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  1. Oh WOW thanks Nuhi!! Printer removal by manufacturer. Thanks for putting this in. I feel special. Definately a beer coming your way
  2. Isn't this speculation? Standard development practice is to check things on a decreasing scale. For example you might check something every second for a minute then you might check every 10 seconds and so on. Of course I am also speculating but based on real development experience. You could be right but for the wrong reason. If something is not present and is 'supposed' to be then this would get logged. Obviously if the device was present there would be no need to log the fact although as mentioned Vista does have some pretty heavy logging. I find it strange that this stuff is all on by default. Surely for the end-user it's not necessary. Companies may want to turn it on so enable their IT departments to more easily diagnose issues but I can't see Dell having support that goes into someones home computer to diagnose issues. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  3. Dobby

    Can't burn to DVD

    Nice one Nuhi. Will do. I guess the new version is not far off then
  4. I think this is the problem I was getting actually. That would explain it. BTW you missed the DO in the FOR line it should be: FOR %%i IN (C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z) DO IF EXIST %%i:\DriversRoot.txt SET DriversRoot=%%i:\ Good idea
  5. Dobby

    Can't burn to DVD

    vLite gives me an error if I try to do a direct burn or burn from ISO. It sits there for a few seconds then completes and says Write failed! Hardware Error "9216" Fortunately I can create an ISO then use ISO Recorder to successfully burn it to DVD.
  6. Ok sorry I'm a doughnut! I removed Secondary Login!!
  7. I've just found that runas gets removed by vLite. Should this happen? I guess I could add it to the keep box but I'd have thought this was a fairly important tool. I'll see if I can figure out which option is removing it. I've included my last session.ini just incase anyone might know Last_Session.ini
  8. Yea there are some good free ones out there and I think there is a difference between a notepad replacement and something a little more development oriented. Notepad 2 and SciTE I would think are good replacements. Crimson Editor is a free rip off of Editplus but doesn't seem to be in development anymore. I want something with a little support behind it and I don't mind shelling out a few quid for it. Having said that I did pay for Editplus but not much is happening now. Although I did use it for five years. Not bad. It's only $20 and the guys seem very keen to help. Hell I asked on the forum for a Ruby syntax file and they wrote one for me and put it up for download within a few hours. That's service.
  9. Please stop! I've used SciTE too (sorry I didn't mention this before). I use it for Ruby programming. And yes it supports a lot of languages. But I don't think it is as accessible as other editors. For starters It'll only load up to 10 files at once. I mean maybe there is an option to change but oh wait you have to dig through a text file to change it. Come on this isn't VI. And what's with that options menu?! It doesn't even fit on the screen. No trust me. Just save yourself the trouble, mention the name and key features if you must but really I've probably spent way too much time looking for editors and tried most of them. As I've said before, I've not seen this one mentioned and I've not fully tested it myself but I thought it was worth a mention. Think of this post as more of a preview rather than a call for help. I'll post more once I've tested it a while.
  10. I've tried many editors and notepad++ along with Editplus, Editpad, notepad2 and a few others are quite popular. I didn't want to get into yet another editor discussion. I merely mention Twistpad because I've not heard of it before and not seen it mentioned on any of the forums I visit (mainly this one!) and because it looks quite promising. I use TortioseSVN (front end to subversion version control software). It also has built in Merge functionality. Possibily not as powerful as WinMerge but it does the job. I just thought it was quite a neat idea to have it built into an editor. Although after trying it out it seems a little sluggish on large files but I've mentioned it on their forums. It's an RC release afterall.
  11. Just to clarify, you removed the printer drivers with vLite because you have your own drivers but after doing this your own drivers no longer install or fail to function correctly? Have I got that right?
  12. I've just come across an editor called Twistpad. I happened to be looking at BestVistaDownloads.com for a new archive util (Neither Tugzip nor IZArc cut it in Vista). Quite a good site. If you ignore the ads and some dodgy software (free version of WinRAR 5.1? What's that all about? WinRAR is not free and certainly not on version 5). I've used Editplus for years it's a great editor but is looking a little long in the tooth these days but I've not yet found a replacement that can match the features or throw in any more for good measure. That was until now. I'm still trialing the eval but so far so good. Couple of features that first struck me were the compare, and replace in files. Editplus could do find in files, replace in open files but not replace in files on disk (without opening first). I always thought this was a little strange. Plus the interface looks very nice (to match Vista ) and it looks to be fairly feature rich and only a 2MB download. Could this be a replacement for Notepad and Editplus. Time will tell...
