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  1. at last, my phone SE w960i can connect with windows 7 RC 7100. on beta, SE PC Suite cannot be installed, even after using Troubleshoot Capability. now it can be installed, but still with Troubleshoot Compability. and i use the msi file, not setup direct from CD installer. but kaspersky internet security now cannot be installed. it says driver compability now i use ESET Smart Bussines for antivirus.
  2. i have installed windows 7 build 7000 (download from microsoft) on my laptop. i also have activated with internet connection. now i want to install it on my pc, which i'm not connecting it on internet. i want to activate windows 7 on my pc. the question is: how can i activate it? i mean, can i backup activation from my laptop to my pc? how can i do that? i have tried to copy tokens.dat but it won't activated.
  3. @bapt that exactly my second question too
  4. hi, i've download vista sp2 v113 and i want to slipstream it with vlite. you know that if i already slipstream SP1, the option on vlite is on grey, which mean i can't slipstream SP anymore. is it that i have to slipstream SP2 with hotfix option? after i install SP2, then i go to windows update, it shows here:
  5. you can edit your vista installer. delete file PID.txt on folder SOURCE. also delete PID.txt on Boot.wim then edit Setup.cfg yur vista installer will request for serial number when first install.
  6. i have dell oem installer and it contains vista home basic, home premium, bussiness, and ultimate. i've delete images of 2 N from install.wim. with vlite, i've slipstream SP1 to 4 vista above, one by one. in vlite, you have to choose the image you want to integrate. so i've slipstream SP1 one by one. and i use Rebuild All at the end. it works. now my installer vista dvd has 4 vista with SP1 integrated.
  7. maybe there's a problem on your installer dvd that you use as a base. once i have an installer dvd that has untimate 32bit and 64bit. i delete a lot with vlite and i cannot hibernate too. but when i use dell oem installer, i slipstream SP1 myself with vilte, delete all the things now i can use hibernate and suspend.
  8. i have a vista dvd oem by dell. i've delete PID.txt on folder source, also on Boot.wim also edit Setup.cfg now my vista installer have to put serial key in order to install which Vista Edition to install. i use vlite to slipstream SP1 to Vista Home, Vista Home Premium, Vista Bussines, and Vista Ultimate. so in 1 cd installer of mine, have those 4 installer vista. i edit Installer.wim to delete 2 premium image. so i have to put serial number to which Vista edititon that i want to install. now my question, i have all the serial for those 4 vista edition. can i make those serials to put on the cd
  9. i have a copy of dvd vista by DELL. i want to remove this OEM by DELL. i just delete $OEM$ folder. but how about PID.txt and PIDGENX.DLL, do i have to remove this also? because i already have a serial number to integrate.
  10. when i use nlite, i usually use tweak registry provided on nlite. but when i want to use tweak registry that doesn't provide with nlite, where can i put the tweak? i know that it can be use with $OEM$ folder, but i want to integrate it on nlite.
  11. my desktop OS: [Personal] Unnattended Windows XP Pro SP3 5512 Skin: VistaMize - Vista Sidebar (dari vista dengan patch Alky) - Rocketdock - Patch remove text Log Off n Shutdown - Wallpaper Changer - Styler - Vista Drive Icon - UberIcon
  12. i've tried THIS method to make xp sp3 installer to flashdisk 1Gb. you can use your xp nlite version
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