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  1. I'm not sure whats wrong with the guy that did not use nlite. But for those of you with this problem using nlite add battc.sys and cmbatt.sys and there INF to the keep list. This was a problem for me a long long long time ago with nlite and the only solution was the ensure those files were kept in nlite. Should help.
  2. Its the options to turn off WFP windows file protection. Nlite has had that option for years. That file has to be altered so that you can have an nlited install. After the install is done you can either Turn it back on or leave it off. I always leave WFP off and thus keep the modified sfc dll in place. If someone else could please confirm this issue is in 2003 also I would like to know if there is a way around it like there appears to be in XP. Why the xp trick does not work for me I don't know. If it should what am I missing? THANKS
  3. Yes I copied the syssetup.dll from the original windows 2003 sp2 disc. Its cabed and renamed syssetup.dl_. I extracted it with winrar and put it in my current system32 folder but that did not work. Still forces me to run through install of common mass storage USB devices and also forces you to manually mount USB hard drives. So then I tried replaced the syssetup.dl_ on my nlited disc with the original from the 2003 sp2 disc and reburned my disc but this also did not work. I get an error during setup like I indicated earlier. This is because nlite edits the syssetup.dll so it can skip OOBE I believe. In any case there is an issue with the way nlite does this edit and this is the bug that nuhi will have to look at.
  4. OK total suckage. I changed out the syssetup.dll with the one from the original CD and now I get an error during setup. The error says: The signature for windows setup is invalid. The error code is 57. The parameter is incorrect. Fatal error : Setup failed to install the product catalogs. This is fatal Shoot I have to use the nlite patched version of syssetup.dll as it is the only one that works with the install. Nuhi this is a issue I cant fix on my own. Can you fix this in the next version of nlite. Or if perhaps I missed something here. Can someone explain what else I can do to get around this issue manually? THANK YOU
  5. I tried changing out my syssetup.dll on my installed system and it still asks for the drivers to be installed. Does this work or do I need to reinstall the system in order for that fix to take? If I have to reinstall why is that? Is there a reg entry I can change back to default to get it to stop prompting for drivers for common USB devices? THANKS
  6. This is interesting. I do not have the remove catalog files option checked for my windows 2003 disc and i still get the pop up for installing drivers for common usb devices (thumb drives). This syssetup.dll could be why. I recall a district difference between the issue with windows xp and prob the same in 2003. XP & 2003, if you removed the catalog files you had to install the device before you could see it in my computer. With 2003 & prob xp this syssetup.dll issue I can actually use the device and ignore the install. Once I install it though then the device is named properly in my computer. Also could this be tied to explorer not auto mounting some USB hard drives. I have to go into disk management and give the USB hard drive a drive letter for it to show up. I am going to try replacing syssetup.dll with the original from the disc and see what happens. THANKS for the info. Nuhi it seems we have found another bug. Sure enough.. I have the errors in setupapi.log Look like this.. #W360 An unsigned, incorrectly signed, or Authenticode signed file "C:\WINDOWS\system32\SysSetup.Dll" for driver "System devices" will be installed (Policy=Ignore). Error 87: The parameter is incorrect. #-166 Device install function: DIF_SELECTBESTCOMPATDRV. Last_Session.ini
  7. xp lite is like nlite but works on xp after you have it installed and not before like nlite. Shane Brooks usta do it the way nlite was but for some reason altered course with windows xp. Thats when I switched to nlite. Plus his app is not open source like nlite.
  8. I also had this problem. YES now my disc will be PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I have reported strange issues with nlite and wireless in windows xp sp2. I could never find the route cause of any of it, the closest I got was that is was related to a bug in the wireless stack in XP. Apparently nlite through its removal process triggers a bug in XP that otherwise would not show up. I have now given up and gone to 2003 where this problem does not exist. No one on this forum will help you with this problem because there is no way to track down the route cause and tie it to a bug in nlite. You need proof of the problem or be prepared to be ignored here.
  10. ok i figured it out. the disc has an entry in the txtsetup.sif file tells it to go to the other directory for the rest of the i386 files. This is really interesting. I wish I could talk to whoever made this disc its quite amazing some of the tricks they use in it. This goes beyond anything I have seen in this forum. I have completely updated the disc now with the final SP2 for 2003. If anyone wants to help me improve it I would like some more eyes on this thing. I can explain what I have already figured out and then we can go from there. Is anyone else interested? There is still a lot id like to understand about the components of this disc. If your interested and don't wanna post here.. PM me.
  11. Tiny 2003 and ting xp are really well made disc's. loader.bin loads iso linux menu that has options for different install types. Once you pick the install it loads a dat file that points it to a cache director where windows install can begin. Then at some point the directory switches to another directory with the full i386 folder. After that the disc is basically a regular nlite disc. I am still trying to figure out how the disc knows the jump directory's to the full i386 folder.