  13. I've never liked XP. It's the Fisherprice interface: Programs like XPize really helped with this but still I just got used to XP rather than really liked it. Now Vista on the otherhand caught my eye from the first moment I saw it. I was avoiding it until I saw an RC release on a collueages machine and I was instantly wowed. I guess the Aero interface has really suckered in a lot of people! Still, after installing the RTM on my own machine (the x64 edition) I was impressed that everything just worked. I'd heard a few incompatibility horror stories but I think these were mostly RC and beta related. The only issue I had was I needed to get the drivers for my Wifi card (good job I had another machine!). A few programs like Nero 6 OEM no longer worked but hey Windows Media Player has burning support for Data and Audo CD/DVD so that's cool. I don't need anything fancy and I certainly don't need Nero 7 bloatware. Can you believe that. Once upon a time I would have been booing the bloated WMP and hailing Winamp. How the tides turn. Other things that really impressed me were the StartMenu search/run feature. That rocks! It's so powerful. And indexed searching is so much better now. On the whole I find that I have to do less configuration after install than with XP (Of course I automated this with nLite and post install scripts but **** that was a lot of work). I remember when XP first came out. What a nightmare. It really was post SP1 (maybe even SP2) that things really became stable but I'm impressed with Vista's stability out of the box. My only gripe is with games. They suck. Someone mentioned (on another forum) that this is due to some software emulation in DX9 on Vista. I don't know if this is true but it seems a little strange that they would let DX9 suffer just to get DX10 in. I mean there's like one game and one GFX card that supports DX10 (Namely Supreme Commander with the GeForce 8800). But like I said I've not verified this claim. Hopefully though things will improve. Oh I did go and buy two shiney new machines for me and my wife to run Vista on. The things we do hey! Not that my Athlon 64 3700+ with 2GB of RAM couldn't cope but Vista is a good excuse to upgrade and the wife love Vista too. Movie Maker and DVD Authoring are her favorites.
  14. Hey good work man. That'll save people hunting around the microsoft jungle of a website! Thanks.
  15. Double click install.wim file, select 'Choose Program', Select notepad ... Seriously though: Is this related to downloading the WAIK? Probably not. Have you provided enough information for someone to diagnose your problem and offer possible solutions? No. Will anyone post anything that can help solve your problem. I don't think so. Please help us to help you.
  16. Well I'll be a *think of something bizzare/funny/ironic*!! Tried the configuration set thing again and checked the resulting Autounattend.xml file and hey presto there's that %configsetroot% everyone has been banging on about. Shame Windows SIM copies the entire path instead of just the relevant part. Well I guess I won't need to do it again now I know what it should look like although I could swear I tried it before. Just need to figure out how to sort the Wireless Lan now. Sorry to hear all the woes about this configsetroot but I think it's what I need as I want to have a base DVD image and put all the apps and drivers onto the usb drive. I'm sure I'll be back later with my own sob story when I find it's not working the way I want!
  17. I'm guessing maybe my wifi drivers did not load. If I type netsh then ? On my workstation I can see wlan described but on the other machine it's not listed. ****.
  18. if I do netsh wlan add profile filename="PUT YOUR FILENAME HERE.xml" from WinPE command line I get The following command was not found: wlan add profile filename="PUT YOUR FILENAME HERE.xml" can I do this from the Shift F10 cmd prompt?
  19. Could someone enlighten me as to the official documentation for this so called configsetroot. I cannot find any info about it and if I try to create a distribution share the PnPCustomizations section ends up containing the path to the configset on my local machine. How is that supposed to work? Does it somehow magically replace that path with the configsetroot path when running PE?
  20. Did you still have an entry for PnPCustomizations? Just a guess.
  21. I think it's something like skip rearm or maybe reseal is what you're looking for. Anyway search for these two terms in Unattended Windows Setup Reference (part of WAIK).
  22. Is it possible to do this in WinPE part of install so that Dynamic Update works?
  23. ah cool. Shame I need the printer drivers as they're huge. But at least I don't get a load of HP branded bloatware that comes with the XP drivers. Thanks Nuhi. vLite is shaping up nicely. Nice and simple at the moment too. With nLite I think there ended up being too many options. I know you had the safe config and the like but it still felt a little overwhelming. I guess it was my own fault as I always wanted to find out what all the options did!
  24. In vLite it says that 'some manufacturers use parts from the bundled drivers'. How can I find out which ones or do I just have to experiment? I have nvidia graphics, netgear wifi and asus onboard sound. So I'd like to remove display, ethernet and sound controllers drivers with vLite. Anyone know before I waste several DVD's? Cheers.

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