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  1. Ok since I specifically said that I had an INTEL machine and a amd machine obviously since I know nothing and your the god of Microsoftian products I would use an ATI card with an Intel CPU? no of course not I had an Nvidia card with my Intel CPU and an INTEL CHIPSET so it would be entirely impossible for my memory leak to be a driver issue unless some how the newest nvidia driver and the newest ATI and the newest intel driver had the same leak Also do you want an award for writting "some" code, you dont even know what I do, but as mentioned above im just a simple peasant, I know nothing so we will leave it at that. Oh yes microsoft is a business that happens to have complete control of the pc gaming market so yeah I expect some charity from a $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ company that has 90% of the US economy (exageration) Also once again you didnt read my posts you just strapped on your MS-FANBOI flame "retarded" vest and came in screaming, I obviously said in 2 posts that I VLITED and same result......lag, so vlite = no ugly fat of course I expect another broken record response that involves no less of the following: Defense of Microsoft (I even refrained from using dollar symbols yea! me!) Its ALWAYS a driver issue........even if its been tried on 2 different platforms and also I expect to be treated like I know nothing... Also you think im a vista basher, right I am I wouldve been really p***ed had it not been given to me by microsoft (have fun figuring out why microsoft gave it to me the night before its release im sure youll either figure it out or say im lying), Without all of those above mentions it just wouldnt be a fun debate
  2. Heres the thing im not talking about space being used and whoopy-friggin-doo if vista works fine for you or him or whatever and Windows 2000 was an excellent OS, albeit its bootup wasnt fast but I liked its SIMPLICITY i dont need 5,000,000 features I play games, thats the only use windows has, games, I will do my work on linux for now on becuse windows refuses to function properly. Windows XP or 2000 or any of the previous builds needed more than 4gb of space, and they were workable some more workable than others, but then vista comes along and needs at least 20gb (actually like 17 i think) so obviously expect vista to be the best OS ever to hog up 20% of my space. but it followed the universal rulebook of OS and that is: "A fat*** OS will move only as quick as the computer will allow" or in other words if the os is too big, the computer cannot possible handle the overhead becuse the computers weakest link is the HDD, so we need tools like vlite to make its footprint smaller (like under half a ton maybe?) but since vista is the size of the titanic even with vlite (300% bigger than 2000) even the best computer with a 7200rpm drive will spin its tires everytime you do anything. In my case if I move files its slow (it used to fill my memory up but I dont think it does now, but its still sluggish) in general I just am not patient enough to deal with vistas sluggish reaction time. and once again on dx10, I have 5 games that need DX10 so far and I have gotten DX10 mode enabled on all of them on XP, but thats not the issue future DX10 games start checking to see if you have vista, thats the problem this DX10 not on xp stuff is just a money making scam, dx10 has almost little to no difference at all from dx9.0c. (I was able to play call of juerez and crysis in DX10 mode on xp, and was able to confirm it was INFACT in dx10 mode) EDIT: I also dont care about ANY of the so called features in vista (how is flip3d nothing more than eyecandy, how the flying **** is wddm helping anything it just makes dual monitor setups lag bad, so if you can name any REAL improvments other than DX9.0D I mean 10 and some powermanagement updates that could have been on xp, let me know)
  3. Well im not going to disect all of that and give 20 half-***** responses, but heres what I will give: Driver problems, eh? = I got all uptodate ATI drivers for motherboard/video, newest everything, and this has happened with old drivers, new drivers and the windows built in drivers, it even occurs with server 08, so please leave the driver problems at the door Windows 2000 + Nlite = 400mb DX10 does NOT need wddm, how do I know this, becuse vlite took wddm out of my vista install and magically DX10.1 works fine, also you should check your sources becuse DX10 is nothing more than a few extra files and an OS compat check (crysis comes to mind, I can do dx10 in xp, theres 2 other dx10 titles that work with xp as well, and I mean actually IN dx10 mode) the only thing that stops dx10 from being on xp is the fact that the said game checks for vista its just another