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  1. thanks guys I did that and every thing went smooth
  2. How do I go about integrating Xable's Light Windows XP Post-SP2 Update Pack? once unrared it is not normal xp hotfix files it looks like its all extracted and perhaps just copy directly to the CD but not sure were every thing goes or even if this is what I am supposed to do? There is no info in the download or the site, all it says is use Nlite ????????? well it doesn't look right to add them with the hotfix page, tried that and just hangs. and still cant add the files that are in the folders also dont see any auto run file to run. has any body used this guys hotfix pack and no what to do? it was featured on nlite so I would think there would be some info on how to use it. messing with important files here and making serious changes to the XP disk you would think the creator would add a install guide or steps. Edit: Oops wrong section can a mod move it to nlite section please since I cannot del
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