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  1. It would be hard for me to guess which component you might not have removed. As my install fitted on a CD, I'm certain of that the entire setup was indeed below 700MB (CD capacity). I wonder if this thread could become stickied?
  2. In vLite, every service is called by its English name. I brought the link to Blackviper in the guide so that you could in fact compare services to what you got in your language version of Windows Vista. For the few who want / need that, of course. Thanks a bunch to you and everyone else who show their support for this. I honestly appreciate it a great deal. I planned to make a few minor updates, but first I need to know how to make clickable links in PDF. Anyone?
  3. @ rmhainlen: Is your problem that you are not able to install the WAIK setup, or is it that vLite won't open properly even after having done so? For the latter option, see the troubleshooting box on page 1 of the guide. @ Mech0z: Really sorry for the headache that must have caused you. Have you tried not to check the "Dynamic Volume Manager" in Hardware Support under part 4? At the moment, that is the only component I can see having such an effect. To save time, you should try using a program called "Virtual PC". It lets you install and boot an operative system inside your running one. Don't worry if you don't get Internet access or sound in the virtual OS, since I had problems with that too when trying it.
  4. Although that is true, there are very few that still actually use a modem for Internet access. But because of the diversity of the countries in our world, I'll agree with you there and change the status. Haha, who would want to turn that service on AFTER removing it? Thanks for the warning though, I'll write it as a comment. Completely my mistake. I really prefer using PDF as the format, and I know it is in fact possible, so could anyone give me a hand on this one? (did try to Google it)
  5. Alright folks. I've released a new, complete guide here. Please use it instead.
  6. .: Download:. (Mediafire) I earlier attempted to make a guide for the services in vLite 1.6. Since then I have learnt an incredible amount about Windows and this program, thanks to users here on the forum and elsewhere. Now I have taken it a step further, making a complete guide on how to make the perfect vLite installation. It covers everything from A to Z, and includes a refined guide to services too! Feedback is deeply appreciated. Both bad and good.
  7. Yes, I did. But I am having quite some complications with getting the network to function properly. It consumes a lot of time attempting to boot new VLite versions in Virtual Machine after removing one file after the other. I will not stop trying though!
  8. I only wish Nuhi could have fixed the loop issue after slipstreaming SP1. Otherwise it is a very useful program.
  9. I do not see there being a point in keeping an old guide, if the new version has improved on all fields. But on the other hand, I'm not just there yet. I have big trouble with slipstreaming the SP1 for Vista and not getting the loop-effect. I think it happens about 50% of the time. Sometimes it does, sometimes it does not. I wonder when this will finally be fixed. Doing this is incredibly time consuming, and it is therefore really a bit annoying. All good charms for Nuhi though. It is a great product!
  10. Thanks a lot! I think the reason for me misunderstanding all of this was because NVidia directed me to Dell's site when I wanted to download the drivers for my GPU. Thereby I thought that I "had" to do it this way, and when that didn't work, I was out of ideas. I've also tried going through the System32/drivers folder and copying files from there, but they were all .sys-files. So yeah, this solution was pretty much the only one I did not cover in depth. Again, thanks!
  11. Okay. I created a folder on my desktop and downloaded all the drivers which I got from my manufacturer's site (Dell.com). However, when I click insert and select that folder, not a single driver pops up. Why might that be? My thoughts are that they are all saved as *.exe files and no *.inf files. But what should I then do to import them? EDIT: Would it be okay if I first installed all the newest drivers, and then exported them with DriverMAX?
  12. Thanks MPalmz. You have understood the purpose of this thread completely. I myself is not an expert on this field, but with assistance from all of you, I am able to refine it all the way until it is complete. It can be argued whether or not I should have named it a guide, when it is only in the early stages, but I think I caught more interest upon it this way. Now I have finally managed to get the latest version of VLite running. I'm now cooperating with a computer technican who knows a lot more than me. So I have decided to overhaul my first post with a new setup that is more likely to succeed than the current one. It will take a little bit of time though. Maybe a few days. So please have patience until then.
  13. Yes, I am aware of that. What I need help with is locating the drivers on the hard drive. I do not know in which folder path they are stored. Thanks for the last tips, though. That will come in handy! EDIT: I downloaded DriverMAX and exported the drivers to a folder of which location I chose! So case closed.
  14. In VLite you are supposed to be able to integrate your drivers in the "Integration" configuration. When you click "Insert", you are asked about whether to include a single driver or a folder with multiple drivers. I would really like to do this, as I know that my recovery CD did not come with the latest drivers. However, I'm having difficulties with locating the drivers on my hard drive. Where are they? Also, are you supposed to integrate all of them, or just the most important ones?

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