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    Nlite logging

    I downloaded the KB as you suggested and integrated it with no problem . We do not use a 3rd party downloader . KB's are downloaded and placed in a directory on an FTP server, . Not sure why this worked??? Since I had the same kb just changed the name to shorten it for our reference purposes. Does Nlite use a Database that has all current KB information stored in it and if so is that how it determines if the patch is appropriate for the OS your trying to integrate it with?? OR does it compare version information from the Source your using to the KB's source information???? Thanks
  2. jcurran

    Nlite logging

    That was an just an example we have a # of Hotfixes named in this manner that are not being integrated here are few. that I have documented. KB905414, kb905915,kb908519,kb0908531,kb911280,kb911562,kb911922. Does Nlite get info from a database somewhere of does it compare the versioning info it gathers from the Source you use and compare that with what if finds in the KB???? Thanks.
  3. jcurran

    Nlite logging

    Hi new to Nlite and of course instead of reading any instrcutions I dove right in. I'm trying to integrate a # of hotfixes into the source and a few fail with error message Wrong Hotfix "this hotfix isn't made for this version of Windows" which is wrong my source is Win2003 Standard Editions Server and the Hotfixes Im trying to install are Win2003 server fixes. Can anyone tell me if and where there is any error logging in NLite? The closet thing I have found to a log is the last session.ini. Secondly does anyone have an idea about the "WRONG HOTFIX MESSAGE", originally i though it had to do with the way we modified the name KB917953-SRV.exe , but I removed the -SRV and tried again but same error message. Thanks
  4. Hi Matt, Where can i get more info on drvinst. We are currently trying certify a new model server and PE does not seem to recognize our NIC. even though it has the same driver name but newer version . How do we incorporate this driver into winpe? Server IBM x226 onboard NIC broadcom Netextreme Gigabit Ethernet Drive for Windows 2003 and xp B57xp32.sys version I believe the old version 2.2 Thanks. jcurran

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