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  1. Hi! File: http://cache-www.belkin.com/support/dl/f5d...03.00.02_w2.exe contains data1.cab, data1.hdr and data2.cab. Zipscan can extract from the cab files just fine using the zd51145.dll from UE, but UE says data1.cab is not an archive?!?!? Oh, and no an unrelated note, when i tried to post a new topic for this i was getting kicked right back at the main page of the forums, but replying to this thread seems to work alright. ps: thanks for UE, i still use and love it
  2. I came to check for a new version too, but i saw on his profile that he's on vacation so.... probably not for quite some time. I guess that means the next version will be out around christmas!
  3. Hello, got the reboot loops too after first install, it says updating, gets to 100%, reboots, and does the same on every boot. I installed the update pack version 2.09 with the 3 windows update updates from this post: http://www.foxs-extreme-tech.info/Forums/s...ead.php?tid=309 Attached is my ini file. edit: 2nd try with no components removed (but all updates applied) the install went fine, no reboot loop edit2: im fairly certain that SSTP Service is a requirement for remote access connection manager but will try and find out edit3: all components removed but no updates applied gives no reboot loop, all works fine, so i suppose one of the udpates was trying to do something post reboot but couldnt since its component was removed edit4: with the ini presented, it it impossible to map a network drive, i had to install file server and all its prerequisites to map drives Last_Session.ini
  4. Every dns query gets cached for a certain amount of time. On a personnal level, your cable/dsl router does the same and you probably won't every notice the difference with it on or off since for every entry the service uses something like 128 bytes of ram and your network limiting factor is probably not the connection between your router and your computer but the connection between your router and your isp. On large internal networks however, the dns cache service is pretty useful since there could literally be thousands of requests to the main dns server every minute and having the client computers cache that info could save quite a bit of network bandwidth for other uses.
  5. By using nLite/vLite not only are you agreeing to your side of the terms of the windows eula but also waiving microsoft's side of the contract, on top of waiving all responsibility from nuhi/msfn/ms/everyone. What this means is you cannot hold anyone liable in case something goes wrong, and also waive your access to microsoft support. For personal use it doesnt matter all that much since microsoft support is very limited but generally corporate/government contracts entitle you to support and you are giving this up by using non standard installations.
  6. Show me where, because I don't see a Windows Vista x64 WMP download anywhere. I doubt that the XP x64 WMP will install in Vista x64. I'm using wmp 32bit in vista x64 without any issues..... but if you want to try it out, just download the one for xp x64 and... try it out maybe?
  7. I'm getting errors when working with intel integrated graphics too. My solution is to not integrate the drivers, install on first boot, and reboot right away. You might get an error on install if you do if from device manager rather then the setup program since i think it starts a service or something, but the reboot fixes that, and if done during install via integration windows doesnt seem able to cope with the error. Stupid intel video drivers.... took me for freaking ever to figure out....
