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  1. I do minor CAD drawings in which it is nice to have a large screen and the use of images to show clients what we do and are capable of is nice to see on larger screens. I think that down the road there is going to be a lot more integration of home entertainment and computer systems, so watching t.v. is nicer on a large screen(and how many people here have set up a second, old system, to play music? I read one post of this here at msfn already). Gamers obviously would probably want larger screens with better resolution. For people who do a lot of work with computers and use multiple windows for different parts of their job, it can be handy having a large screen to have two or more windows visible at the same time and even a second monitor. Besides, my eyes are starting to get weak. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.
  2. Check out the nLite part of the forum. http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showforum=89
  3. Could the address bar be retaining some of the previous address in some way, causing the error?
  4. Well in FireFox, www.xpcgear.com comes up, np. All the others come up 'Page not found'.
  5. My ISP filters out tons of junk. Lately there has been a lot of stuff about fake Rolex watches. I don't wear one. Weird. I am not competent enough to go investigating but I am curious about some filtered e-mails that have a subject line of 'iso-***********'. Anybody have any idea about those?
  6. My system has a 21", used, monitor. I have my old 17" monitor next to it (different system). The 21" makes the 17" look absolutely puny. I'll leave the spec's on the guts of the tower to you but a large monitor is something that I think I would not like to do without. Used 21" monitors can be had for $180 American. 17" new are down to $70-$80 bucks. Used 42" plasma, $1800. I wish.
  7. mark

    Ice cream

    Like I said, it was a long time ago that I read the article and couldn't remember where this took place. I just know it was on this continent. For some reason, I just like to do a little friendly 'muck' slinging at Canadians. I've had the good fortune to have visited Canada on 4 occasions. Absolutely wonderful people. Which brings up another question. I know Hawaii is the 50th state, but was Canada the 48th or 49th? Can't remember.
  8. This is turning into a very interesting topic. A little humorous, a little insightful and a little puzzling. @etude57 Is Frysk a 'speaking disorder' like Bostonian is but worse? @Astalavista Tagalog. That is from an island that is part of the Phillipines or is spoken throughout the Phillipines? I can understand how you come to speak the other languages, but Japanese? @everyone (1)Why the large number of you who speak some form of Chinese? (2)As etude57 did, it would be nice if you also included any creole or regionalized language you may speak or know. (creole being a mix of one language and another. I consider creole a seperate language. A regionalized language can be so different from the main body of a language that it is unintelligable to the main body of speakers and I also think of that as another language.)
  9. mark

    Rename OS in MBR

    Going to give it a try now. Thank you Tsunami. Edit: That's the one. Thank you Tsunami. It did the trick. Edit2: I would have thought it would be the MBR because it is so early on in the boot up process. The MBR just catalogues the seperate partitions and runs through them to find bootable OS's?
  10. I run several copies of XP in different partitions on my HDD and on boot up, the MBR gives me the choice of which one I want to boot up. They all have the same name. Is it possible to give each one a different name in the MBR? DL
  11. Ohhh, what might you be doing with your laptop while on the john? You don't keep .jpg's on your HDD do you? Sorry, couldn't pass up the jab. No offense intended. Just having a little fun at your expense.
  12. Add one more to the list. Just got an email telling me my ebay info was incorrect and needed to be updated or corrected. It gave me an hyperlink to connect to. I don't have an ebay account. Never bought anything from ebay or from anyone who sells on ebay.
  13. mark

    Ice cream

    Seeing as those are snowmen. There was a 'successful' experiment way north of where I live, maybe in the next country up, don't remember, that involved treating human waste in the winter by running it through snowblowers. The ice crystals destroyed any bacteria and in spring during the melt off, it just fertilized the surrounding soil. Possible origin of chocolate icecream. Cheers, enjoy. I wonder if you will think about this the next time you stick your tongue out to take a lick off a chocolate cone?
  14. No. If for no other reason than I don't like to rinse my mouth out with warm water.
  15. Well............., I think under normal circumstances that women wield more power than men. I just don't think it's as obvious. Studies have shown that innitial encounters between men and women, that it is the women who invariably innitiate the encounter and it may be nothing more than a look. If the man tries, he is more likely to fail. Standard roles for males and females put the female as the homemaker, child bearer and in many cultures are the ones who do most of the food gathering or farming. The male's role is usually outside the home in hunting or earning money (all this is ridiculously distilled, but who is going to have the greatest affect on the household?). Last time I heard, women control more than 50% of all the worlds currency. When it comes to abuse it can go both ways, but more often than not, women suffer more than men world wide. Someone raises your kids, makes you food, cleans your house and the list goes on and on, don't you think they deserve a bit more respect? In the U.S.A., things are a bit of a mess when it comes to this. Loss of roles, confused expectations and a lot of feelings of being shortchanged. We are shortchanging ourselves. There is a reason for traditional roles. Don't ignore them. I'm not saying don't make more of your life. Go for it. But if you try to leave some things behind, you may end up feeling left out. IMO only.
  16. @ prathapml I guess it wasn't clear. I am a natural born pack-rat. When I see a program I am interested in, I download it or dl (DL) it. Not interested in shareware, addware, payware or spyware, just freeware. The rest is explained in the other post. And your thought about taking another monicker wholly different than my old one was on my mind. Taking the name DaLurker was off-handed because I had no thought about staying for any period of time. Unfortunately, as far as the name was concerned, I was hooked on msfn within a day but didn't realize it. Now getting hooked on msfn was not my fault. I can point my finger at a whole list of people who can take the blame for me getting hooked on this forum but I will be kind and not name names, prathapml. Suffice it to say, I like it here. Cheers, DL
  17. @ phoenix_nf & Bi0haZarD Thanks. There is a second reason for using DL (someone else had contracted DaLurker in PM's) and it is explained in the following post. http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=32885&hl=
  18. Got my name changed. I was DaLurker. Posted to many times (can't lurk if you're posting), didn't like the name anymore, had to change.
  19. Welcome sitayy. I hope you have a good time here also.
  20. Live long and prosper. -Mr. Spock I'm not a trekie but I like all that that statement implies.
  21. I don't disagree with any of your statements but if you were part of that picture you would be a mega-millionair. How much money would you need to be paid to be thought of as a nerd? As to being unscrupulous, I think you probably would want more money. How many of you are already being paid to be nerds? Remember, all in fun my friends.
  22. Average tard. Got 3. Like you pointed out, I never saw a single one of the 'OF's.
  23. Polyglot (English will give you a multitude of choices sometimes, which we have from making select choices out of other languages. So, if you know English really, really, really well, does it count as two languages? @XPero for understanding OE, hats off). Which almost all of you are. XPero made a comment about this 'mix'. I have to agree, wholeheartedly.
  24. Don't you wish your face was in that crowd also? $$$$$$$$$$$$$
  25. Must be a CRT (a.k.a. boobtube)
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