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  1. What a teaser! He's got links up for x86 and x64 versions of 1.06, but they are not active yet! *lol*
  2. Hello: I am starting to suspect that Windows 7 Home Premium x64 is either not possible to use with vLite, or needs to have something else in the "keep" list, because I've not been able to configure a successful disc under *any* circumstances. I am not new to vLite; been here practically the whole time. I've been putting W7 Ultimate x64 discs together for practically a year now - I can configure them it in my sleep. However, after much playing around the last three days, I can't get a workable Home Premium x64 Vlite disc no matter what. At first I thought it was because it was an OEM disc - the cheapy $99.00 dollar license version, but I've also tried Home Premium RETAIL as well, and encounter the same issue just before the OOBE setup upon first boot. The install dumps out with a "missing component" or some such error (which I wish I had written down now). I must have burned 30 coasters already - and tried even removing basically nothing; just languages and few other basics, but no luck. I am just wondering if it's like Enterprise - won't work with Vlite no matter what. Any input appreciated. Edit: Solved. RT7 Lite 1.06 new version works! Last Session.ini
  3. Well that's peculiar...I got ahold of a retail dvd and the same thing happens.
  4. Thank you. I tried RT7 Lite as well and used Ben's suggested settings - it bombed out as well towards the end of the install. The OEM disks must be different in some critical way. At the very least, I was able to apply updates and drivers with DismTool and prepare a disk that way.
  5. Thank you. I tried RT7 Lite as well and used Ben's suggested settings - it bombed out as well towards the end of the install. The OEM disks must be different in some critical way. At the very least, I was able to apply updates and drivers with DismTool and prepare a disk that way. http://www.msfn.org/board/public/style_emoticons/default/yes.gif
  6. lol. Yes of course. How foolish of me. Attached. Last Session.ini
  7. Hello: I purchased an OEM kit from NewEgg this past week, Windows x64 Home Premium. I've tried applying my tried and true preset to the OEM disk, but Vlite "couldn't find the specified file" during processing. Alright I thought, maybe Home doesn't have Bit Locker, I'll untick that option and try it again. This time it completed, I burned the disk, but the Windows installation failed at the very end. I protected all of the usual suspects, wer.dll, etc., but nothing doing. Is there something else I should be aware of here? Has anyone else tried to vLite an OEM disc? Thank you, C
  8. I'd be happy to test if you are actively soliciting for testers. I have plenty of free time to play. PM me if you like.
  9. Just created and installed an .iso with 1.05 replete with updates, drivers, feature removal, and customization. So far the only issues I see are that no matter what I do, explorer opens every file or folder in a new window, and several right click options from the desktop are inoperative, such as personalization. Oh...also, I had integrated a cert and key with DISMtool, but RTSevenLite seems to have removed them.
  10. I get the "-1" error as well when adding latest round of x64 updates.
  11. I ran into this as well, although I was able to bring it up after a few tries. I wonder if the cpu priority of the program is such that it is slow to respond.
  12. You're a smart guy, Mr. Jinje. Besides Vlite, your dismtool has singularly been the most useful tool in my arsenal.
  13. Install this - it is one of the prerequisites for the program. I was getting a similar, if not the same message, until I installed it. http://fpdownload.macromedia.com/get/flashplayer/current/licensing/win/install_flash_player_10_active_x.exe
  14. I was able to complete an .iso with the program, however, it seems that no matter what options or packages I choose for removal, no reduction takes place - the resulting .iso is more or less the same size as the default windows image.
  15. I was able to get all the way through the part of the install where driver detection takes places (the first reboot), but then it just hangs. Check your settings against the list of what you must keep - it's in a sticky. Even if you sort out your issue, looks like it's still going to be broken anyway, until we figure out why the install stalls.
  16. For what it's worth, the power applet is working again in 7229 x64, after vlite.
  17. The same here - I did a disk that was very minimal as far as what I took out - the same profile I've used on numerous other builds, but still screwed up. I even refrained from setting power profile settings in the vLite tweaks, but it didn't matter.
  18. What was the size of your x64 .iso when all was said and done?
  19. I didn't try your ini yet but, I get everything working except IE8, like you've mentioned. I tried non-manipulation vlited iso and it works fine, then I tried removing tabletPC only with broken IE8. (or better yet broken "internet option" cause IE8 runs with non working menus and right clicks.) I'm gonna do a little more testing but my wild guess right now is maybe I'm trying this on japanese 7100 causing a unique problem. Other test I did was using WAIK for vista sp1 but this one crashes vlite during the final stage. This is why I'm using the one that initially came with earlier version of vlite and had many success creating vlited vista in the past. Anyways thanks for the input. Sure. Up until just now, I hadn't tried IE8 with this configuration, but just did, and it's working as it should, complete with right click menu. I'm quite certain I removed the Tablet PC option, so I think your hunch about a unique issue must be correct.
  20. Did you try the configuration I posted above? I didn't try to use IE8, but everything else works in every regard.
  21. Incidentally, while i could also get my Vista x64 vLite disk down around 1450, when the final installations are compared, W7 actually occupies less disk space than Vista...at least in my application.
  22. Both W7 and Server disks were around 2100; without Media Center, my W7 disk was 1950mb. In the instance of W7, there was just one strange anomaly, easily rectified. When the setup wizard gets to the desktop setup portion of the install, and you choose your location, (home, work, public), the wizard would just hang there. I found that if I just disconnected my LAN before hand, it would boot to the desktop. Once you get to the desktop, if you plug the LAN back in, it'll ask you to choose your location, and will then correctly finish the wizard.
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