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  1. I have wandered around the net over the years and found some sites I like to go back to occasionally but not anywhere that I would spend any time making any posts. That was also true when I found msfn. I'm not sure what prompted me to join but it didn't take long to become clear that msfn was and is quite different than any forum I had come across before. I am very happy to be a member here. As a point of pride, I would like to see msfn ranked quite highly but not at the cost of having hordes of people coming in. In the forums I have lurked through in the past, I found arrogant, snotty, juvenile, foul mouthed, and repulsive characters. I don't want them here. Is not being recognized a blessing? My opinion. DL
  2. wow! Where do you learn so muchon topics such as nail guns? Not sure about him but if you work construction enough you hear and see it all. *sigh* I don't know nuthin bout puters. I build staircases for a living. (construction) I've seen lots of people with new holes, old scars and many tales of horror. For example: A friend of mine was on a jobsite, minding his own business, when he was shot in the foot by someone with a nailgun-----------from under the floor. Enjoy. Gives me the creeps. Anything goes bang in a house, I jump, real high. And safety features make people feel comfortable with eguipment. A big mistake. They lose respect for what damage it can do. A table saw is one of the, if not the most dangerous piece of equipment in a shop. All shops have them and people get comfortable with them. And some people see 'idiots' using different tools and feel they can do it too. Watched someone who was fairly bright, feed a piece of wood into their brand new table saw from the wrong direction. I just happened to walk in as they were feeding the wood in and it didn't register with me until it was too late. Fortunately they didn't get hurt and the opposing wall was made of stone. He pilots supertankers into harbors. Ya just never know.
  3. New England Patriots. An American football team.
  4. mark


    Part of the problem is that people will follow and vote for the person that says what they want to hear. Here in the US, in the last election there was a candidate that got a lot of votes because he was good at telling the people what they wanted to hear. Bizzar thing was that he never really said anything that made sense. I know a number of people who are a whole lot brighter than I am who voted for him, even after pointing out the flaws. They just went on and glossed over what they didn't want to hear. Ask them what he said that they were voting for and they would repeat what they said before having pointed out the mistakes. They were going to vote because they liked what they heard. Edit> I also keep in mind that the person who might lead or influence the future of a country might not be someone you would normally look to. A good leader is someone who can bring in the right people to do the neccesary jobs even though they couldn't do them themselves. What ticked you off prathapml?
  5. I'll guarantee he was using a nail gun with a safety attachment on it. With the safety attachment on it, the gun won't fire unless the end is depressed against the wood. What happens is when the gun fires, it can hop, your finger is still on the trigger and when it plunges down again, it fires a second nail. The second nail will ricochet (sp?) off the first. I have seen this happen numerous times. It doesn't happen with a gun that has no safety on it. Most accidents I have seen or heard of, involving nail guns, have had safeties on them. A bad habit that people have with nail guns with safeties is that they carry the gun around with their finger on the trigger. The end gets tapped against something and fires into an object or someone's leg. The nail travels at such a velocity that there is much less pain than when it gets taken out. How you don't notice a framing nail in your head, I have no idea.
  6. Didn't vote. Only ever played DAOC. Ate up way to much time, was addicting, wasn't very good at it and there were to many cheats playing. But there were quite a number of nice people there.
  7. Generaly speaking, I would have to agree with you BiO but they aren't after money, they are after helping victims. How much more would charities get from what they did? So, in reality, they may have helped far more that what they got for the kiss. Having said that, I'm still not comfortable with the idea. xoxoxoxoxoSPITOOEY DL
  8. I can't give you good advice on how to do it. It usually is faily straight forward. You will need to find out what bios you have now and the version. Then you would need to track down a newer version, if there is one. If I'm not mistaken, you will need an installer at the same time, which is usually provided at the same location you get the new bios. 1) Make sure you have the correct bios!!!!! 2) Make sure you really want to do this!!!!! 3) Try it on a junk computer first and only on a computer that is yours 4) If you are happy with your computer as it is now, then maybe you shouldn't flash. Know this, that your bios is what starts up first on your computer. If it is bad, then your computer won't ever wake up again. It will have power but will lie there like a vegetable. You won't be able to use your OS, access you HDD, play your favorite MPORG or come and visit us at MSFN until you buy a new motherboard. You'll be missed matrix0978. Remember this, that for proper burial rights for a MOBO, you need to dig an 18"x18"x18" hole, place the MOBO cpu side up (after removing cpu, you'll want that), fill with dirt and stamp flat (you'll want to do that because you are going to be anoyed at having to spend $50)
  9. @Dagonet' Oh, nice desktop by the way. I'ld make a lousy spy etc.. You can't breath through a third nostril.
  10. @matrix0978 If you are thinking about doing a flash of your bios, be really careful. One mistake and bye-bye MOBO.
  11. Some of these mistakes couldn't be helped in the general course of things but others are pathetic. Edit> maybe I should have put this in Funny Farm.
