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  1. [Desktops] 2005

    Learn to spell?
  2. According to r0x0rz, Google! Video Search Beta has been launched. Google! Video Search Beta lets you search for TV shows on TV. here is a an example. On the right, It shows plenty of useful info. It will show when the next show will be on & upcoming episodes.
  3. http://r0x0rz.info/wp-content/themes/arzel...s/bg_header.jpg Someone get rid of it please.
  4. Counter-Strike: Source Update Released

    No, Hl2 you mean.
  5. http://www.steampowered.com/index.php?area=news&id=389 Servers are being hammered hard right now so If you get a busy message, Restart steam or try again later
  6. On the eve of what would have been the 70th birthday of Elvis Presley, scientists have created a computer-generated image of how the King would have looked today if he were still alive. Read about this here When I found this on the internet and showed it to one of my parents, They were shocked.
  7. Sony officials said at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas that the game player will hit U.S. stores in March. Sony executive Howard Stringer said the console will sell for less than $200. Sony hopes U.S. demand will be strong for the black-and-silver console, which also plays music and movies. Stores in Japan sold out of the 200,000 PSPs they had in stock within hours of its debut Dec. 12. Sony officials said the company shipped 510,000 units of the PSP in Japan as of Dec. 31, exceeding its 2004 target by 10,000. Sony's PSP is being pitted against Japanese rival Nintendo's new DS portable game player. It sells for $150 and hit the the U.S. market Nov. 21, in time for the holiday shopping season. "The price is such a bargain I don't think anyone is going to be put off," Stringer said of the PSP. "I don't think all the consumer electronics stores had a great Christmas. "With this price point, the reaction will be the same as in Japan." Sony, famous for its PlayStation and PlayStation2 consoles, trails Nintendo in the handheld game player market. In addition to DS, Nintendo makes the GameBoy line. The PSP also is known as the PlayStation Portable. Nintendo officials said last month the company expected to ship more than 2.8 million units of its dual-screen Nintendo DS console, which is strictly a gaming device with wireless capabilities, in the United States and Japan by the end of 2004. News source: r0x0rz via GameShout
  8. Omfg! George Bush is on Hl2!11

    http://r0x0rz.info/games/hl2/Georgebush_in_hl2.jpg Haha
  9. http://r0x0rz.info/?p=33. Bert newton and Rove had to kiss to secure $10,000 for Tsunami ! Hey, I think It was worth it.
  10. who wants gmail?

    50+ invites @ http://xerocool.sparklit.net!
  11. Hotmail And Netscape

    I got 2GB
  12. Posted it on my blog: As you see, Some of you might of gotten Half-Life 2 already and some might get it today or some might not even get it at all. In this thread, You may: Post any cool screen shots you took Ask for assistance (if your having any trouble on any level). General Chit-Chat on it Remember, Don't post any Spoilers because you will ruin the fun then ;-). Note: There is a Half Life 2 channel @ irc://irc.quakenet.org/halflife2 (Warning: That channel is really big and people spam so It's going to be hard for you all people to catch up with the messages.) For the latest Half-Life 2 news, Please visit: http://halflife2.net/. -Blueshadowz
  13. Gmail Signature Generator

    Ever wonder where some users get that c00l Gmail Signatures? Well now you can create one yourself. You can generate signature at http://Gizmo967.MGS3.org/Gmail/. You have 3 images that you can use, as you can see. If you would like to use this image as forum signature all you need to do is: 1. Enter username and click the 'Create' button 2. Right-click the image and click 'Save Image As' 3. Upload to your server, then link to it. 4. Done! f you would like to host gmail signature generator on your own host, you can download script at playtime.unic.cc or just click link below. Download: Signature Generator News source: Windowsbeta