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  1. hello guys i have a HP 6710b laptop and i want to make a clean install for my winxp sp3 integrated but i don't know where and how to integrate the hard drive driver into this!! windows installation can't detect my hard drive but it can do this when i use the attached winxp sp2 cd which comes with my laptop.. thats what i see inside the winnt.sif file in the laptop cd [OemInfFiles] OemDriverFlags=1 OemDriverPathName="%systemroot%\inf" OemInfName="iaahci.inf","iastor.inf" thanks in advance
  2. Hi..i have an ADSL modem netgear DM111P and marvell yukon network adapter..now my problem that i can surf internet using winxp but in win vista i can't...i tried to repair and to remove the adapter driver then restore it again but no hope!!any when i try to repair it gives me dns error or domething like that!!!help here??
  3. Hello..I have tried the one from nvidia.com and it didn't work well ...eno control panel for my card to enable the video output etc...any working driver...thanx in advance
  4. thanx for your help but if i use an IDE to SATA will the IDE drive be as fast in data transfer as SATA??
  5. Hi iam renewing my system and now i have a Gigabyte MB which have only 1 IDE port and i have 2 Hard disks one is SATA and the other is IDE..now i want to ask if i connect the IDE drive with the same cable with the DVD writer drive..and i will make the SATA the system installation drive..will this reduce any speed of my PC? and will this make the burn process slower?? thanx in advance
  6. thanx for your reply..but another small question...what is the difference betwen Sata and RAID becaise i don't know what is the raid array is!! and will the SATA improve my speed rather than the old IDE one??
  7. Hello..I am new to know about SATA drives and i decided to use a western digital sata hard disk...now i want to ask can i use the sata drive alone without IDE one?and will i face any problems installing vista or winxp on this drive?? thanx in advance..
  8. Hello i have integrated my nvidia drivers to my winxp cd using nlite now i want to know if i install this windows on another pc which have no nvidia video card what will happens? will windows install the drivers for this uncompatible card or it will assign the prober drive to this card from winxp drivers database?? thanx in advance
  9. Hello everybody i took 2 folders from one of my friend and when i reboot the system then i tried to access these folders they were renamed to a strange ascii symbols which winxp can't handle it and delete it is impossible so what program should i use to solve this problem?? thanx in advance Title edited -- Please, use [TAGS] in your topic's title. --Sonic
  10. hi there was a topic i was reading yesterday it was about making two winnt.sif one which install apps and the other doesn't..now i can't find it any where...anyone can give me its url please..i fed up searching this topic but i didn't find it...
  11. it is solved now by adding this kine InputLocale = 0809:00000809, 0401:00000401
  12. I have searched the forum and found alot of switches which made me confused so i need the tested and working switches to install messenger and .net framwork.. thanx in advance

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