everything worked except activation. Once I copied it into system32, it was fine. I can't figure out how to save my configuration file, otherwise I would have shown it here. Good luck.
  21. Congratulations, Ben! I just deleted vLite from my drive...don't need it anymore. My donation will be forthcoming shortly. Question: if I removed the search feature, would the search options tab also disappear from the folder options applet? Thank you
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