Microsoft $$$ machine. Also wine may be buggy BUT at least the **** OS actually works, I got 500 games and cant play them becuse vista wont run for more than an hour before needing a reboot. Also my rig: Gigabyte 790x-UD4, AMD Athlon Dual 3.0ghz, 4gb ram, 1gb 4850 ATI video card, I doubt my hardware choices are poor in taste when I specifically recall my old P4 machine having similar symptoms. Also I do not consider it cutting off my nose, I do not trust any OS thats needs more space than crysis and runs about as fast as a 1940s era tank. Also this one you may not believe but the more junk that is hot-glued to an OS the worse it runs...and vista well its a walking junkyard 20gb of space for 4 bald tires and tow? I think not. Funny becuse the IE program and the HTML engine are seperate as well, so your theory on keeping the program files IE directory is wrong. and as for the E varient? ok so turn my PC off till october.......right...hey linus? is that new build of debian out now? oh it is, cool! and its free? so I dont have to pay $300 for a busted OS? awesome! that WDDM is just a window decorator much like in linux, it is NOT part of DX10, it uses DX10, I dont have it on this machine now, and thats good thing becuse apparantly my 1gb videocard cant handle games and wddm without lag. Final note: you keep talking to me like I do not know what im doing I have been on Windows+linux since 2000, and again only vista has given me this kind of craptacular-spectacular, with that said, I will not BE going to windows 7, I am going to rig up XP64 on my second drive with NLITE and start using debian as a main OS.
  4. Ok so I made this thread simply to hear about what soundcards feature bass/treble adjustments, I have an XFI xtemegamer but this thing is a$$ linux wise, love it windows (when windows works 9% of the time) so I need a replacement that doesnt cost so much. I see lots of cheap soundcards but I do not know which has the above mentioned adjsutments (which i need becuse of headphones, and also becuse bass/treble sliders are a marker of a good soundcard) so some ideas or suggestions would be good, thankyou EDIT: Under $40 please, I gave up on looking becuse no cards I have seen mention whether bass/treble adjustment is avail. If you need me to post some cards im looking at I can
  5. LOL IE8 remove via control panel right.... you mean it removes the ie.exe only, and also you forget the point that the OS needs 20gb hd space compared to windows 2000s 400mb, vista sp2 has memory leaks from he11, any kind of large scale file movement will fill my 4gb of ram to the top and then freeze, (which I think is an intentional bug, becuse ive never seen such a **** thing) also your right vista is much much more complex and barely functions as such, I dont need a 20gb OS to run the same games that ran with win2000 and before you say go back to 2000 dont forget that microsoft has pretty much made that moot, and dont talk to me like im a noob, I got the newest drivers and the most up to date os and one big mother of a videocard, so anywhos, if someone has something more constructive then bashing my skills or my hardware by all means post it, but assume I know what im doing (I am on my way to linux as for the 590 pc games I own, well im sure wine will run at least 5 of them after 2 kernel recompiles, but its better than windows not doing nothing with breaking)
  6. So here we go my essay/paragraph on why personal computer is going to give way to cloud computing for all of the catastrophically wrong reasons. I have always used and loved Windows, its been my flagship OS since 2000, I had left apple products and went to windows back when apple was actually cool, but now I find myself angered at not only Microsoft but twice as angry at Linux and Apple. The reason for this is I was happy on Windows 2000, it worked, I worked, life was good, I played games, windows 2000 liked games, bada-bing™, bada-boom. Now picture 2005 rolling along and Microsoft says new games wont work on 2000 YOU MUST UPGRADE, so it is written, so shall it be done, so says The Gates-man, so after being dragged away, tooth and nail from my beloved Windows 2000, I go to XP and after 3 years of therapy I was used to it (paper-bag, duck-tape, Nlite™ and a little napalm works wonders) So now I am happily putting along, I get brave and work my way to XPPro64. I am very happy at this point but now talk of this so called longhorn project was stirring and boy did it reek of a$$. Needless to say time goes by and suddenly I find myself in the same problem as before, why because Microsoft was too da** tight to put DX10 on xp (which it could do easily, dont tell me they couldn't) so I have to go to vista to enjoy games, but oh boy now do I really hate life now. This turd makes my 4gb ram, dual-core 3.0ghz machine