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  1. As I understand it, he's a baseball enthusiast and devoted to his children. I'd say its a safe bet alot of that "extra" time goes to them when he's not trying to cop tickets to the World Series
  2. Spheris

    Looking in

    Green, I just wanted to drop a note. It's been busy (obviously) but did take a few minutes to look at the august rollup for create and you still hold the title. Seems RVM and everyone else still has some catching up to do with not breaking things, though I'm going to say Ryan is probably closest to you on simplicity and inclusiveness. A word to the wise though, You will want to double check the EULA for WGA components - particularly the payloads with ax components. In the meantime, as you can see - Longhorn is trudging along and gaining speed (though it's not smart to put money on an october release frame yet) Anyway, drop me a line when you get breathing room and I'll shoot one back when I get time on my side.
  3. Spheris


    I thought both trophies were loooooooong overdue. new year, though - could get better, there is still hockey to conquer make my mailing list address realitymedia@msn.com (yeah, they shuffled us around departments again but some fairly cool stuff to tell you about when we get time)
  4. Spheris


    Add me to the mailing list, I'm going to have time after the 15th to take a look at where you've gone with it since last fall Be good and hope you're enjoying the North East still
  5. Probably in the next few weeks I'll get time to discuss it with Green, but until then. Reductions are at your own risk, a lot more of the install is interlocking now and some structures have been changed to improve stability internally and security from external alterations. The disable switches in the txt files are still the only supported method for altering it. Though I'm sure someone is already working on a "clever" way to manipulate that too.
  6. It's variable, dependent on source disk and target compilation - media center/sp1 integrated etc unpack the sp2 file and check signature first before slipstreaming to verify cert. A lot of non hql signed copies are already floating (impatient little people, you know how that goes)
  7. Interesting, looks like it will have to be hardened a little more But I'm curious Rave, why disable the WFP susbsystem in the first place? Other than to allow malicious overwrites to system files or sub components, it doesn't seem to serve much of a purpose. Or is it just one of those things to be able to do? I'd like a technically good answer to it - if its valid, it might just see a way into something that doesn't require any rewiring of the dlls at all. Not in XP per sey, but as longhorn comes along there might be an option added for use later down the line.
  8. http://www.microsoft.com/technet/prodtechn...n/sp2predl.mspx Have much fun and report in the NG, please. it's the only way things will get addressed, clock is ticking - 5 weeks to go
  9. Intel released a bios update on the last week that has intermittently failed in house and with CD's created through CREATE with the SATA enabled but inactive (zero drives linked or attached), which is causing either boot or t-13 halts. Intel is looking into an update or reversal to an earlier revision (apparently it is a speed down in the SATA firmware which extends itself into the ATA channels and cannot recover during standard setup as acpi is not system actuated until first boot for power management) I'll get the full list of affected later today but the PERL/PERLK/PERLC are affected by it in .14 release Just a word of caution and be careful out there.
  10. Numinous, great work but there's more to be done, hit me in PM, Green, you too when you get a chance. There are quite a few more features for the oobe that can be added from the internal docs. I'll get you both the information as well as info on disabling the activation beacon subsystem for oem/mass installations
  11. Scary, just simply scary..... makes a note to move code futher into the setup.dll for next revision.
  12. No reason yet to update it. though a planned update is for sometime in late 2004 to bring it upto spec with emerging blue ray devices. Internally, there was only a .1 update to correct a minor glitch with +256 alpha count naming conventions at level 3 iso. But that was done in august 2000 and the rev number on the cdimage wasn't bothered to be changed. So most likely those that have 2.47 have that revision since it only escaped in november 2000 other than that, not broken. Nothing to fix
  13. The update is slipstreamable through either MS slipstream procedure or alternately by webmedics slip scripting procedure. One catch though, first is that you must roll the iso with the cdimage tool and match date time stamp, there are a few errata reported if the cat and files fall out of sync. otherwise no other errors reported
  14. Careful with that axe eugene if running it with the roll up you nullify the roll up ntdll and krnlos protects. Just an fyi... have to stop giving the guys at W2S access to this stuff...makes note and goes back to work
  15. build 1213 escaped msdn in late december = failed build build 1224 escaped in late april = flaw in print subsystem side effect build 1228 = functional build - pulled by DOHS request build 1240 = current internal test build - no logged side effects as of 12 days testing

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