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  1. i mean i didnt remove anything the second time i added all lang files in i386/lang but still for some reason, i just miss the two languages i want. The only thing i do about them is to check them on nlite regional options for language groups.
  2. No i checked it, i havent selected anything for removal.
  3. I know its easier to start over and i probably will, im just curious on how could i undo some stuff. to update, i replaced all hive*.*.inf files from I386 with the original and deleted and replace nlite.in_ with a new one. And indeed all tweaks are gone. I want to ask here, by messing with these files do i lose other settings i made with nlite? I also added languages on i386/lang and selected groups on nlite but only the languages i wanted and selected ended up missing!!! why???
  4. Hello, I made an xp cd last week for myself on which i deleted all languages i didnt want and made some registry changes. Now my brother wants to use my cd but wants to add two more languages and make different tweaks. Is it possible to add the languages and reverse the tweaks or do i have to make a new cd? As for the tweaks i tried deleting the nlite.in_ on i386 and editing a new one but when tested on virual pc i saw that nothing changed. And for the languages i added all missing files in i386/LANG but again no luck.

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