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  1. Wondering how to use the Win7 current MSE Definition Updates in Win XP MSE?? They have the same names - I tried to incorporate them by replacing the Win XP Updates with the Win 7 ones - but, Security Essentials refused to run. Maybe there is more I should copy from 7 to make it work??? Thanks..
  2. I'm not gonna look at this anymore, too much of a hassle when all is working fine. Thanks for your assist - it is appreciated..
  3. How big is the volume? - 232 GB How big is the $MFT? - on disk 3 it is about 19 GB Have you tried defrafmenting the $mft with Sysinternal's contig? - Yeah, I ran sysinternals, it gets rid of it - but when I reboot it is right back Is that the System (or Boot) volume or just a data volume? - on the third Data volume
  4. I have no clue - my system drive has a lot of free space, so, just do not know why.. Thanks
  5. I guess I should have said these drives are all on one disc - and only one of the drivesdoes that....
  6. I have nTFS drives that work properly, only whenever I re-boot, the MFT grows HUGE - and it completely empty. How do i stop that from happening. i have used Revo Uninstaller, it will remove it , but the next time i reboot, the MFT is back to huge again. Any one got a solution for me - Thank You..
  7. Is there a way to convert Windows 7 security essentials updates to work on Windows XP to provide current updats?
  8. When it boots up - the icons will not show on the screen - mouse pointer just circles continuously - never works, If I restore back to november updates all is fine - so it has to do with the december updates..
  9. Nom no screen like that at all - just loads slow as hell, ninr time out of ten - no loading - have to go thru safe mode to get it back - reak bummer..
  10. Anyone know why Windows 7 is so messed up after the December 2019 updates? I know microsoft is trying to get eveyone onto10. but, to screw up an OS to do it is un-called for.. It's the same thing on 6 different computers - all act in different ways when booting up - sometimes they make it - other times they don"t. I know, it can;t be just me - so, anyone got any suggestions as to how to fix this weird ordeal? Thanks..
  11. foxzzy

    MSE still works?

    Thanks DENCORSO - hopefully it will - will post if I find anything different!!
  12. foxzzy

    MSE still works?

    MCCES = MiCrosoft seCurity ESsentials - you know, the Free Anti-Virus from Microsoft..
  13. What will be available to show MCCES as being up to date like Windows XP Registry hack?? I guess because I was in the Marines and stationed at Marine Corps Comm-Elect Schools in 29 Palms, CA, I get my MSE and MCCES mixed up - so, What will be available to show MSE as being up to date in Windows 7 like Windows XP Registry hack after January 14, 2020??
  14. What will be available to show MCCES as being up to date like Windows XP Registry hack??
  15. There has to be a way to update MCCES on Windows XP. I think it's a matter of creating a file to change the data which locks out XP to a file that takes the mpam-fe files and forces them to update the Definitions to work with the OS. How about a few software folks that can outsmart Microsoft and keep us Windows XP lovers secure..
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