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  1. It works fine if you check enable before apply then apply. You then get a Next button instead of the Finish button. I doubt a configuration issue would cause this.
  2. I think it's for the WAIK to figure out which image source was used so it can reload the correct catalog (I could be wrong though). Not sure why it's been put in this script generator. On a separate note, the script generates components with processorArchitecture="i386" but shouldn't it be x86? This is what WAIK generates anyway.
  3. *Possible bug* On Task Selection screen: Check Components and Bootable ISO options (but uncheck Enable before apply) Then Select components to remove and hit Apply. When it's finished you don't get the option to Burn or create an ISO which I thought you would. You only get the options Finish or Exit which both quit the application.
  4. Well I have a few vLited images on my drive and it seems they all remove everything apart from boot.wim, install.wim and the clg for the version you selected (Home Premium in my case) from sources. It also removes 'support' and 'upgrade' from the root.
  5. It seems vLite does this already. There's not much left after it's been run. Handy if you don't use vLite though.
  6. This is good advice. Unfortunately I have three computers. One is mine, one is my wifes and the other is our media centre. I can't rely on my wife to not browse dodgy sites or be sent dodgy links (She is Ukrainian after all!). However we do use Firefox and we are behind a router. Personal files are also all on a second drive in each of the machines. Having a small, fast AV package just gives me piece of mind that my wife isn't going blow up our LAN!
  7. Hey this is interesting. Could you elaborate on the process a bit more. I know when installing drivers from media you use SetDriversRoot which calls X:\Setup.exe at the end (after setting the root) so are you saying that this method does not use setup.exe? If so how does it work? Can you still install drivers/apps? Why do both methods exist? Too many questions?! Thanks.
  8. Orsi, did you ever manage to solve your problem? Other may benefit from your experience and I'm curious too!
  9. For those interested (and for those that haven't bothered to do any research) according to AV Comparatives: For on demand detection (report released Feb 2007) top marks go to Gdata AVK, TrustPort, AVIRA, F-Secure, Kaspersky and eScan. Just missing the top score were Symantec and NOD32. Interestingly Microsoft OneCare came bottom. However the other report for proactive/retrospective scanning (released May 2007) including false positives and scanning speed gives only NOD32 top marks while AVG and Fortinet get the wooden spoon. Now I'm not saying this is gospel or anything but it sure beats the "xxx AV software is the best because I said so" type review
  10. Really nice guide. Thanks FireGeier. There are a few grammar issues which I can fix if you want me to. Other than that the only glaring issue was on adding drivers from media step 5 contains a <br> that probably shouldn't be there e.g. imagex /unmount /commit D:\VistaWork\Mount
  11. Welcome to the board! You'll have to be a little more specific about what programs you are looking for. Perhaps this is not the right forum to ask such questions. Some specific forum in your native language may get you a better response. Good luck
  12. Shame it needs IE and ActiveX. I can't believe they are still using that virus breeding technology! ...And the searching sucks. Searching for Vista returns over 1000 results. Handy. Luckly I'm using Vista x64 which returns 68. But being able to download them all with the click of a button is nice. 'least they got something right!
  13. To do a silent install: ndntenst.exe /silentmode Configure NOD32 the way you want then export the registry settings from: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Eset Oh that's of course if you have an x64 OS. I think you can drop the "Wow6432Node\" bit if you are using 32 bit Windows
  14. Can you tell us some of the techniques you used to get them to silently install? Thanks.
  15. Ah yes of course with steam it's pretty easy. I'd forgotten about that. Nice one . Other games are a little more tricky though.
  16. What are your thoughts on silently installing games? Is it more hastle than it's worth? I've not had very good experience trying to silently install games mainly because: They're big! They are not designed to be silently installed You have to use something like AutoIT or an install monitor and repackage them Personally I usually play the single player to completion then play online a bit then move on to the next one. Although there are one or two games I still play like Half Life 2. Maybe those are the ones I should silently install (but how do you know you're going to keep playing them!) Have I missed something?
  17. Care to tell us why? Or are you expecting everyone to just go out and get it based on your 'strong' recommendation?! Sorry haven't had my coffee yet this morning!
  18. It seems Avast does and it's pretty good although not the fastest AV out there but that might just be issues they are having with Vista. It was fine when I was using XP. I would not recommend AVG even though it does support 98. It has many false positives and does not catch in the wild viruses. In other words next to useless. Anyone who says it's good has just managed to avoid downloading anything dodgy. Virus Bulletin and AV comparatives both concur on this and I've heard many colleauges confirm also. Avoid like the plague (pun intended )
  19. For some reason I didn't get notified for replies to this post so sorry for not replying earlier (I just did a Google search and turned this up!). If I remember the ISS file needs to be either in the same location as the setup you are running or you can specify it's location for example: Setup.exe /s /f1"C:\Temp\Setup.iss" I don't have my Zen anymore as my Sony Ericsson has a 4GB MP3 player on it and it just works as a USB device. Hurrah! TTPack is still handy though.
  20. Virus Bulletin Comparison on Nod32's site I know it's on Eset's website (home of NOD32) but it's a report from Virus Bulletin (You have to login to the Virus Bulletin website) I love the second graph: Missed in the Wild Viruses - AVG's figure? 'Truncated to fit on graph' - Class! Interestingly they don't compare Avast which I thought was pretty popular these days. I've used Avast for about four years but I'm fed up with it's increasing sluggishness. I've been trialling NOD32 for the last week or so and I have to say I'm impressed. Fast as hell and low memory footprint.
  21. @spoof, great find! I was looking for something like this for a while now. It looks complete. One problem is another login to add... Hey I found it first! (Check the third post)
  22. VMware workstation 6 beta supports x64 host AND guest OSs as well as USB drives which is what I need. Unfortunately there is nothing else I know of that supports this. I say unfortunately because I don't like the way WMware installs all these virtual devices and memory resident stuff. Most other VM software doesn't need to do this.
  23. I guess this is because I removed Remote Desktop in vLite: Registering with Service Control Manager to monitor Terminal Service status failed with The specified service does not exist as an installed service. , retry in ten minute. Get this message in the event log. It's obviously no major issue but is it possible to stop this happening.
  24. Avast! Home Edition. Been using it for years now and they have an x64 Vista version available. It's got a bit sluggish recently but they are working on reducing the number page faults which affects performance so that's all good.

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