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  1. what I'm looking into at the moment is a base DVD created by vLite then custom settings and applications on USB. It seems possible with the Autounattend.xml file. I'm just about to try to get applications to install now.
  2. Do you need all that or can you get away with just the Business Desktop Deployment 2007 download? It's only 27MB. Just getting it now... UPDATE: Ah I see this lets you download the tools you need. Cool.
  3. Avast has been free for personal use for many years. They charge for businesses. I believe it's a very good product. I've recommended it to many people and they have thanked me. One friend said strange things were happening to his computer. He ran the online checker for Avast and it found a virus. He was running AVG at the time but this didn't find it. We used Norton Antivirus 2003 at work (a while ago now!). That was a joke. What a PC killer that thing was. It might have been a good virus checker but boy did it like using resources. Don't know if it has improved since then but I'm happy with Avast.
  4. Wow you trust Windows THAT much! I've thought it works better the other way round. I've had Avast for years and my router is all the firewall I need. I've never needed to use Defender or Windows Firewall, or any other anti malware software but then I use Firefox which helps too. After playing Counterstrike Source and wondering why it wasn't working too well I came back to Vista to find a message asking me if I wanted to unblock Counterstrike. Not very useful. I guess once it's unblocked it's no longer a problem but IMO it's just another thing that gets in the way. Surely you need something for your email (unless like most ppl these days, including me, you use webmail)?
  5. annoying all them popups, 10 a day on xp, wife wanted to choke me said I better get her CA back so i grabbed her a free trial You can turn them all off in the options. Avast rules. Free forever.
  6. Ah I totally forgot that USB support is not available in Virtual PC. Doesn't seem like it's even in 2007 yet. That and no x64 Guest support yet means I'll be looking at VMWare or QEMU now.
  7. WOW! I liked the interactive search box but being a run box as well that's just excellent! Just tried it out. Works a treat! Not only that but you can select the folders while you're typing by pressing the down key then carry on typing the rest of the path. Sweet!
  8. Yea I found the networking pretty good in 2004 too. By "supports USB" if you mean as a boot device it doesn't look like it. I've not tried anything else yet. I've just tried to use the x64 version and it doesn't seem to be x64 at all. Apart from the fact that it's not even an x64 program it doesn't have an emulated x64 proc. Most annoying.
  9. There are a few more now! I found this handy post on Hotfix Share where you can download them. VistaSP1.net seems quite succinct too.
  10. x32 and x64 versions have now reached Release Candidate stage (doesn't tell you until you login to the connect site). You have to use IE x32 so that it can install a nasty ActiveX download manager. Yuk! I can't believe they still use that horrible technology.
  11. I've just installed Vista on my Western Digital Cavier SATA drive (I think it's a Silicon Image controller on my Asus board) and it installed fine, no drivers needed. Only took 15 minutes as well. Mmm, Aero!
  12. Doesn't seem very cost effective. I don't need ultimate so it'll still be cheaper to get three OEM copies of Vista.
  13. Well the two new machines I'm planning for my wife and I will keep us going for a while and besides I won't be able to upgrade for a while after the money I'll have spent!! Weather I can limit myself to only one further major upgrade in the next five years will be tough though! Mind you I'll have three licenses (I'm planning an HTPC as well) so if I need to do a major upgrade then I'll just upgrade the one that hasn't been done for a while. Right, thanks, I'm convinced. OEM is the way for me. Besides if I do need to buy another license I'll have not lost anything as the retail version is still twice the price (unless of course I need to do it again).
  14. So what constitutes a minor update then? I assume memory would but what about processor, graphics card, another hard drive, etc. I'm sure a M/B wouldn't be minor right?
  15. With XP you could get an OEM copy if you bought some hardware component with it. The OEM copies are cheapers. Don't know if this applies to Vista ... In fact I've just checked eBuyer (British online retailer) and they are offering 3 pack editions of Vista Home Premium for £220. That's about £73 per copy. It doesn't look like you need to buy hardware either.
  16. The other problem is that different versions can sometimes change their silent install options. I guess minor versions are not a problem.
  17. I'd been thinking about doing something like this for ages but I wanted to make a program that was more open in terms of being able to add your own applications. I install a good 50 apps onto my systems and you can't possibly cover everyone. What I was thinking was some kind of Firefox add-in that allows you to record where the download is (what links to hit) and where the version number is (or just do a file diff). Of course if the site changes then you have a problem but I imagine you'll have the same issue. The OpenOffice download is a good example of a complex download procedure. It would also get around the issue of licensing would it not (as the program wouldn't link by default to any apps)? Thoughts anyone?
  18. I'm trying to do a minimum install of XP (for my Car PC project) and tried removing all components but got the following error on XP install: An exception occurred while trying to run "shell32,Control_RunDLL intl.cpl,,/f:C:\WINDOWS\system32\$winnt$.inf" /s:"D:\I386"" Should I start with something a little more conservative (for example the safe option) and work from there or has anyone come across this before?
  19. It's not really an issue unless you use the SHOUTcast feature which is a little problematic. I guess the intention is to give more exposure to ALL the stations but the implementation uses javascript and is pretty slow.
  20. I don't understand what you are saying with this line
  21. Oh ok thanks. I was just testing it out for ya anyway. I'm thinking of switching my player as I'm getting bad vibes from the way Winamp is heading (See my other post)
  22. ...of course it depends on your point of view I guess but Winamp has come under quite a bit of criticism with the release of 5.2 and new, some say slow or difficult, SHOUTcast browser plus other extras. I like the idea of the portable device support but to be honest the new Creative explorer does the job just fine for me. The nice dynamic search box in the browser was quick and easy to use but is no more. Plus they are starting to include adware albeit optionally but it's the beginnings of the path to the dark side. I also don't like the general attitude of members on the Winamp forum. I've noticed any comments or criticism about their browser have been met with extremely defensive even out right rude retaliation. People have just been told to to "live with it". If it was one person then fine. But many people have been constructive in their comments and to just dismiss them as idiots seems a little narrow minded. I don't really visit many forums but I guess I'm just spoilt with MSFN I guess maybe Winamp is getting too big for it's boots. [/rant] Sorry. I felt I had to voice my opinions. So I'm gonna start looking for another player or maybe even write my own! (I'm not kidding I am a software developer:) )
  23. Apparently this will no longer work in 5.21 (I've not confirmed this though). Winamp forum members note they will no longer support the old browser (weird). BTW. I fixed my problems by installing IE. So much for an IE free system.
  24. Yes I see this problem too. I've tried it without quotes as well and also another skin called Avalon. Checking winamp.ini file after install shows skin=Winamp Classic.

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