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  1. Anyone know much about video encoding?

    No. just create a 700MB file so it takes up less space on my disk.
  2. On Linux you can have IRC running on your Desktop, is this possible to do with Windows - http://www.step.polymtl.ca/~coyote/picture...ktop-101697.jpg
  3. I recorded a film the other night but it's an mpeg about 2.5GB! I know you can get a DVD down 700MB with excellent quality. Question is, how is it done and what is used? I was gonna use Vegas but someone said to use Auto GK. Opinions?
  4. nLite hangs W2K install?

    It's very nearly finished an install but it looks like it's hung right at the last part. I tried the setup again but it's just installing it's as normal The only thing I have used on nLite is the unattended install.
  5. Creating an image

    Actually, you have just reminded me Andromeda43, I have Norton Ghost on my mobo drivers CD, not sure if it's a demo though. I will go see . EDIT: I assume it's free, nothing about a demo. Just gotta use it in dos, no big deal though.
  6. Instead of activating, can you just remove activation? I see in NLite that you can remove this, what does it do?
  7. Integrating fonts and some cosmetics

    I've looked for using Windows Blinds and to skin Windows but I cannot find anything that I need. I need to know how to replace files in shell32.dl_ etc.
  8. Creating an image

    Ok, I have I will have a look at ghost.
  9. Creating an image

    Creating a disk image. Can this be used instead of having to reinstall? I assume this guide is what I need to follow http://www.msfn.org/articles.php?action=sh...;showarticle=10 ? Do I need to know anything else?
  10. In what file do I need to edit add fonts, is it in the I386 folder? Also I like XPize but I'd like to be skin stuff my self before the installation. If I was to use something like Windows Blinds, could I skin Windows and then copy the edited files that Windows Blinds has done and then add them into some file in I386?
  11. Add a CD Key

    Already looked in there, couldn't find it.
  12. Add a CD Key

    Your website is great but I didn't see a guide on how to add my CD key after a slipstream of SP2 so I don't have to keep typing it in. How do I do this?