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  1. installing Office2010 SP 1

    I have downloaded MS Office SP 1 (officesuite2010sp1-kb2460049-x86-fullfile-en-us.exe). When I am trying to install it I am getting the "Error : Expected version not found". I have MS installed Office Professional Plus 2010 version 14.0.4734.1000 (32 Bit). scan result of Windows update also do not offer sp1 How can I Install SP1?
  2. WINNT.SIF (1) I need solution because installing Windows by CD, I frequently experiencing problem due to improper writting of CD. I attached here my WINNT.sif file. I put the following two lines FIRST under SETUPDATA head in the TXTSETUP.sif file. BootPath = "\i386\" SetupSourceDevice = "\Device\Harddisk0\Partition1" I placed both the files WINNT.sif and TXTSETUP.sif in the 'i386' folder of USB. I got the Error after initialization of Text mode and copying of temporary installation files but before displaying available disks. Text mode part completed without errors. (2) Second thing if I put the MsDosInitiated = "0" in the DATA head in WINNT.sif I get the folowing error "Setup cannot find a previous version of Windows installed on your Computer. To continue Setup needto verify that you qualify to use this upgrade product. Please insert one of the following products CD into the CD-Rom Drive : Windows XP Home Edition (Full Version), Windows XP Professional (Full Version)...etc. When the CD is in the drive Press ENTER To quit setup press F3"
  3. I created bootable as shown by using source folder Unattended XPCD3 created by nLite integrating drivers, updated and using tweaks and user data. I copied all the content of folder XPCD3 to USB including i386\WINNT.sif. While installing windows on target computer, after completion of copying setup files, I got the following error : “Setup cannot find the temporary installation files. The hard drive on which setup placed Temporary files is not currently available to Windows XP. You may need a manufacturer-supplied device driver or you may need to run setup again and select a device that is compatible with Windows XP for the temporary installation files. See your Windows XP documentation for more information. On x86 based computers floppy disk generated by setup for use with non-CD installation are not suitable for installing from CD Setup cannot continue, to quiet press F3” Please guide me. Thanks
  4. Custom Dictionary for spell-check

    I have installed Windows XP SP 2 with all the latest updates, Internet Explorer 7 and Office 2007 by unattended cd. I can check spelling in US English dictonery in word documents in MS office 2007, while when I am checking checking spellings in Outlook Express it checks in French dictionary. I want to use only US-English Dictionary both in Office 2007 & Outlook Express 6, How can I change the French Dictionery of Outlook Express 6 to US-English Dictionery? Please guide me. Thanks Nilkanth Patel
  5. Using nLite version 1.3.5 Error “framedyn.dll”

    For more details I have attached Last Session.Ini Moreover while accessing Windows Default Componant, I got following error message "Setup library msdtctp.dll could not be located or function OcEntry could not be found. contact your system administator. The specific error code is 0x7F" Edit: removed attached files that contained CD key data.
  6. I created unattended CD of Windows XP with SP2 by using nLite v1.3.5. While installing window XP, after finishing installation and at the time of starting windows xp first time, I received the following TWO error messages— 1. Rundil32.exe unable to locate component This application has failed to start because framedyn.dll was not found. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem 2. Error loading srclient.dll The specific module could not be found And due to this I am having problem in installing and using some softwares even after reinstalling them as under— 1. Internet Explorer 7 2. Windows Media Player 11 3. DirectX 9c I also found the following problem after installing windows. 1. Even though I have selected to remove TOUR in “Operating System Options” it start to run every time I reboot my System 2. I cannot access the windows default component section from Add-Remove Program Please guide me which component or application causes the framedyn.dll error and what is the solution. Or what type of changes should I make while creating unattended CD Thanks Nilkanth Patel
  7. I have purchased new Sound Blaster Audigy Value. I have integrated sb audigy drivers & also hotfix KB 888111 High Defination Audio Driver Package in my winXp cd. But it does not installs drivers durind winXp installation. And I have to install the drivers & software from cd after installation of windows xp Thanks Nilkanth Patel
  8. Thanks for your help. When I choose to install "Sound Blaster Audigy" from cd, drivers are automatically isntalled alongwith the software. For your infornation I have integrated original drivers and updates of the drivers while creating unattended cd of windows xp through driver integration section in nLite. But when I installs windows xp with unattended cd it does not installs sound card and I have to install it. Thanks, Nilkanth Patel
  9. Thanks for your guidance. I have already integrated original and updated drivers to the unattended cd. But it's not properly working. And moreover I also with to install audio software received together with the driver cd. I wish to install silently both drivers & software simulteneously. Thanks again, Nilkanth Patel
  10. I wish to install through unattended mode Drivers & Softwares for my Sound Card "Sound Blaster Audigy". I have received a cd containing drivers and softwares for sound card. Can anybody show me how to install them silently or show me the switches for silent installation. Thanks Nilkanth Patel
  11. nLite version 1.3 Beta

    Hello, Upto verson 1.0.1, I was able to Rename Administrator Account by OPTION section and Disable SFC (Windows File Protection) by PATCHES section. But after vesion 1.0.1 I don understand how the above changes can be made. Please guide me how can I Rename Administrator Account and Disable SFC (Windows File Protection) in your latest version 1.3 beta. Thanks Nilkanth Patel
  12. Installing Windows Me :

    I have prepared new pc cotaining Intel DG965RY board, Core2 Duo 1.86 GHZ CPU, 512 MB single channel DDR2 ram and 160 GB SATA HDD. Iwish to install Window Me in my new PC. When I try to boot system by floppy disk, it shows that invalid system disk eventhough I have placed Windos Me start up disk. When I try to boot by bootable windows me CD Rom with CD-ROM supportit, boots but do not detects CD Rom and shows error that no cd rom found and not found device driver MSCD001. Thus I am not able to install Win Me from CD Rom When I try to install windows me from my hard disk, as soon as installation starts after checking all the drives, it stops setup and show error “SUWIN caused a General Protection Fault in module SUWIN.EXE at 000c:195A” Please help in solving above problems and enable me to install Windows Me Thanks
  13. Audio recording

    I have purchased Intel board DG965RY and I have got Audio drivers of SigmaTel. Now I wish to record music from my PC Speaker’s FM radio, Audio tap and VCR. When I am trying to record by LINE IN or MIC IN it automatically mutes and I am unable to record any voice. It also allows me to mute only one option out of 4 options available in Sound Recording Properties. I also have installed latest BIOS and Audio Drivers Please let me know how I can I record from radio channels or from other input devices. If any driver’s updates are required for this purpose, please provide me or let me know from where I can get it. Thanks Nilkanth Patel
  14. Opti Audio 16

    If anybody is able to help me by providing the Drivers for Opti Audio 16 Sound Card for Windows XP, please me at my following Id nilkanthjp@sancharnet.in Thanks
  15. Windows updated software

    Hi All Thanks for trying to help me but my problem has been not solved still. Nilkanth Patel