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  1. What's the best way to dual-boot two OS-installs of XP x64 Edition SP2, while using only one $OEM$ precopy folder? I'd also like to maintain the original CD folder structure of both OS-isos, because I require the official volume-name (at work) in tact, I just need the 2 choice dialog at boot, no fancy stuff, so cdshell looks like overkill to me. Tried employing the reanimato tool (http://bootcd.narod.ru/index_e.htm) but it errors out everytime it starts setup on each of the two. As I understand, I at least need to copy ntdetect.com and setupldr.bin from both the i386 folders one folder higher up, so they are in their respective install-root folders, but I have no clue how they need to be hexed. Let's say my iso-root folders are called \XP_1 and \XP_2 and I also have the \$OEM$ in the root of the dual-boot-installer; What is the best way to go about creating a dual-boot menu and switch for that?
  2. Has anyone successfully used this for XP x64 Edition install? (no driverpacks exist for xp64, so if this method applies, it can work wonders)..
  3. Just a check to be sure; At what T- stage do you best run this via .cmd (for XP x64 Edition setup/installer) ?
  4. There are some 'virtual drive' type plugins for TotalCommander that also depend on it.
  5. Well then this makes this 'good news' irrelevant for this thread, because we're dealing with XP64 and XP64 alone.
  6. What does this do? I mean, you say something is good news, but it's not clear what is. Does this work for XP x64 as well?
  7. The link got emailed to me a long time ago by someone still using a Macromedia e-mail address. This was when I asked them about support for HomeSite as a separate software distribution. Homesite is now part of Dreamweaver. I think they maintain this direct-download for several older software packages (automatic downloads by those) and are licensed by Adobe to offer it that way. As a user you don't need to have a license before downloading, or they failed to tell me about it anyway.. It is the most recent version, as I see here: http://www.adobe.com/shockwave/welcome/
  8. Great, what did you do to accomplish this for the x64 version? (Looking for one with 190.62) If you want, I can maintain the x64 version for you. (I can subscribe to the German forum as well..)
  9. You didn`t tell us - or maybe I just haven`t seen this? Correct, I now see it isn't mentioned anywhere in this thread. http://filehippo.com/download_nvidia_forceware_xp_64/ is the one I need for nlite. I can of course check what was done in the addon and copy that for XP x64. I'll try and reverse engineer.
  10. As was stated by me a couple of months ago in this post: I'd use %Source%AddOns\sw_lic_full_installer.exe /S instead. The Shockwave installer you've commented out bothers you with sh_t about a toolbar and stuff. You can get the executable that does not do that here
  11. This is all for x86 (32 bit) XP. We're looking for the XP x64 version of the drivers, including control panel.
  12. Yes I've seen many posts and threads about it, but not one true solution, which is why I posted this. Either you have to strip the pack clean of Physx and the controlpanel, or you end up changing inf files manually in ways that are obscure at best. I'd rather have the entire install as is, as it used to be.
  13. Ever since version 185.85 WHQL, we can no longer integrate the drivers from nVidia using nLite. The install stops with a Found New Hardware dialog, and it causes the nlite commands (thus entire installation of Windows) to not be executed properly any further. I tried editing NV4_DISP.INF, but that makes the drivers no longer WHQL, no longer certified, so you're pretty much stuck. I'm surprised there aren't many others posting about this, not even in the nVidia forums. Sincerely hoping someone with a bit more knowledge knows how to best solve this.
  14. Same here. I've been trying this for weeks now. I don't see where the problem is. It is rather annoying that nvidia changed this.I don't think the problem is with nlite. Nor do I expect Dino to change things because of it. Why is NVidia doing this?
  15. I don't see how that's even possible. You probably don't use the native 1:1 resolution on your LCD, because I'm never bothered with sharpness of type. The harder the edges, the more legible the fonts are to me. Oh and yes, the color-noise it generates is awfully distracting too.
  16. Same here. The smoothing is bulls*** to my eyes. Either cleartype never does it the way I would like it to, or I prefer hard lines over soft edges. Also, NOT being able to see where it goes wrong in fonts would be my preference over software regulated changes in displaying of them. My eyes can handle a jaggie here or there just fine, thank you very much. ;-) And no, it does not make a difference what screen I see it on. I have owned about 10 different ones, and my latest favorite screen is a NEC 26 inch LCD. My eyes always notice cleartype-effects as something distracting and unwanted. Will not change for me ever, either.
  17. No, I'm with you all the way. I have never understood the use of cleartype. It makes my fonts blurry (whatever other people say about it, blurring *is* what happens, on every screentype), which I really detest strongly. I've created truetype fonts for a living for a couple of years in the nineties, so maybe that has something to do with it. I always like my fonts to be displayed as sharp and original as they possibly can be.
  18. 5eraph, do you, by any chance, also have your tweaks translated into .REG format? Sure I can do the conversion myself, but I reckon you would have done it the other way around already, so..
  19. Yes, and that is what happens when you place WMP11 installer into the nLite Hot Fix section. It is detected and nLite calls booogy's slipper.Is this method in any way preferred over simply using booogy's slipstreamer after having nlited a source image, and if so why? (I ask this because the added hotfixes belonging to WMP in booogy's tool are confusing me when I do it in the middle of having nlite busy with an image already.)
  20. I disagree.Windows XP x64 Edition > Windows 7 > Windows 2000 > Windows Vista > Windows 98 and so on
  21. Windows XP Professional x64 Edition (with the Windows 2000 look). Best OS ever. Incredibly stable and reliable. Brilliant memory management, VERY fast. Pretty sure I'll be using this next to Linux and ReactOS for a long d_mn time. To be perfectly honest, I don't understand the whole fancy-_ss 3D OS-stuff one iota. I never use all the cute screen things for anything, so I end up switching them off. I use my computers in a different way I guess; Not to show them off to people, not to make its screens look nice and flashy. I like purity, stability, reliability and speed. No useless time-wasting moving items on my screen that are in no way making it more productive for me.
  22. How about the new NVIDIA Forceware 190.* WHQL XP 64 pack? Does it work with nLite as is or do we need to change inf files again?
  23. Does this also work for XP x64 Edition driver.cab? Any experience with that?
  24. Sorry, but I'll stick with 182.50 until this is solved by the source (i.e. nVidia). Editing (third party) .inf files is way too risky these days i.m.o. Think about the possible causes of that when new hardware gets installed etc. It'll be a mess. The last working integratable nVidia GT drivers are here: http://filehippo.com/download_nvidia_forceware_xp_64/5452/

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