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  1. Speaking of which, is there someone who actively created a recent Vista Business x64 iso with SP1 and all the latest hotfixes integrated, and knows of a place to obtain such iso ? I'm a bit surprised they're not widely available these days. All I see on bittorrent sites are very old vlited images. Is someone sharing his/her iso here in any way, or is that still a grey area? (MS isn't offering the DVD-images any longer..)
  2. Show me where, because I don't see a Windows Vista x64 WMP download anywhere. I doubt that the XP x64 WMP will install in Vista x64.
  3. In addition, the system seems to miss dependent dll files ( found that out by using the free http://www.dependencywalker.com/ ) : inetcomm.dll linkinfo.dll regapi.dll Next time I'll think twice about using vlite for my main install, I guess. If anyone can supply me those 3 dll files as well, that would be perfect.
  4. Not only that, also Bluetooth support seems to be out the door. It seems to have something to do with either one of these: Windows\System32\ndfapi.dll Windows\System32\cscapi.dll Windows\System32\QUTIL.dll can anyone supply me the first two dll files from an up to date Windows Vista x64 install? Thanks in advance.
  5. Can I just put them there, or should I register them as well? By the way, is registering a dll still done the same way?
  6. Did you ever find out what solved this? If so, please let me know. I get this error too and it is annoying the hell out of me, because it causes Bluetooth, Wifi, Sharing to not function properly. This was NOT what I expected after having carefully selected items to keep in my Vista vlited version. Ultimately it seems you should NOT remove Windows Mediaplayer or anything DRM related, and you should not remove TerminalServices of any kind. I have vlited Vista Business x64, most things are fine, except stuff related to those. Windows Vista without WMP is full of weird errors that are not easy to solve. To be honest, I don't feel like re-creating yet another vlited vista and installing that. Is there a way to post-install the entire WMP and TerminalServices in an already running Vista? How do I undo the removal of Windows internal items?
  7. Best use a Vista Business x64 copy for vlite. Who needs the Ultimate extras? I sure as heck never will. I successfully slipstreamed SP1 in an old Vista Business x64 image. After that I slipped in the hotfixes, added some AHCI and Intel drivers and kicked out a lot of crap. If you want, I can post my Lastsession file for you. I tried to get Windows Media 11 in there without DRM, but that didn't work. You have to either not install Windows Media at all during install, or choose to use a different WM release, if you want to NOT install the DRM crap. For me the WMedia plugin for Firefox is enough of the WM nonsense. I open all my movies with either KM-Player or Mediaplayer Classic anyway, except for some streams in my browser. By the way, for Moz Firefox I can highly recommend: http://adblockplus.org/en/installation and https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/4420
  8. If i delete them all my registry software work well again, and Vista work like a charm without these lines !! Can anyone confirm that deleting these does no harm? It seems that all registry cleaners end up in strange loops with those entries. Pretty pathetic from Microsoft, to have a bug like that in a full-blown OS like Vista.Yet another reason why vista sucks.
  9. So? This is precisely what MS did, has done for ages, and will be doing for ages. They've only recently stopped offering the Vista x64 image downloads.
  10. It's weird, everytime when (using the latest vlite and changing some tweak or component removal selection and) pressing "Apply" and picking "Save changes only" it is rebuilding really slow. Can't I just "apply" to the saved Last session? I thought I was just quickly Saving a change in order to not lose my settings and preferences for the iso I'm building. So that I can continue later.
  11. Well, obviously I did not have any SP1 DVD I could use. This only proves my statement:It would be much easier for Microsoft to simply offer the latest of the latest Vista images to the world, with the latest fixes already in them, and offering them as torrents. Would save them a LOT of bandwidth too. Or the vlite community could offer such images as torrents. If anyone has a Vista x64 SP1 iso for me, including all recent hotfixes slipstreamed. I only require English language pack, that would be perfect. But I don't see any links to torrents here. Guess it's considered "warez" or "illegal". (I don't even see why this would be illegal, I'm still going to have to use my license key for it, am I not?)
