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  1. Ok so it's not Event Log either. Anyone got any suggestions? Last_Session.ini
  2. Diagnostics did not do it for me. I can't believe I need to enable the Event Log. Jees! Should it still be possible to connect to a wireless network. When I go to Network then click on the top bar (where it says "Click to connect") I can see my router and I double click to connect but it immediately comes back saying it can't connect. Is that because of Event Log as well?
  3. I actually had a couple of problems. Firstly I'd disabled Module Installer service which caused my issue with not being able to install the C++ redist. In my case 2008 version. Secondly the Activation dialog always came up when removing winsxs so I've put that back. FYI here is my last session: Last_Session.ini
  4. I selected SkipProductKey and SkipAutoActivation and removed a lot of components and then tested with and without winsxs and the Windows Activation dialog comes up with this component removed saying "Your activation period has expired. You must activate Windows to continue using all Windows features." I assume winsxs is where it stores activation information. Is there a way around this as I need as much space on my laptop drive as possible!
  5. Are those backups stored in winsxs or somewhere else? Just wondering as I'm attempting to remove winsxs. That would be one more reason to do it!
  6. Yea I've just noticed the same thing! No solution though! Just checked a pre SP1 image and it's there. Interesting: pre SP1 there are 271 components. Post SP1 there's 266
  7. Did anyone figure this out? I'm getting a similar problem with the 2008 redist. I didn't remove winsxs though. I lost the ini I'll post up when I've done another build. It's pretty extreme though most stuff removed. If there is the possibility to integrate this that would be great but I thought it was only possible to integrate hotfixes. Anyone have a solution for this? More info to follow...
  8. ok that's cool. Seems to work fine just wanted to make sure I was really running with SP1. Cheers.
  9. Wow talk about reviving an old topic. Well I've answered my own question, finally. Media Center is not included with Vista Basic but MediaPortal requires Media Player. Which I just proved because it failed to load. I did remove the codecs too but I'm pretty sure it's something in Media Player that's required. Perhaps this can get added to the dependency list in vlite.
  10. What?! You think just because you didn't download it then it's not illegal? Are you for real?!
  11. Yes but that makes it looks like it's enabled and you cannot turn it off. As I said it's not a big deal but thought I'd mention it as some might get confused.
  12. Nuhi, after electing to remove UAC from components the next page shows the tweaks with User Account Control (UAC) Enabled but greyed out. I assume this is because it cannot be enabled because it's been removed. It would be nice if this screen indicated that. So instead of showing 'Enabled' it showed 'Removed'. Just a thought.
  13. I work on the basis that if I don't know what it is I must not use it therefore I remove it I am joking of course but this does work in some cases. If you know what drivers/hardware you need/have then the Drivers and Hardware Support sections should be easy. Basically, do as it says in the info. If you don't have a QLogic Fibre Channel Adapter (whatever that is) then you don't need the driver. If you don't have a firewire port or don't have any firewire devices don't bother with the hardware support (just make sure you have it turned off in the bios otherwise you'll get unknown hardware in you device manager if you have a port but don't use it). For example I have a TV card but I have a driver. So I can check Drivers->TV Tuners but must not check Hardware Support->TV Tunner support. As for the rest of the components I'd suggest you do a little more experimentation, maybe try removing lots of components and checking the install in a VM. I guess it's reasonable for a first attempt but I think maybe you should change some of those DO NOT REMOVE components to I DON'T KNOW components and we can get a few more notes in about their use. For example Distributed Link Tracking Client and Protected Storage can be safely removed as most users don't use or even know what these are for. Error Reporting can be safely removed so it should be green. It's irrelevant whether people like MS or not. Also there seem to be quite a few missing components here. Perhaps we can see an update coming soon? Perhaps you could add systems you've tested on and your setup in general with a mention of the hardware and software you use. Anyway well done on the effort. If you can keep at it this will turn into a valuable resource. Just remember (as mentioned) everyone has different systems and software. What works for one may not work for another. It's the bane of the software makers existence.
  14. I've just integrated SP1 to my Vista Home Basic x86 DVD on a Windows XP (SP3) machine. All seemed to go correctly and I now see 6.0.6001.18000 as the version number when I select the new slipstreamed folder. What has got me worried is when I look in hotfixes I see 4 Updates and 2 Service Packs under Already integrated hotfixes. The two Service Packs are both KB936330. One is called Windows Vista Service Pack 1 and the other is called Windows Vista Service Pack - 1. Notice the minus in the second item. Taken literally I might think that the Service Pack is going to get added and then removed but it's already integrated so this seems unlikely. I'm sure it's fine just wanted to check.

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