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  1. probably because firefox timeouts faster than other browsers. it happens to me all the time, perhaps, one main reason is just that im on a dialup connection and i am opening lots of pages at the same time.
  2. id prefer a combination of the 1st and 2nd method, i can't live one without the other. i like the 1st method due to how efficiently it integrates than the txtsetup.oem, the 2nd because the convinience it provides... without having the user to manually enter the paths of the drivers... especially useful in a large collection of drivers.
  3. I just noticed this under firefox, but does this forum already support RSS feeds? I noticed an RSS icon on the lower-portion of firefox, my assumption is that the forum already supports rss feeds. I tried subscribing to it (via the subscribe to ...) but when i tried loading the RSS feed, it failed. I wonder if this is just a bug. Anyway, I posted a pic of what i saw. OT: i wonder why i cannot attach pix at this section.
  4. Hmm... I'm confused, adding /DisallowSystemRestore when I run wmcsetup.exe /Q:A /R:N doesnt start the installation at all.
  5. besides, if one knows how to add stuffs via svcpack.inf, there's no sense using the /integrate switch as i suppose it does the same except that it adds lesser files.
  6. oh, that's what i love about RyanVM's work. it eats a whole lot less CD space than simply adding or integrating the KB hotfixes. btw, you said it added 4mb? hmm... does the hotfix itself weighs around 3mb only?
  7. try adding this to your winnt.sif: [DiskConfig] Disk1="Disk1.config" [Disk1.config] Size1="*" PartitionType1="primary" FileSystem1="ntfs" Quickformat1="yes"
  8. @RyanVM: i plan on adding KB834707 to my XPSP2 compilation via the /integrate switch. but before doing so, i would like to confirm something to you... would it be appropriate if i apply your patch before applying the KB834707 hotfix or it doesn't matter in what order im applying your patch and the hotfix?
  9. @SiMoNsAyS: anyway registering outpost doesnt require creating a registry entry via autoit. mine does register properly. why doesn it register, is because the way regedit exports an existing registry entry of outpost registration. or perhaps the layout of the key that was obtained. the point is that your the key entry should be in one line. that way, it becomes registred to the registry. example, instead of having a registry file containing Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Agnitum\Outpost Firewall] "Key"="ABCDE FGHI JKLM NOPQ" rephrase it and make it a single line. Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Agnitum\Outpost Firewall] "Key"="ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQ" the latter will reflect the registry unlike the first example. also, for you to be sure that the registry file is entered to the registry, i tweaked your script and added these autoit commands at the end of your script before the exit. i included some ways to handle the shortcuts as well, since a bug in the outpost installation creates shortcuts at the root of the %systemdrive%. ProcessWaitClose("OutpostProInstall.exe") DirCreate(@ProgramsDir&"\Agnitum") DirCreate(@ProgramsDir&"\Agnitum\Outpost Firewall 2.5") FileCopy(@HomeDrive&"\Agnitum\Outpost Firewall 2.5\*.*", @ProgramsDir&"\Agnitum\Outpost Firewall 2.5\*.*", 1) DirRemove(@HomeDrive&"\Agnitum", 1) RunWait("REGEDIT /S "&@HomeDrive&"\Others\outpost\register.reg") anyways, presently, i still havent figured out a way on not using sleep command. im figuring out a more precise way to detect when the buttons are already clickable instead.
  10. my worry for the new outpost 2.5 beta installation is that it uses the same window (both title and contents) for installing and prompting the user to continue. i wonder how will autoit differentiate the part where the buttons (next, back, cencel) are grayed out coz its installing itself and when the buttons become visible (once the copying of the file ends).
  11. has someone found any workaround on using other methods than using sleep to force a delay of the script? im worried if having a long sleep would seem like a halt on faster PCs while a quick sleep would break the script on slower PCs.
  12. @RyanVM: great job! but i have a question... i was wondering, do i still have to include both journal viewer and .net sp1 after applying your addon?
  13. has anybody able to run solitaire or minesweeper as early as the t-36 minute stage? if so, then its highly possible for any similar resource-less game to work at that stage then.
  14. darn, now its 83mb!??? as if the 28mb rar sfx nero installer isn't enough already. it has become more bloated than ever.
  15. that applies to multiple drives right? how about auto-specifying on creating multiple partitions?
  16. hmm, hope you wont mind asking, but how much does each folder weighs in terms of the megabyte freed when its removed? thanks
  17. @RyanVM: oh, im sorry, i forgot to clarify my post ... you've said what i meant was in applying registry tweaks that deal with cosmetic changes like cleartype or folder views would be better run during the T-12 stage of setup? thanks in advanced.
  18. i myself have experienced using a key that worked with non-SP1 to SP1 but didnt worked with SP2... i think those were the so-called corp-keys or pre-activated keys.
  19. @toe_cutter: i did the steps you outlined even the part on commenting out lines 742-759.
  20. hasn't alanoll posted winamp 5.0.5 msi on this thread?
  21. what i did is this... after decompressing the firefox installer (using the latest WinRAR or 7Zip)... i edited config.ini the changes i made with config.ini were... line 9: from Run Mode=Normal to Run Mode=Silent line 250 (Dialog Select Install Path): from Show Dialog=TRUE to Show Dialog=FALSE line 289 (Windows Integration-Item0): from CheckBoxState=TRUE to CheckBoxState=FALSE line 294 (Windows Integration-Item1): from CheckBoxState=TRUE to CheckBoxState=FALSE line 299 (Windows Integration-Item2): from CheckBoxState=TRUE to CheckBoxState=FALSE line 370 (Dialog Downloading): from Show Dialog=TRUE to Show Dialog=FALSE however, even with those modifications, the last dialog still appears and prompts me to launch firefox... a modification of the associated dialog wasn't enough to fix it (it hungs up the installation). so what i did was to add a simple autoit script to automate that part only. here's the autoit script i did (uhmm, well, got it from a user called - Author: Adam Mujaj (m00j@optusnet.com.au)). Run, setup.exe WinWait, Install Complete Send, {SPACE}{TAB}{ENTER} WinHide, Install Complete denied: Exit [ADLIB]
  22. besides, even if its beta, its now recognized by the security center which is a good thing for me... aesthetically. hehehe...

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