drop to its knees and barely run (even with Vlite) every time I move my files around from driveA to driveB it eats all my memory and runs like dog-doo-doo, at this point im foaming at the mouth, so in desperation I go to windows 7 and guess what it runs fast YEAH!!! but......... it has so many other problems the biggest one I cant remove IE with vlite, so i see if nuhi is going to make 7lite and guess what, they bought nuhi, thanks Microsoft just die would ya? So I look at Linux and boy was that a short book. (I have a choice of 15 games, 5 of them work) SO then I look at that one fruity company I used to use (pear, pinapple something like that) and low and behold, they switch to intel, build a new crappy OS based on a really old Unix and have about 5 more games than Linux....... So here is my story of how I took and burned my computer completely to the ground.... THE END EDIT: Bought a MINI-COMPUTER and a KVM so now I can do the curly...I mean Linux Shuffle and run windows.. but seriously who ever approved windows vista should be f***ing ashamed of themselves.. You cant polish a turd..... ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Seriously though im in tears, not a single OS does what I need it to do, Linux cant run games (becuse they wont get their act together), Mac is over-priced, out of date 100% grade-A el-junko, and Windows is just a money making vehicle (why does a brand new PC hand built with SATAII harddrives run slower than my Windows 2000 PC).... I guess TDTinaBaggy was right "Every OS sucks......."
  7. R.I.P Vlite 2007-2009, You will be missed, but never forgotten. I am officially throwing in the towel, even if I could vlite windows 7, the OS itself has some very nagging problems in the graphics adapter settings department, so with that said I have returned to vista, wiser, now that I know that Microsofts Creto is intact "Dont do today what will become a major problem by tomorrow." and as for nuhi, well he bailed, and yes I know he has a job (problably that big company thats in washington that makes those new fangled operating systems named after a common feature in a house) but if he isnt going to make a new one, or sale a new one, or sale the source code or h*ll give it away then there isnt much you can do with windows 7 and vlite.
  8. Nevermind, after 2 reboots, and making additional rules, i got it. thanks though
  9. Do not remove drivers or hardware support of any type that could be the problem with power.
  10. I do not know, I am tossing windows 7 its not worth the work, you have to keep IE which kinda stinks, I am going to stick with Windows Vista
  11. Ok good news, i just did a test with very pleasing results but i ran into the select network stall problems (home, public, work, etc during install it just sits) would be nice since I was able to remove nearly everything but IE and a few others (i even yanked WU)
  12. you dont want to take windows firewallor ICS becuse it destroys the underpinnings of windows networking, you will be able to get on the internet but say goodbuy to computer to computer networking/etc.
  13. We need a vlite thats been equipped to work with the windows 7 waik, thats why all this crap is happening, its compiling the image incorrectly I would guess, but since nuhi jumped ship, vlite doesnt do the most important task for me (remove IE) and yes I know W7 is not out but its nearly finished its at feature freeze and possible rtm and will be out on Oct 09, so we need something an alpha a beta something to work with.
  14. Well it hangs on me too, i deleted windows 7 , i am happy with serv 08 and when its discontinued im sure ReactOS will be ready or a BSD i will go I went into making this list with the idea (A very naive one at that) that would be simple to do win 7 with vlite, I was wrong and I also didnt think that you needed to keep the whole friggin OS (well almost) to run it, so I am abandoning this Windows Certified Lost Cause™, Houston, Aquarius this is apollo 13 off..... (and vista is much like apollo, and 7 more like friggin challenge or the titanic, well it wouldnt be if nuhi didnt jump ship. oh well)
  15. Kevin one of the three things occurred when you posted this either: A) You didnt test it, at all. B) You didnt notice that one of the options selected for removal was TPM Base Services, thus meaning I had to grab my bug spray which just wasnt enough (I was bum rushed by 53,000,000 error boxes thanks.... C)this will not work with server r2, which means add even more confusion and thus why I already hate 7.. EDIT: Nevermind heres a cookie, didnt finish installing at all, it failed which means my list is still relevant and this thing is a stinker.... or as my sig says grab a plunger shes a risin like a mighty missippi
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