  12. I tried the driverpacks first then nlite, same results. Driverpacks slipstream does something and adds in files into the setup that are not there or messes the install up somehow. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
  13. nope its not bad media. The files that are coming up are like ones that are missing both on the cd and in my ISO file. its really strange, its like they were never there at all or the entry was added back after nlite removed it. What I think is happening is driverpacks base is confused by what nlite has done and then adds in files it believe should be in the list. Is that possible? Should I use driverpacks base first then nlite?
  14. I am really getting annoyed with missing file errors after slip streaming the mass storage driverpack. I nlite and then use driverpacks base to slipstream drivers that load during txtsetup so various SATA/RAID/SCSI controllers can be seen. Why do I keep getting missing file errors once I run setup. What order should I be doing this in? Has anyone else had this problem? What did you do? THANKS
  15. Interesting. Could you be more specific: what this loader is doing? I didn't find it when loading disk... Its in the boot folder. Look there. It can load the two versions of windows and an ISO file also.
  16. Appears this works pretty well if u want to redo tiny 2003. 1. Last session file for nlite loaded and edit 2003 sp2 ent 2. Tweak reg file they used 3. Any custom file replacements they did i386. I found they used driverpacks base on i386 and thats it. I found this out doing a total i386 compare against default i386 folder. 4. there run once setup and any special changes they make in there 5. any svcpack updates they installed found in i386 I am getting pretty close to making an updated tiny 2003 disc with my license. There are other parts to this disc I still dont know how they did though. The loader for example uses isolinux and its really well done. Ive used similar but this one is interesting.
  17. THANKS Jaws.. This is exactly what I needed. I did not know that driver packs could be loaded at that time. I will look into this.
  18. I know about driver packs. That is similar to what nlite does when it adds drivers to the driver cab. I am only talking about loading the drivers to see the HD/SCSI/RAID controllers. I want an app or method that makes it easier then it is. Someone knows how to do this because I know there are discs out there that have had this done and I know the people that made them did not just manually add all those lines to txtsetup.sif
  19. Hello, I am trying to figure out a way to simply add drivers to windows setup that load so windows can install on various types of HD controllers. I found this guide here, which shows you how: http://www.windowsserverx64.com/CSK/techni...ardware/56.aspx However this process takes a long time and I have a few drivers I want to add. Is there an app out there that can edit the txtsetup.sif and add the entries for these drivers. I know nlite can add drivers to a setup so they can be installed when windows is finally installed. That is not what I want. I know how to do that. Does anyone know of an application that can do what im asking or a simpler process for it? THANKS
  20. look for a registry file or host file in the setup. That is how they did it. You can search host file online and find a good one that way that will block ads and show u how to install it. Also another good program is hostman.
  21. Actually this is not 100% correct. I have noticed some very big issues for me between the way nlite works with some of the disc types. I was using a pre integrated SP2 disc and had many issues with apps not working the same and things missing that I never removed. I went back to a source I had integrated myself and everything was better. I also had a very large issue with wireless connection that I believe is tied directly to the source used with nlite. There is also a size difference between a xp sp2 that you integrate yourself and one done by microsoft. I believe this is one of the reasons for the issues with nlite.
  22. Does that addon maker allow for compression/removal of parts of office? What about use with office 2007. I have a 7zipped 2003 install that is only 230mb and I use that to install with my xp disc. I would like to get office 2007 and try to make the same thing. I would also like the link to that app to see what it can do. THANKS
  23. What you need is a better description tied to the removable components within nlite. I have asked for this many times to no avail. Is someone that knows them now willing to go through nlite and tie everything that you can remove to a better description and to the what not to remoive for some apps topic? We need it all in one place. All of this information is in to many places on msfn, and thats why the same questions get asked and asked and asked again. If we then tie all of that with what bold fortune has done (his stuff is very organized)can can easyly make a small xp/2003 disc with no problems. just my 2 cents
  24. Its in one of the folders when you extract the ISO. Look for last session file. Also its part of the NFO file usually. To completely recreate what they did you need the following: 1. Last session file for nlite 2. Tweak reg file 3. any custom file replacements they did to system32 folder or other (good Luck finding out these) Actually you could do a total i386 compare against default i386 folder and find out that way. 4. there run once setup and any special changes they make in there 5. any svcpack updates they installed I think that would be it. If anyone else has an idea please add to my list? I'm trying to do something simular but with windows 2003. If you think of another thing to add to this list please let me know over PM or here? For some reason when I try to recreate a disc like that it never works exactly the same. So I just mod what they have done. Although that does not teach me any new tricks and I always love learning the new tricks to install.
  25. I have a great aero theme that uses windows blinds. Its about a 9mb silent install I made myself that you can add to your disc. I have found it does not use much resources, as it is run as a service. Send me a PM and I will email it to you.
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