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  1. wow great! i would like to know though, aside from making an iso, does it have an option of removing files only from the installer? letting me manually choose to make iso or use another app (like nero) for gerenating isos? thanks.
  2. man, thanks very much for showing me this script. btw, what version of autoit script is this? thanks again.
  3. thanks. its clear now. btw, mine's like this: [SetupHotfixesToRun] JS56NEN.exe /Q:A /R:N "Q832483.exe /C:""dahotfix.exe /q /n"" /q:a" KB823182.exe /Q /N /Z /O KB824105.exe /Q /N /Z /O KB824141.exe /Q /N /Z /O KB825119.exe /Q /N /Z /O KB826939.exe /Q /N /Z /O KB828035.exe /Q /N /Z /O KB828741.exe /Q /N /Z /O Q832894.exe /Q:A /R:N Q831167.exe /Q:A /R:N KB835732.exe /Q /N /Z /O KB837001.exe /Q /N /Z /O KB837009.exe /Q:A /R:N KB840374.exe /Q /N /Z /O WMP9MM2.exe Q828026.exe /Q /N /Z /O qchain.exe DX9NTopk. i got another question though, i was wondering, should i still keep qchain.exe in the list?
  4. @AaronXP your svcpack.inf contains this: [SetupHotfixesToRun] JS56NEN.exe /Q:A /R:N mdac.cmd KB823182.exe /Q /N /Z /O KB824105.exe /Q /N /Z /O KB824141.exe /Q /N /Z /O KB825119.exe /Q /N /Z /O KB826939.exe /Q /N /Z /O KB828035.exe /Q /N /Z /O KB828741.exe /Q /N /Z /O KB832894.exe /Q:A /R:N KB831167.exe /Q:A /R:N KB835732.exe /Q /N /Z /O KB837001.exe /Q /N /Z /O KB837009.exe /Q:A /R:N KB840374.exe /Q /N /Z /O WMP9MM2.exe KB828026.exe /Q /N /Z /O DX9NTopk.exe i saw these 2 lines: KB832894.exe /Q:A /R:N KB831167.exe /Q:A /R:N i would like to know is if these two lines were intentionally put this way? i thought installation has to be arranged in ascending order. i also have the same question for the mdac (Q832483) i would also like to know if would this be applicable on non-sp1 slipstreamed xpcd? or sp1 has to be slipstreamed 1st on the xpcd? thanks.
  5. *bump* anybody have similar problems with using autoit with outpost 2.1 on an unttended xp install? can you share us your autoit scripts? thanks
  6. i made a revision of the autoit script on my outpost installation that automatically processes the proper files/shortcuts. RunWait, OutpostProInstall.exe /sWinActivate, InstallSend, {ESC}WinWaitClose, Install,,5FileCreateDir, %UserProfile%\\Start Menu\\Programs\\Outpost Firewall Pro 2.1FileCopy, %systemdrive%\\Agnitum\\Outpost Firewall Pro 2.1\\*.*, %UserProfile%\\Start Menu\\Programs\\Outpost Firewall Pro 2.1\\*.*, 1FileDelete, %systemdrive%\\Agnitum\\Outpost Firewall Pro 2.1\\*.*FileRemoveDir, %systemdrive%\\Agnitum\\Outpost Firewall Pro 2.1FileRemoveDir, %systemdrive%\\Agnitum[ADLIB]Install,, Send, {ESC}the problem is that... during the execution of the script under runonceex.cmd, it just pauses at the outpost installation. i had to manually press ctrl+alt+del (w/c runs task manager) and the script suddenly resumes running. i wonder why is that so, or what lines on the script that causes the script to pause. i mean, during the running of the task manager, when i checked at the processes on the processes pane, i noticed that aside from the task manager, OutpostProInstall.exe is active as well (and for unknown reasons, it seems paused as well). and after a couple of seconds that the task manager has been opened, the script suddenly resumes running.
  7. will try SETX, thanks for the suggestion i would like to use SET to replace setenv, will also try that one. about using a machine variable, i just made it so (under setenv) because detectcd2 places the CDROMn variable on the machine environment. i also used setenv because one of the two CMD files i call during the RunOnceEx registry (called at the latter part of the RunOnceEx - cleanup.cmd file) copies some files off the unattended cd. yup, CDROM1 is defined already as a machine variable during the period where i encountered the error Windows cannot find '\Software\prepare.cmd'.....