  12. It took me two minutes to realize she had a gun in her hand.
  13. Hmmmm. I have to wait 15 seconds if I remember to wait at all.
  14. I guess I'm a spoilsport. But it looks to me like the photos are from a deep sea research vessel. One of the photos has a fish with a label that indicates so. I don't think they would be picking up fish for research in that region right now anyway. To say the least, it would look really bad. @prathapml We have mermaids here in the US! First seafares into Florida saw the native manatees and thought they were mermaids. I've seen them and I can't see how they saw anything feminine about them. Their alternate name of seacow is more appropriate. http://www.marinewallpaper.com/misc/manatee.jpg http://www.unc.edu/~healdric/Penny/manatee.jpg
  15. Sorry, but I don't think it's going to end. The Romans did it, the Greeks did it and the Mayans did it. And when they played, it was for life long glory or their lives. I wouldn't doubt that it is in the ancient history of all cultures. I also think that sports can play a positive part in people's lives through social interaction (in particular for kids) and physical health which both would affect work and work attitude. Unfortunately with modern sports 'heroes', to many are punks and thugs. Youngsters see their behavior as appropriate. And calling them 'heroes' is completely inappropriate. They don't put their lives on the line for others. I rarely watch any sports. I used to watch the Olympics but for the most part, it has gone the way of most profesional sports. To get people to not 'blow money into these frivolous games', you would have to get them to not watch. If they watch, companies buy air time for their commercials, teams make money from the commercials and then pay the thugs large amounts of money. You are going to have a hard sell in trying to get people to not watch. Very unfortunate. my 2 1/2 cents.
  16. Noob. But I don't think it shows the amount of time spent using/wasting time on the net.
  17. Sorry, but PR is SE from Cuba, just east of the "Hispaniola" (Haiti/Dominican Republic) See map here Yes, sorry, I took it OT. I know where PR is, it's just that my mental map doesn't have it there. I know Puerto Ricans, I have known Puerto Ricans, I have been to Puerto Rico, therefore it is closer.
  18. Start a thread in Funny Farm that anyone can post to. That could get to be really interesting.
  19. @Shotgun- PR is a protectorate of the US? Correct? or it was? Territory Protectorate Right now Puerto Ricans are trying to decide whether to become a state in the US, a totally independent country or keep it at status quo, correct? You have some representation in Washington, you are protected by the US military (except for one island that we used for a bombing range for a long time), you can join the US military but you can't vote in US elections (your's are completely seperate)? Americans see you as a seperate and independent country (in my mind, I see the Caribbean islands closer to NA, even though they aren't and PR is further north than Cuba but isn't ). Any benefits with being the way you are now? Would the benefits weaken if you went completely independent? Thanks, DL
  20. @prathapml I don't doubt that there must have been many others who were in the same boat as the American geologists. I can't imagine how panicked they were when they saw their seismometers going off the board and not being able to get the message out. With the number of faults that run around the Pacific rim, there must be dozens of geological organizations with setups that caught the event. You've got to know that Japan would be loaded down with seismometers. Any studied volcano would have seismometers and there are a number of volcanos around there. The basic and unfortunate conclusion of all this is that given any catastrophic event in that region (and undoubtedly many others), there is no system in place to quickly disseminate emergency warnings. One system would cover all incidents. Any warning could be pumped into it and then directed to the need areas. For the people directly involved, the tsunami is a nightmare. For the rest of us, it is a test.
  21. I caught a newsbroadcast 2 or 3 days ago that had an interview with a geologist in the USA and he and his team saw the events taking place. They did try franticly to make contact with 'people' but were not successful in getting a message through to any established system that would get the warning disseminated. And how many competent geologists in that part of the world also saw and felt under their feet what was happening and also could not get the warning out? Even if someone foresaw the coming events, how many people would take a satement like 'well, there is going to be a 9.0 quake, Sumatra is going to move 100 feet and then there is going to be a tidal wave that will be in the Indian Ocean, not the Pacific and it might happen tomorrow or in 500 years and it will kill roughly a quarter of a million people' seriously enought to start installing a warning system? How much has been found in the past that might indicate that this is not an isolated incident in this area? Such as geological evidence that there have been earthquakes or tsunamis and if they have, has there been a cycle in the evidence that show it to be an event that will take place every 100,000 years or what ever? The ground grumbles, well is there going to be a quake now or later? Dunno, never happened before. Peace.
  22. I really am going to have to re-watch the first one and then watch the others. The 'reviews' I heard after the second and third came out were 'the special effects are so cool!!!' At that point, I wasn't really interested in watching them. Not being mythologically or theologically inclined, I'll have to read what you guys say and see if it fits with what I will have seen. And Cypher's line could also have been the writer's or actor's selfdepracating (sp) joke. Wait, did someone say Cypher's name was also Reagan? If it was then DOH!!! Just searched and found it. You did prathapml.
  23. Prathapml is correct. And these things have been happening all along. We just don't have all of it in our history books. Yellowstone National Park in the US is one monster huge volcano--and it is active and there has been movement in the last 50 years. It might not blow in our lifetimes but if it does, 50% of the US will be wiped out and global climate will change drasticly. Hawaii has monster huge landslides--and it is always active. One landslide caused a tsunami that hit either New Zealand or Australia. The wave pushed sea sediment and living organisms 100 feet in altitude up a mountain and sucked plates of solid rock 1 yard wide and many yards long out of the bedrock. It crossed the bedrock at 200 mph. A volcanic lake in Cameroon had a landslide on one side and this caused the water to roll, top went to the bottom and bottom to the top. The water at the bottom of the lake was supersaturated with hydrogensulfide. When the bottom water came up, it burped all the gas out. The gas was cool and heavy and flowed into the land below. It suffocated all animals dead in their tracks, including the people who were sleeping in the villages near by (this is realatively current). How to expect the unexpected?
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