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  1. Sorry I meant I didn't want the agent. it's installed in the startup folder in the start menu if you add it but it's another pointless tray app which I can do without.
  2. I just did a full install (using INI) including everything except WinampAgent and it works just fine! Thanks Alanoll One thing though, it seems hierarchically including/excluding components does not seem to work (can't remember if it worked before). For example if you specify: XAllshort=0 XStartmenu=1 All shortcuts seem to be created anyway. If you specify explicitly: XQuicklaunch=0 XDesktop=0 XStartmenu=1 This works as expected. It's not a big deal really just pointing it out.
  3. You need to specify the full path to the ini file.
  4. Ok, well I've seen some skins with two versions one for 5.13 and below and one for 5.2 upwards hence my comments. My appologies if this is incorrect.
  5. That's not the MSI that's the new version of Winamp. There are some differences in the skinning engine since 5.2. Advise you check with the author of the skin for an update. What happens when you accept does it crash as it says it might?! Clue is in the warning dialog
  6. Yes it works. Removed TTPack reg entry and ran TTPack.exe with no ini and I get the language selection dialog with English selected. Thanks Titou2k
  7. Also, the default langauge appears to be French (i.e. if you remove the ini). My OS language default is English. Ok just checking this is where it was supposed to go.
  8. titou2k, shouldn't the default plugins and components path be in c:\program files\Mozilla Firefox\plugins (and components)? This is where they are supposed to be installed right? P.S. Have we gone a bit off-topic here?!
  9. @titou2k Sweat! I'll test tomorrow. Downloading now. Rapidshare, 120K a second, that's better @jander44 You're welcome
  10. I've been using this program for years. It's my defacto text editor. I've tried others but always come back to EditPlus and the user files support is excellent. Anyway, I noticed a couple of requests for silent installs on the EditPlus Wiki so pointed them to MSFN but then found there is not much on it so thought I'd add mine. First install Editplus and configure it the way you want. Then take a copy of the editplus folder in program files. I tend to leave out the workspace.ini file as this just contains the last files you were editing etc. Place it on your network drive or SFX it onto your uA CD, whatever floats your boat. Then come the scripts to do the reinstall. These scripts include copying of the files, setting the license key, creating a shortcut and setting file open and edit associations. You'll need to edit the Editplus.cmd file for your needs. The shortcut command I used is a .net app and requires the .net framework version 2.0 but you can also get the command from the windows resource kit (I found this after creating the app). I hope people find this useful. Please post here if you require assistence. Regards, Dobby SilentEditplus.zip
  11. Use nLite to create your unattended CD. You should be able to select WMP 6.4 and 9 for removal. You can also turn off WMP compatibility option as the WMPLite pack sorts this as well. Use runonce to install Firefox (if that's what you use). There is an MSI silent installer on this site Use runonce to run WMPLite.exe (this does a silent install) Install the media player of your choice. Winamp, VLC, MPC etc I actually use the TTPack as this contains ReaLite and QuickTime alternatives meaning you don't need these players either. If you are not familar with RunOnce please take a look at http://unattended.msfn.org
  12. I've been playing around trying to install the Zen software without having to resort to installation of Media Player 10 which I can't do because it tells me it's already got the latest version (probably something to do with the TTPack). Anyway, I had some troubles getting the right configuration and ordering and so thought other people may benefit from what I found. So here it is, how to install Zen software without WMP10 installed plus some other useful tips. Requirements (I'm assuming you don't want that crappy Creative Media Source software): From the Creative CD: \CTShared \MTP \Disk.id \Wmp10\Setup In the \Wmp10\Setup are the Windows Media 10 Core files which include the very important MTP drivers. Note this is not Windows Media Player 10 itself. This setup has the advantage of not taking 500MB of space (ok it's still 80MB but you can probably trim this further by removing some of the language CABs). It also stops that annoying registration dialog popping up after reboot. You'll also need a silent install configuration file for InstallShield which I've included in this post. This is configured to install Zen Media Explorer and Toolbox but not the guide. If you want to install the guide then you'll need to create your own .ISS file and include the \Manual folder from CD. From the K-Sphere website: TTPack by Titou2k Now, the TTPack is a godsend. The simplist codec pack containing WMP10 (hangon, we have that already?! Oh well), Real player, Quicktime and FFDshow for everything else. Ok, install time: Install WMP 10 core - command: \Wmp10\Setup\Setup.exe -s Reboot Install Zen Software - Make sure setup.iss is in \MTP\Setup folder - command: \MTP\Setup\Setup -s Install TTPack - command TTPack That's it! Simple when you know how. I guess you could skip step 3 if you're using Winamp 5.2 which has builtin support for MTP players but I've not tested this on a clean install. I'll probably use the Explorer until I get my ID3tags sorted out and have played a bit more with the Winamp plugin. Looks promising though. setup.iss
  13. I like the Royale theme but I'd like to tweak it for different installs. Currently I'm doing this via WINNT.SIF but in my quest for one CD to rule them all (my computers that is) this is not enough. For example I like to have thinner title bars and scroll bars; and no screen saver and default cursors for my server setup. I've had a hunt around for a theme installer and found something on MSFN but the link is down. The closest I can get is running the theme file then OKing the Display Properties but that requires some AutoIt magic which I'd like to avoid if poss. Any suggestions?
  14. I tested this and don't have any problems other than a few black borders where the alpha blending should occur. Sure things look a little jaggy without the alpha blended icons but it's not that bad. I get a sluggish mouse cursor though. Switching to the default cursors fix this though. Also sometimes I end up with two cursors. When using the fedora ones I also get a default cursor (which moves smoothly). If you can't stand the look you could try some alternatives. Remote Desktop Control UltraVNC TightVNC RealVNC I've tested Remote Desktop Control and it works fine even with 32 bit color. I've used the others in the past but can't tell you if they support 32 bit color. You might want to try UltraVNC. It's Windows only but has some optimizations which make it faster than the others (apparently). HTH Dobby.
  15. Dobby

