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  1. Well, thanks guys for the info. I don't see any reason why the extensions can't be applied after the relevant application is installed and personally I think it's a neater way to apply the associations. What's really nice is that these commands by themselves (without any parameters) list all the associations which is much easier to read than the registry. I'll make any issues I come across known. Thanks again.
  2. Oh of course it was only an example my scripts never have absolute paths in. Sorry I should follow the rules ALL the time. Call myself a programmer. Pah! Slap those wrists
  3. Could you clarify 'registered' program? As a test I took my favorite editor (EditPlus) and copied it to my Clean VPC install. I then did the following: C:\>ftype editplus=c:\editplus\editplus.exe %1 %* editplus=c:\editplus\editplus.exe %1 %* C:\>assoc .txt=editplus .txt=editplus I then double-clicked a txt file and viola! it loaded EditPlus with the txt file. Have I missed something? Icons maybe?
  4. I don't know any buttons that were 'traditional windows yellow' but I think what you could be talking about is whether they have the rounded theme applied to them. Having said that Notepad is indeed up to date in that respect (at least on my Windows XP SP2). If you are indeed talking about themes then the first thing to try is putting a .manifest file into the same place as the .exe. If an application is called notepad.exe then you need to create a (text) file called notepad.exe.manifest and paste the following into it: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?> <assembly xmlns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:asm.v1" manifestVersion="1.0"> <assemblyIdentity version="" processorArchitecture="X86" name="NOTEPAD.EXE" type="win32" /> <description>Notepad</description> <dependency> <dependentAssembly> <assemblyIdentity type="win32" name="Microsoft.Windows.Common-Controls" version="" processorArchitecture="X86" publicKeyToken="6595b64664ccf1df" language="*" /> </dependentAssembly> </dependency> </assembly> The name and description should be changed to the name of the app. The publicKeyToken is not really important but you can generate one with a GUID generator. Basically this will generate a random number. Save this file and when you run notepad.exe it should have themed buttons among other controls. Of course this all depends on whether the application uses the standard windows controls. If not then you are screwed. Hope that's what your question was about
  5. Ooh, Ooh, I like it!! Don't know if this has already been mentioned but I just tested a silent install with the following options: msiexec /i Winamp.msi /qb Xfull=1 XDesktop=0 ...but I'd removed the Agent.cab file. Everything else seems to have been installed correctly. I love this feature. It means: a) you can reduce the size of the package by removing parts you don't want B) not need a complicated commandline/ini file Nice work Alanoll
  6. Do any of these tools defrag on shutdown? I don't know about anyone else but when I turn on my computer I want to use it not wait for it to defrag. Wouldn't it be better if it did it on shutdown? Then you can just walk away and leave it.
  7. I just did a search for File Extensions and did not get the following page listed in the results: Registering File Extensions Unattended (Fortunately, I had it in my history so I was able to get the link). Anyway, I was looking at this post and comparing it with the alternative method: Gosh's Unattended Tips And Tricks: Trick #3: Associate file types To me, using the ASSOC command and FTYPE seems to be a cleaner way of doing it than lots of registry stuff. I'd like to know ppls opinions on this. Is there a prefered method?
  8. Hi Alanoll, I've just tested the installer and it appears you've left the CVS folders in 'skins\Winamp Modern'. Also it doesn't remove the Cockos plugins but this appears to be a problem with the NullSoft installer as well.
  9. To answer my own question it seems RadClocker is just the overclocking part of RadLinker. Nice, as I don't really care about configuring each game. There are normally enough settings to play around with in the games themselves.
  10. If this is not a typo then you have missed an 's' from theme in the path. It should be XPCD\$OEM$\$$\resources\themes\mystyle.msstyles I believe.
  11. The only two files you need are the .msi and the data.cab file. I've just tested the install with the following command: msiexec /i Acrobat.msi /qb Acrobat installs displaying a progress window then exits the installer and I can go to start->programs and run it. Make sure your working directory is the one the msi and cab are in otherwise you'll get an error saying it can't find the cab. HTH
  12. I heard about some problems with HL2 audio. Have you done the usual? Installed the latest nVidia drivers (BTW the FX cards are by far the crapest nVidia have ever made. I never thought I'd switch to ATI but I've just bought a 9800 Pro and am pretty pleased. That's not to say I won't switch back however. nVidia just had a bad day when they came up with the FX range. I know I bought one!) Next check your sound drivers Often overlooked but can also be the cause are the motherboard drivers. I always use the chipset manufacturers drivers because the board manfacturers are always behind. Naturally. Have you checked the HL2 forums? Some of this is pretty obvious but I mention it because there are some specific issues that have been mentioned regarding HL2. nVidia recently updated their drivers to fix some issues with HL2 so check it out.