  12. Nonsense once more. This all depends on how dumb you are as a user. It's not the kitchen, it's the cook. I have never been running ANY Windows OS without being root (or Administrator as they call it) in my user-space, and I have yet to start feeling any suicidal tendencies or be contaminated or be at risk for any threat out there.
  13. What a completely nonsensical statement. It has not changed in being a memory intensive software package. The memory it uses depends on what you're doing with Photoshop. And by the way, the latest PS CS is a humongous heap heavier and more resource hungry than *any* older version of Photoshop.
  14. Hi nuhi et al, I'm currently busy slipping in the hotfixes after having succesfully slipstreamed SP1, but boy it takes like 9 hours to get both these tasks finished and applied! Although I think vlite is an amazing tool, I wonder why we're even slipstreaming SP1 and all the hotfixes. Isn't that the base that every user wants and requires no matter what they want to change with the Vista install? Why not build a big huge slipstreamed Vista (all versions) and make people torrent that DVD, so they only have to get that one, use that for vlite and that way skip all the hassle with the SP1 and hotfixes? And like many have written before me: Why even offer the uninstall option for hotfixes? Is there REALLY anyone on this planet who has EVER uninstalled 1 hotfix? I'm amazed at how bandwidth ineffective and space-wasting these things still are. In just a few weeks I've been downloading about 50 Gigabytes of fixes, drivers, base iso's, of which half was double (I had it already, just didn't know where since all these tasks are so not transparent). I understand that Microsoft is to blame for most of this (they've stopped offering downloadable Vista x64 images too), but still, I don't think we should have to deal with the repeated hassle of slipstreaming until we have the base vista we need. I have my legal vista-license, dammit. Why the need for the non-stop validation everywhere? Also, just to be certain: Is there a way to insert our own registry files (.reg) yet, at the final stages of the install? I've seen this feature on the wishlists of many, but I still don't see it in vlite. Would seem an easy one to add, and quite a good one indeed! Again, thanks for your helpful tool. Very much appreciated!
  15. Anyone still know a listing that actually works? I'm looking for sites like this: http://aaron-kelley.net/downloads/hotfix/ but a little more up to date and more authentic.
  16. meowing


    Yes. I agree wholeheartedly with that statement. I just found out about it, but I'm sure that by doing this it will continue. Thank you.
  17. With vlite you create an install image. What I wanted to know was a method NOT requiring a reinstall of the entire OS.
  18. I can verify this. I was running out of HD space on some older machines that I put Vista on and stripping the languages works wonders. Is there an easy way to strip out those languages post install? I mean really, this is an absurd way of keeping backups. No wonder Vista is so hated by everybody I know. That folder alone is taking up more space than the total room required by ALL software I ever used plus Windows XP x64.
  19. Direct-X x64 June 2008 silent (it's 7zipped): http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=6419#77935 (and it doesn't slipstream as "hotfix" in nlite by the way)
  20. Well, the reviews I've seen (mainly on Planet AMD64) show no significant difference performance wise. Some benchmarks are slightly faster on x64 XP, marginally more are slightly slower, but in most cases the difference is less than 5% either way. I beg to differ. x64 blows the crap out of x86. In particular XP x64 is a winner (even compared to Longhorn and Vista): http://www.imagebam.com/image/9786675364575
  21. Exactly. That is why I still vote in favor of Xp Pro x64. It's just leaner and feels faster than both 'supernew kernel' versions. Even when I use transparency and the Aero theme, XP x64 still seems a much better choice to me. Even on newer hardware. I have tried using Win2008 for a while, but it just doesn't add up. It takes way too much time to get it right and have it usable.Take one very small step down and you'll end up doing real work on your PC or notebook again. In fact, in all honesty, I was disappointed in Win 2008. It might boot pretty fast, but all the security hassle is a huge pain in the a** and not really needed for precisely the kind of users that would try it out. Vista is for the user-type of computer-users. I'm not a user, I'm an IT person. Vista and 2008 are for dumb lazy users, the Mac type of people. Check this out: http://www.imagebam.com/image/9786675364575 and decide for yourself. Windows XP Pro x64 edition is still the bomb for me. Everything just works, and all software out there is available for this OS.

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