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  1. So what unattended tool should I go for?

    I got ADK and I watched a couple of tutorials on youtube, but there where doing things kinda differently from each other. I know Windows PE is like a "Live" Windows version(if I'm not mistaken) that can be started up from a CD, and I didn't get why in one of the tutorials the guy loaded the setup PE component to the answer file. I would also like to know where should I add each component(there's the 7-oobe and 6 other "places" to put it). Is there a good guide or KB on using the ADK for an unattended installation?
  2. So what unattended tool should I go for?

    Thanks trip, but why should I get ADK for windows 8 if I intended to unattended windows 7 ? also, this is the WAIK i downloaded., is it the latest? My link
  3. Hi all, haven't been to the whole unattended business in quite a while(since Win7 came out), and I'm bewildered by the different stickies and info on the net. I've noticed some tools in the sticky are quite dead activity-wise and I wondered: what is the most updated/generally recommended tool for creating an unattended install of windows 7? I also noticed there's a WAIK tool by Microsoft that weighs about 1.5GB - which seems excessive, is it something worth looking into? Thx in advance, ZBBZ.
  4. How do I use AI scripts for silent installs? say I have a working script some member made, and I want to use it, do I need to install an AutoIt compiler ot somethng before I launch the script? Or is there another way without installing some AutoIt Script compiler? thx in advance
  5. Daemon Tools 4.08 (AutoIt Launcher)

    Do I have to install AutoIt Script before I launch this or is there another way around?
  6. Will that work with ghost 10 ?
  7. Anyone knows how to intergrate MUI-Language-pack?

    I meant silent install sorry
  8. Anything else possible?
  9. Office Shrinker [reduce source of o2k3/xp/2k]

    if I need to run the shrinker by myself... I don't understand how do I install office after the shrink... i mean unattendedly...
  10. Hi all, I have a network of 2 PCs in my house. I wanna know how to import the network settings etc. so I don't need to define it every time I install windows. THx in Advance
  11. Kaspersky: How can export .key from CD?

    Realy? he actullay understand this? NiCe ! Are you sure thouhg?
  12. For both Anti-Hacker and Anti-Virus. THX IN ADVANCE