  13. Welcome to the forum! I'm using NullSoft Install System. The main bulk of this use is for a WPI replacement for installing applications but I've also used it to repackage crapper installers for some apps I use. I've even used it as a loader for a NOTEPAD.EXE replacement. I use EditPlus to do all my editing but I didn't want to litter the \WINNDOWS folder with EditPlus's config files so I made an installer which actually just runs EDITPLUS.EXE from it's own folder. I do like the WPI UI and may look into a similar look for my NSIS script. I use NSIS instead of WPI because I've got more control. It's fully scriptable and supports everything from copying/deleting files to customising the install UI. It's got plenty of plugins too. It also supports LZMA compression which means you get super small self install exe's. One thing I'll say about the script langauge is that it's similar to batch with a smattering of VB script and a hint of assembler. But don't let that put you off! It's quite simple to pick up (Although I work with JAVA, C++, C#, Jython on a daily basis so it may be more tricky for some). I've nearly finished my UXP CD and will be posting my experiences with NSIS once I've confirmed everything is working. I know what you mean about being addictive but I also look at it as an investment (Although my wife might disagree!). I mean I have three machines to setup at home and the less downtime the better. Plus I wanted to upgrade to SP2 but I'd heard some ppl had problems so I wanted to do a clean XP + SP2 install. Enjoy the site and try to keep track of what problem you are trying to solve when you go searching otherwise you just find yourself looking at some really cool topic two hours later and have totally forgotten what you went on the forum for. (Like me, now!)
  14. I use RadLinker (included in the Omega drivers) does that do the same thing as RadClocker (e.g. enable you to overclock the memory and core among other less important things)?
  15. From a security point of view I'd say Firefox addressed it first and the car analogy is a good one but let's face the fact that the average user can't keep a computer shaped car 'locked'. Firefox provides the child locks (popup blocking) but still give a simple way to remove them. That's not to say that IE hasn't now addressed these issues and you have to remember that 90% of the browser market is still IE and so of course IE is going to take the most slack. I also read recently that a security firm had found three holes in Firefox although they weren't serious. On the simplicity side again I would say Firefox. It provides a browser. Nothing more nothing less. If ppl want to customise it (add skins, extensions etc) then they can but the default install is a fast, simple browser. Thunderbird really kicks Outlook Express. It's junk mail handling is superb. As mentioned you can't compare it to Outlook although a calendar function can be added. Guess which Browser/Mail Client I use
  16. See sonica I think you made him mad because you spelt his name wrong Altavista used to be the hip search engine to use until Google came along but Astalavista ... well, we know what that means.
  17. In the UK beer, in Ukraine (where my wife is from) Vodka (and beer!)
  18. Tell me about it. I tried the same thing with the ini file mod and it starts installing beautifully and then just freezes. I might make my own installer as I use the very loverly scriptable NullSoft Installer which is free. Does it install a bunch of reg keys or anything else funny other than just copying the files cause I know you can just get the zipped versions from Mozilla? If all it does is copy files then that's easier and it's not like I'm going to remove it after it's installed (unless I wanted to update it which is quite possible I suppose but then I could implement a new version which would remove the old one if it existed. Still simply a case of deleting files). --Phil
  19. Well, actually it's raining but it's nice by the beach in the summer. Anyway, just thought I'd give a shout out to all the guys on this forum. It's brilliant. I've been hovering around here for nearly a year now but haven't really posted because I always managed to get the info I needed because it's such a great resource. Thanks again and look out for my posts on my new unattended install (once it's finished. Nearly there!) Cheers, Phil
  20. Err... nil, CLS stands for clear screen. It has nothing to do with exiting the batch file. I don't know some people have this problem but it must be the way the batch file is called cause all the batch files I've ever written exit unless you stick the PAUSE command in. One way to stop this happening if say you wanted to call it automatically (and have close) and manually and keep the screen would be something like this. If the batch file you want to run is called DOSTUFF.BAT then wrap it up in another batch file to do the pause like so: WAIT.BAT ------------ CALL DOSTUFF.BAT PAUSE Then you can call DOSTUFF.BAT directly this will not wait or call it by calling WAIT.BAT. If you don't include CALL in WAIT.BAT then DOSTUFF.BAT will not return back to WAIT.BAT and so it won't do the pause. Hope this helps.
  21. It seems as though a restart isn't required. Just go Tools->Folder Options->View and click Apply to All Folders. I did this after adding the Status Bar then exported the registry and the keys were different. HTH Phil

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