    No drag-copy cursor

    Well I'm not sure about a fix but I know that if you switch back to the default cursors then everything is fine again. Probably just an issue with the Fedora cursors. [uPDATE] I've switched to the contrast cursors and I get the same problem. (BTW I'm not sure I like these think I'll switch back to Fedora)
  16. Hey how about this then. New Winamp 5.2 Blue Screens in my WMware install but on my real machine it's fine! I did take the gen_ml.dll from a previous install so I could get the old SHOUTcast browser back so that might be it but it works on my real machine. I'll try reinstalling winamp.
  17. I've noticed since installing XPize that there is no '+' next to the cursor to show that my drag action will cause a copy instead of a move (which happens when dragging from local to network drives for example). BTW I can't believe I never tried this software until now. Excellent work! Revitalizes XP!!
  18. If you use nlite then everything is third party
  19. Careful Nullsoft (read AOL) you are starting down the bloatware road!! The new version doesn't work for me as I remove IE it gives me script errors all the time. sounds like your gen_ml.dll solution will help though. Cheers. I am looking forward to checking out the portable media player support though as I have a Creative Zen (I guess if you want features you get a bigger product:) )
  20. I've found it to be an inttermittent problem. I'd re-nlite and try again. That's what I did (using VMware)
  21. I guess life did get in the way Well 5.2 is out of beta so just as well you didn't sort out 5.13 Looking forward to it
  22. Yea I bought one! I like it but I'm having problems with the software detecting it. I think my unattended install is to blame. It relies on Windows Media Player which I removed and replaced with the TTPack but I don't think it's enough for the player to work but I'll get to the bottom of it
  23. It sounds like getting the data into a database will be your first goal. If the PBX has some kind of API this shouldn't be too hard. You can do a hell of a lot with relational databases so I'd also do a bit of reading up on this as well. Learn how to do queries on a database. Then you should be able to use Ruby on Rails or VB to get the stuff out. Rails will allow you to get a very simple web front end setup in no time but it's quite different to VB. I'd never use VB these days. It's great to learn with but allows you to quickly produce unmaintainable code. That's not to say it won't suit your needs but remember where Visual Basic came from. BASIC actually stands for Beginners All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code. BTW don't rule out C# it may have a slightly steeper learning curve but it's not all that different to VB and it is considered the base .NET language. However you should in theory be able to do the same thing in either C# or VB but I'm not sure how true that is as I've not worked with VB.NET Hope some of this stuff helped.
  24. Yes I saw that I was creating an nLited CD on my main machine so I was using the laptop. I'm a bit slower on the small keyboard
  25. Ok it works!! 1. Use RVM to integrate UpdatePack 2. Use nLite to customise (except for UpdatePack) Everything works fine 3. No langauge bar appears but checking the settings shows that UK is the default and US and Russian are installed as I expected. I'd like to remove US but will sort that later. I think I saw a regtweek to do that somewhere.

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