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  1. well while i was waiting on a reply i made a custom solution! if anyone else is interested here it is! usage is as follows to add an entry! hosts.exe "/Add: gs.apple.com" "/Add: gs.apple.com" to remove an entry! hosts.exe "/Remove: gs.apple.com" "/Remove: gs.apple.com" or mix & match hosts.exe "/Add: gs.apple.com" "/Remove: gs.apple.com" NOTE: requires .Net Framework 2.0 NOTE:this package adds the entries silently so you will not see any confirmation! NOTE: this host file on windows vista is located @ C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts NOTE: if the hosts file on other versions of windows are located in a different location please let me know and i will add support!! hosts.zip
  2. is there currently a way to add entries to the hosts file on windows using wpi?
  3. dk really understand what u mean by how im using it! mklink is part of vista just call it like this mklink /d "C:\example\Link Name" "c:\Link Folder Source" the command above would create a link to "c:\Link Folder Source" with the name "Link Name" to "C:\example" if this isn't what you was askin please explain!
  4. dk why but when i click the begin install button i have to kill the process & restart wpi! it works about every other time any idea? EDIT: well it appeared to not be installing but my pc started talking the restarted! it was playing the installer sounds that is (your at the begining, etc...) whats weird is i looked in the task manager and didn't see it?
  5. thanks for the info i found that this works! cmd /c mklink /d "DESTINATION" "SOURCE" LONG LIVE WPI!!!!
  6. how do i create symbolic links using wpi? i tried this as the command mklink /d "DESTINATION" "SOURCE" but it failed! is this possible?
  7. just curious is there an app that will help batch file users switch to WPI? like convert a batch file to a config file for WPI? if not if i make would would any body need it?
  8. if you have windows vista you should make sure it runs as administrator after reboot a solution would be to have it disable UAC at first run! then enable UAC after all is done and over! you can disable & enable UAC using registry enabled & disable reg file has been attached! if you would like a way to run it as administrator on first boot lemme know i will hook you up dk if this is your problem! but seems to be similar error that i use to have when i tried this on vista the first time!! DisableUAC.reg EnableUAC.reg
  9. there's an IE8 Addon Here http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?...p;highlight=ie8 the addon on that page works with Nlite or RVM 1.6.1.
  10. there's an IE8 Addon Here http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?...p;highlight=ie8
  11. My OEM Bios Files A Bein Renamed To .Bin, .CAT, .DAT, .SIG Im Guessing It B/c My PC's Info Hasn't Been Added To The Script? Here's My PC's Info Manufacturer: Acer, inc. Model: TravelMate 2480 41636572 2C20696E 632E
  12. I Have Made An Acer DVD Using The Same File Sets And It Activates Perfectly!! Just Doesn't Work With OEMScan
  13. I have Tried a few Different ways I Have Tried The oembios.net I Have Tried the files From My Acer XP Pro CD I Have Tried Extracting The Files From The Computer And All Got The Same Error
  14. Hi Im Trying To Get This Working And When OEMScan Is Ran I Get The Following Matched: AcerSystem Checking Authenticity of OEMBIOS files CAT file currupt:.\Acer\OEMBIOS.CAT But The CRC32 Of The CAT File Im Using is 717B6EF3 Which Is The Same That The oemscan.ini Says So Why? is It a Bug? How Can I Fix It?

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