  8. as stated in this article, - adding a cd.txt file to the cd being burned; - adding these lines to the runconceex.cmd and modifying the path where files are to be installed from: IF EXIST D:\CD.txt set CDROM=D:IF EXIST E:\CD.txt set CDROM=E:IF EXIST F:\CD.txt set CDROM=F:IF EXIST G:\CD.txt set CDROM=G:IF EXIST H:\CD.txt set CDROM=H:IF EXIST I:\CD.txt set CDROM=I:IF EXIST J:\CD.txt set CDROM=J:can give me the possibility to install apps from cd during an unattended install. this approached worked for me at a degree, that is if i have no other removable or optical drives present on my pc. otherwise, once it searches the drive letter of the removable drive - zip100 (drive F) prior to the drive letter where the xpcd is (drive G), a popup window with an error appears. with this, i had to quickly press continue for the batch file (runonceex.cmd) to continue running. otherwise, it would halt the execution of my batch file w/c would ruin the unattended'ness of the cd. this also happens when i try installing from the next optical drive (drive H) on the same pc. so, hoping to ease my frustration, i tried other options as mentioned on the same article, by using the tools called detectcd2.exe and setenv.exe, i could be able to minimize which drives to check for the file on the cd (cd.txt) when using the IF EXIST statement. its been days and i really can't figure out how these two programs work under an IF EXIST statement. anyhow, these is an excerpt of my runconceex.cmd cmdow @ /HID DetectCD2 IF EXIST %CDROM1%\cd.txt setenv /m CDROM %CDROM1%IF EXIST %CDROM2%\cd.txt setenv /m CDROM %CDROM2%IF EXIST %CDROM3%\cd.txt setenv /m CDROM %CDROM3%IF EXIST %CDROM4%\cd.txt setenv /m CDROM %CDROM4%IF EXIST %CDROM5%\cd.txt setenv /m CDROM %CDROM5%IF EXIST %CDROM6%\cd.txt setenv /m CDROM %CDROM6%IF EXIST %CDROM7%\cd.txt setenv /m CDROM %CDROM7% @echo off SET KEY=HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnceEx REG ADD %KEY% /V TITLE /D "Installing Applications from the CDROM" /F REG ADD %KEY%\001 /VE /D "Preparing Installation..." /FREG ADD %KEY%\001 /V 1 /D "%CDROM%\Software\prepare.cmd" /F............EXITwith this method however, i was able to minimize which drive letters to look for since it only reports (or adds to the variable) all the optical drives present as CDROM1=G: CDROM2=H: the method i applied was to look for the cd.txt file only at (7 maximum possible) optical drives using the IF EXIST statement. however, it seems that during the process of the IF EXIST statement, i made some mistake (at the parameters) that i don't know how to fix. now, once the runonceex.cmd is run during the unattended install, it prompts me for an error i tried peeking at the environment variables being delared, by running cmd.exe during the time the prompt appeared and running setenv. to my surprise, only the CDROMn (the one declared by detectcd2.exe) were the only variables added: CDROM1=G: CDROM2=H: the setenv commands were not declared. however, on one of the combinations i made with setenv (using "%"CDROMn"%" and assigning it to the CDROM variable), it resulted that CDROM variable had a blank designation (when running setenv to check which variables were present). though not present using the plain SET|more command. i tried lots of variations of both the IF EXIST statement and the setenv command, and all had the same errors. IF EXIST %CDROM1%\cd.txt setenv /m CDROM %CDROM1% IF EXIST %CDROM1%\cd.txt (setenv /m CDROM %CDROM1%) IF EXIST %CDROM1%\cd.txt setenv /m CDROM "%"CDROM1"%" i originally tried using -m instead of /m but still the same effect, as well as defining it as a user environment (/u -u). i wonder how i may be able to have a workaround with this? thanks in advanced for your replies.
  9. quite complex scripts you made... im using now outpost 2.1, and this is the script i made, i wonder if there's anything i missed. Run, OutpostProInstall.exe /sHideAutoItDebug, OffWinKill, Install, This system must be restarted to complete the installation. Press OK button to restart this computer. Press Cancel to return to Windows without restarting.i made this to an executable (via the aut2exe utility).
  10. hi. i was wondering, how can i confirm if the MDAC hotfix is installed? i tried RaveRod's method at installing MDAC hotfix thru svcpack.inf and i wonder if i have placed the proper parameters: [Version] Signature="$Windows NT$"MajorVersion=5MinorVersion=1BuildNumber=2600 [setupData]CatalogSubDir="\i386\Update" [ProductCatalogsToInstall] [setupHotfixesToRun]JS56NEN.exe /Q:A /R:NKB823182.exe /Q /N /Z /OKB824105.exe /Q /N /Z /OKB824141.exe /Q /N /Z /OKB825119.exe /Q /N /Z /OKB826939.exe /Q /N /Z /OKB828035.exe /Q /N /Z /OKB828741.exe /Q /N /Z /OQ831167.exe /Q:A /R:NQ832483.exe /C:""dahotfix.exe /q /n"" /q:aQ832894.exe /Q:A /R:NKB835732.exe /Q /N /Z /OKB837001.exe /Q /N /Z /OKB837009.exe /Q:A /R:NWMP9_MM2_ENU.exeQ828026.exe /Q /N /Z /Oqchain.exeDX9NTopk.exeRaveRod's method mentions this: I was wondering if i needed to place extra quotes before and after the whole line as RaveRod posted. Thanks.
  11. im kinda new at AutoIT, i was wondering, how to setup an AutoIT script with an unattended install with outpost? thanks
  12. hi, very useful! but i have a question though, i was wondering if would there be a possiblity to include an update virus signatures with the nod32 installer? thanks.
  13. i think you can silently install this driver by including the CMI driver files onto the \$OEM$\$1\Drivers section rather than calling off the setup via silent install.
  14. Hi all, This is my first post here. Ive started researching about adding mass storage drivers via the (winnt.sif/txsetup.oem) method since late 2002, I was never successful then and I gave up. Its been some time ago since I asked about this, but I am curious if there's any progress on adding mass storage drivers on a bootable xp cd thru: - copying mass storage driver files to under \$OEM$\Textmode - editing the txtsetup.oem (\$OEM$\Textmode) and winnt.sif (\i386) with the necessary changes? With a recent searching thru lots of forums, I found none... I was wondering, does this approach never work at all? So far, all the working solutions i've seen were all about: - integrating the necessary entries of the txtsetup.oem (\$OEM$\Textmode) to the txtsetup.sif (\i386) - compressing/copying the mass storage drivers files to the i386 folder - copying the driver files to \$OEM$\$1\Drivers) and making the necessary changes to winnt.sif (\i386).

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