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  1. [Release] Adobe Reader 9.0 Lite

    Thanks, but No, it didn't help. Well, shark's installer is mainly targeted at clean windows installs. Who know what is the situation on your computer and what could be the problem....
  2. Windows XP SP3 and SATA

    Hello, does anyone know if the SP3 brings support for the additional SATA drivers out of the box? For example Silicon Image, VIA and nVidia SATA controllers...
  3. Norton Anti Virus 2007 Silent Install

    This will not be a helpful answer but you should definitely consider some other antivirus solution.
  4. [Question] WinRAR SFX arguments

    I think that the latest WinRAR SFX has additional switches. Check out their site for more info.
  5. Best game on PC?

    For me personally, at their time, those would be Battlezone 1, GTA 1 and Quake 1. Battlezone is a first person action/strategy game that takes place on other planets such as the moon and Mars. Build bases, deploy forces, manage resources and build your empire,all from the pilot's seat of your tank. You can pilot one of 20 anti-gravity war machines equipped with weapons of destruction: mortars, mines and the devastating Thumper Device, which launches a Richter-heavy groundquake over the morphable terrain. The game features full D3D support and a quick software rendering engine which incorporates actual images from NASA space expeditions.
  6. Maybe he should visit http://www.ryanvm.net/msfn
  7. Do you have an unattended CD? If yes, this is why your floppy and F6 don't work. Your best bet would be to integrate drivers on CD using Bâshrat's MassStorage DriverPack.
  8. Corel Paint Shop Pro Versus Adobe Photoshop

    The zoom feature on PSP i a way better than PS. I mean, who want to zoom at 99,3% with a mouse wheel (stupid PS zooming)?!?!!
  9. [RELEASE] Nero 7 Lite / Micro v7.7.5.1

    The package is great, but Nero Vision would be the must have addition!
  10. Winamp 5.24 Msi Release

    Go Alanoll Go!
  11. KB911564

    It's like talking to a wall, isn't it? The same as when I try to explain your pack to Autopatcher users...
  12. Easy CD-DA Extractor Registration

    that is actually the SAME key in registiry.... the upper one is only a "shortcut" in registry structure... to be more precise: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT = HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes
  13. I did not see any bugs in the apps I use. And it has got better design. Only thing is the size. 550 MB installation is too big. try changing file priority for a selection of several files at once and observe the file name change... and yes... how in the HELL can a buring app consume more space than windows os?!
  14. stuck on 39 mins?

    it's the >150 cat files issue... wait until ryanvm releases next update pack. any yes, please try the search function, it's splendid!
  15. Again those F6 drivers

    By setting OemPreinstall=Yes in winnt.sif you lose F6 funcionality. Actually, this is probably a bug in NT setup. A very known one. (For example, you could skip copying missing files, and then after the first reboot, copy them manually using recover console... it would work then)