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  1. I reinstalled xp straight of the disc(no nliting) and i can see the cursor, then installed my nlite disc and its not visible. The strange thing is if i right click on the remote i get the right click menu then move the mouse and right click again, again i get the right click menu. So the mouse is clearly working its just i cant see the cursor. My nlite disc had mouse cursor on it so its not that . Can someone please throw some suggestions this way? Thanks
  2. After some testing i figured out its the "Synaptics PS2 Port TouchPad" 8.3.4 driver for my laptop, when integrated i get the problem specified above without it i don't. Does anyone know why this could be happening with this specific driver? Thanks
  3. Title says it all i have removed windows update but still have the windows update link on top of the start menu, i have got a tweak to remove it. I use to put it in nlhive.inf but its no long available to do so where do i put it now? Thanks
  4. I just integrated driver for my laptop, PC and htpc onto my nlite disc and when tested in vmware player the mouse and keyboard do not work. Before integrating the driver i tested my config in vmware player and it worked perfectly its just when the drivers were integrated the problems occurred. Am i missing something? Thanks.
  5. Thanks siom for the tip, my nlite config confirmed .net 1,2 & 3 were integrated however only .net 1 & 2 are listed where you suggested i look. It would seem it failed.
  6. I got RogueSpear's .net 1,2 & 3 packs and tested on vmware player in add and remove only 1 & 2 show up. Does anyone know how i can confirm that 3 is installed? Thanks
  7. Anyone know where i can find all 3 .Net Framework packs in add-on form? I found one here but the link to download it is gone and cant find any thing else. Thanks
  8. Is this possible, so i and other can keep track of the latest goings on in the lite world? Thanks
  9. Thanks for the suggestion clavicle however i just checked my configure and its set to 0(infinite)on both accounts. Below is the config for the users, minus the names and passwords, could someone check if one of my setting would cause the problem im having? Thanks
  10. I done it somehow via nlite the "password will expire" prompt occurs on my PC and laptop,which use the same nlte config
  11. Thanks for the reply nuhi, ill give your suggestions a try and post the results just in case any one else comes to the forum having similar problems.
  12. I guess not, thanks for all the replies tho :-).
  13. Thanks modo77, but do you or anyone else know what box i need to untick? I'm assuming its either "Must have password" or "Can change password". Thanks
  14. I'm having trouble connecting my 360 to my PC where by my 360 does not show up in WMP11 media share options, has anyone else had issues connecting there pc to there 360 with a nlite'd XP? Thanks
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