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  1. Need Vista x64 Image!

    i no, but i have only SB version. Though i have no Creditcard, i can't order it from MS. I also don't wanna give out any Money for that DVD, since i bought it theoretically once.
  2. Need Vista x64 Image!

    Ok, so i got an original Vista Ultimate x86. Now i wanna upgrade to x64. I read that it's possible, easy register x64-copy w/ my 32bit key. My problem is now, where i can get a CLEAN Image of vista x64. Don't wanna pirate, don't want a key or sth. I want to install and register with my ori-Key. All the x64 s*** on the internet (Torrent/Emule) is with something integrated and cracked. Can anybody tell me a source of this? Or even copy an Image of his's x64-DVD and send it to me? :/ Would be nice...
  3. Recommended USB-Stick

    So Guise, what do you recommend for USB-Device? Has to be fast and cheap.
  4. "Burn" to USB-Stick

    Yes, but for me it's not mainstream enough. It's very alpha and complicated, even with GUI. So i think it would be a very good idea to integrate it in nlite.
  5. "Burn" to USB-Stick

    Hai Nuhi, Just want to ask if you plan a feature like that? ATM i think it's very difficult to make WinXP/Vista to Install from USB-Stick, or it is not difficult, but not mainstream yet. Most new machines can boot from USB, so would this not be a cool function for one of your next releases? Or do you already work on that? Want to know!
  6. [UPDATED 14/9/06] 7zip custom icons

    hi bledd, why not making a complete 7zip-installer (with 7zip and the new icons integrated)...
  7. Awesome program!

    Update: Installed my XP on my PC, neither luna was available, nor it was set as default.
  8. Awesome program!

    link to... the pack? http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/29511577/
  9. Awesome program!

    Hi Nuhi! Tested your new V 1.2 Beta, and i must say... it's simply fantastic! The slightly new designed menus are beautiful, and i like the new functions! I found just one error in theme integration... when i click on the button which imports all themes on my system, i can use lunaelement 5 without problems. but when i download the installer from www.lunaelement.net, unpack it and want to import the "clean" folder, an error appears (which let me force to close or to continue nLite). dunno if i can reproduce it, have to try. but anyway, great product!
  10. [RELEASE] Nero 7 Lite / Micro v7.7.5.1

    great work1 dont forget to update mikropack plz
  11. [RELEASE] Nero 7 Lite / Micro v7.7.5.1

    i heard that has been sold in usa already....
  12. replacing default windows cursors...

    is it because my question is bad? please let me know what i can do better...
  13. replacing default windows cursors...

    nobody has an idea? :/
  14. replacing default windows cursors...

    Hi nuhi and community, i wanna replace my default cursors in my xp-cd. now i wonder what name the DEFAULT cursors have. and... can i just replace them (SFC is off) in i386? do i have to pack them or can i simply put the unpacked cursor with default name in i386 and delete the .cu_ file?