  8. - Feature request: disable page file from tweak screen (when removed after install defrag more or less necessary) - Feature request: start menu customization - control panel as menu / disable group taskbar buttons - Feature request: set computer workgroup - Possible mistype: removing qos doesnt seem to have an impact on anything really - Bug report: choosing all hotfixes from fox's update pack (http://www.foxs-extreme-tech.info/Forums/showthread.php?tid=309) and integrating all at once causes blue screen with error in a short name dll (host is vlited 64bit home premium + sp1 slipstreamed, new files copied from factory vista home premium sp1) - You already knew this: vLite rocks (and nLite too for that matter) A little later i'll try and integrate all of the hotfixes separatly and report which was the baddy. edit: well no blue screen, i have no idea why i cant get it again but got it the last 2 times...... anyway, this brings me to: - Feature request: options - log file (like "integrating kb123456.... done")
  9. Did you ever find out what solved this? If so, please let me know. I get this error too and it is annoying the hell out of me, because it causes Bluetooth, Wifi, Sharing to not function properly. This was NOT what I expected after having carefully selected items to keep in my Vista vlited version. Ultimately it seems you should NOT remove Windows Mediaplayer or anything DRM related, and you should not remove TerminalServices of any kind. I have vlited Vista Business x64, most things are fine, except stuff related to those. Windows Vista without WMP is full of weird errors that are not easy to solve. To be honest, I don't feel like re-creating yet another vlited vista and installing that. Is there a way to post-install the entire WMP and TerminalServices in an already running Vista? How do I undo the removal of Windows internal items? You can download media player 11 from microsoft download center, and i seem to remember installing it fine after removing wmp stuff from vlite. Not sure about if you removed the drm services. As for the qutil file problem, i think the problem was fixed in a more recent version of vlite but if you dont want to reinstall i think i fixed it by copying the cscapi.dll and ndfapi.dll files back from the original install.wim (extracted with 7zip i believe). As for terminal services....... i really cant remember whats safe and not to remove... and i dont think you can reinstall missing things from the download center... Sorry about all the "i think"s but it's been quite some time!! I know this is old but i saw it and it bothered me because it is not true ... I removed SAT and Flip3d and the taskabar previews are still all there ... Maybe you aren't running the AERO theme Yeah at the time i didnt know i only had to manually choose the aero theme since removing sat only forces basic vista theme.
  10. I already had one of the files for some reason, but adding the other did it! Huge thanks!!!
  11. Hi nuhi, mind letting us know which dlls to return? Got the same problem with my slipstreamed vista x64 sp1...
  12. There isnt much that's actually useful in the scheduler. To prove my point, i'm running with it uninstalled. I wouldnt recommend doing that if you're not sure, but at least take a look at what's in there (be careful with your sanity, the interface is horrible) and disable the obvious stuff (like the media center things). The vista firewall is also a bit of a hog, but for most users i recommend leaving it on. Since i'm on a secure network and have safe computing habits i don't have it installed either. Aero takes little to no resources, i recommend not turning it off unless you dont like it. For the services i dont recommend playing with them too much besides those that are removed by vlite, it can be pretty frustrating to look for problems caused by missing services since they all build on one another. The best use of your time in optimizing your vista pc is definitly put on testing vlite builds. If you have lots of time, start from nothing and build up till all your apps work. If you have little time, start from everything and remove all you are sure you wont use.
  13. Easy! If you have the time, vLite your vista sp1 down to nothing, and make successive builds adding what you need to get your progs/games running. You'll be amazed at the speed of your minimal install, but it takes quite some time. If you don't have much time, the biggest culprits in my experience are (in no particular order): Windows Defender, System Restore, SuperFetch and Windows Search. Pick those you can live without and watch the speed soar! Also, you can (should!) customize task scheduler tasks, there's a huge load of bull there. If you can live without it you could uninstall that too. Media Center and lots of other stuff use it thought so......... Then, if you have enough ram, disable your paging file, that's another big performance improvement. Delete the file after a reboot, and once your install is good, defrag your disk (use contig or power defragmenter (contig gui) if you remove the vista defrag). Lastly, check your startup programs. MsConfig some of the trash out for moooooooooore speeeeeeeeeeed!!!
  14. Okay so i removed Windows Photo Viewer (vista sp1) thinking i could use Windows Picture and Fax Viewer (shimgvw.dll) but the poor thing seems to have been neutered. I have not been able to associate files to it using the registry, and when i tried to regsvr32 shimgvw.dll it said that it didnt even have a DllRegisterServer entry-point. What i'm trying to say is picture and fax viewer doesnt seem to work on its own, without photo viewer i'm not sure it can work, and as such it might be a good idea to remove both together rather than be able to keep them separetly.
  15. I most certainly did remove that component, however i can say for certain that i removed that component in a test install and it didnt cause this problem. Anyway, losing out SAT only removes flip3d and taskbar app previews (i think!) whereas losing the sharing center makes me unable to configure my network adapters and protocols!! Digging out stuff i found out that my problem could be caused by a missing qutil.dll but i do have that specific file installed. I dont know if it's related at all in my case but just throwing that out there in case it does!

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