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  1. is wanting to customize his Windows 7 image.

  2. That sucks! I was looking forward to seeing this work on XP all the way through 2015!
  3. Nice documentation there. That helps the people who CAN help... to be able.
  4. So you said: "Oh and modding eats SLI for breakfast." Can you explain that? What knowledge I have of SLI... basically it's piggybacking the 2 Graphics Cards into 1 card... making things faster...(Never had a SLI setup before...) Is OC'ing a card a better plan with proper cooling than SLI? If I can save 300-400 bucks on my video card setup with my new system... I am SO going this way with things. I just want to make sure I pull at least 50FPS in a raid in World Of Warcraft. I am also buying one of those crazy a** network cards that's out. (I have it bookmarked and forgot the name of it.) It's like 200-300 bucks for those network cards. My overclock is roughly 67.XX% from base of processor (2.66ghz Core2Duo) and this pc is just insanely cool. (All Air.) A video card will add to the heat. I have a decently large case (Antec P182) with a Scythe Ninja cooler rev2 and then the 2 fans that come with the case on the outside. My fan is positioned on the video card side of the processor and blowing upwards towards the top fan. When it came to fitting the heatsink in that case and on my board, everything just barely cleared. But it works really well and it's nothing but cold air coming out the back. I am proud of my setup and I don't need the best of the best. I just need to have what works well, and is nice and cold for this Tempe, Arizona home the PC resides in
  5. These came with frag tape, I stripped it and replaced it with the Arctic Silver Epoxy.PS: Updated the images to KwikPiks. ya the tape on those sinks really stuff. epoxy is needed. i bought that kit and only like 2 of them stuck. now i have a different kit and they stick perfectly. you gotta love G92 So, I like that! That is awesome!
  6. Ghzsystems

    Asus AI Suite

    I am having the same problem! I have a P5B-Deluxe Wifi-AP
  7. Wow, I could use this at work for certain!
  8. So I could in essense actually connect my laptop at home, my desktop at home, and my work computer and it will work just like a private network? I want to be able to access my home and work computers from both locations... either work.. or home. Is this how this works!? If so, omg.
  9. I have searched the forums and found nothing on this. It's on 2 totally different computers. nlite.exe - Application Error The Application failed to initialize properly (0x0000135). Click on OK to terminate the application. So I did. Then I got to thinking... what could be causing this? I then downloaded the dotnet 2.0 setup. Then Installed it. Then opened it... And Nlite worked! Hope this helps those who are having problems.
  10. I needed to know if someone knows how to tell the difference between a corp version of windows and a retail? How can I check? I just obtained my first "legit" cd-key of windows and it won't work on my current dvd I have customized. If I can just make it become a legit version by default, then I will be happy. Any thoughts?
  11. Well this problem was pure stupidity... I was pointing it at the /hotfixes/fix/product.exe When I SHOULD have been pointing it at /install/hotfixes/fix/product.exe I was missing the /install part on most of it, including the Uxtheme.dll (replacement) which was causing all the problems. So its fixed and I even ran into another problem "issue" with the cd, the winnt.sif file was not saving because of "WINISO" but user error not the software... I didnt extract the file first, then edit, then delete existing in iso image, and then replace. My fault again.... But its flawless now.. NOW for the upgrade from my basic disc :afro: hehe
  12. http://www.MSFN.org/board/index.php?showtopic=9903 Edited Out Anger talk. The problem is its not copying the files over to my drive C: and then installing from there, its just installing from there and when it goes to look it does not find them. How do I get to copy over?
  13. This is what I get when I boot for the first time! And all of them error out!

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