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  1. What I mean, is even though I have integrated the RAID driver with nLite, when windows starts loading before the install and format, it still reads the driver from the floppy disc. I don't push F6. Then when windows starts copying the files after format, it tries to read from the floppy again and then says the file iastor.sys can not be found. the link to my driver is : Raid driver
  2. I want to integrate my Intel raid driver. Using nLite I have added the driver from the disk I would normaly use when prompted after pressing F6. However, when windows starts up it still reads the file from the disk. Then after the format when file copying starts it stops and says it cant find file IASTOR.sys. I can see that it looks on the disk, but it seems not to find it. How do I integrates this driver into my sliptreamed XP cd so that windows will see the file when it starts copying the files.

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